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  1. They already tried to let them off, hence why this new investigation is happening and why and investigation into why the Trump cabinet tried to let Epstein off with a sweetheart deal is necessary. I do not give the remotest **** if Republicans think it's a partisan move. Let them circle the wagons around child rapists and sex traffickers. I'm far more concerned about those in power who tried to sweep this under the rug. But they won't face justice, as you fear. Democrats know their own are also involved and want this to be as quiet as possible.
  2. Four years into his political career and you still think he'll face consequences through his opposition giving him more rope? lmao
  3. Really bad. Hopefully someone who is an actual populist and knows what they're doing also declares.
  4. Good to know that she has lost already. No need to build up hope.
  5. Weed was way easier to get in high school and, to a lesser extent, college than booze because of that.
  6. Need to assimilate into our culture.
  7. Oh, he's that old guy in the Marvel movies.
  8. This got me curious. Turns out ND, the conservative party of Greece, was in power in the years leading up to their economic implosion. Well, conservatives, you can create an economic crisis etc. etc.
  9. Ah, yes. The socialist policies of... [checks notes] ... Taking out massive short term loans from private banks.
  10. Cultural conservatives sure think about molesting children a lot. Wonder why.
  11. "Ross Perot gave Bernie Sanders a sword" is a detail that I wasn't expecting.
  12. I'm sure you're all sitting there asking yourselves, "Why doesn't he spend that money on local and state races? ****, why not on House and Senate races?" What naive fools! That $100 million is much more wisely spent getting this chuckle**** around 1% support.
  13. Wait, I thought the South were the victims of the Civil War. What changed?
  14. Sorry I'm not PC enough for you.
  15. At least she attacked the progressive freshmen for voting against the concentration camp funding bill instead of doing something useful.