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  1. Our president is Steve Brule.
  2. IIRC, he's part of some Calvinist denomination that believe they're the "original Christians" and they had a split in their church over whether or not it's acceptable to play instruments.
  3. So what about them makes them opposed to American values and culture? What is an acceptable immigrant group?
  4. Out of curiosity, do you not want these Hispanic immigrants because they're predominantly Catholic?
  5. You're so close to a much larger revelation there.
  6. [Cromwell massacres Catholics] "Do you not see why he had to do this!?"
  7. King James II, a filthy papist, threatened to impose religious tolerance in England a mere century prior to those comments. Can you not see why early Americans didn't want such a threat in their society!?
  8. Going to defend anti-Catholicism, eh?
  9. Calling for a, "wall of brass around the country for the exclusion of Catholics," seems pretty cut and dry.
  10. "My stance on immigration has nothing to do with bigotry. It's all about them breaking laws!" ... "Look, I just don't want people here who are different than me. If you say that makes me bigoted then you're the bigot."
  11. The same thing was said about non-WASP immigration before the United States even became independent. John Jay, for example, famously gave a speech about how we needed a, "wall of brass," to prevent, "Catholic alien invaders," from these lands because they didn't represent our culture. Racist and bigoted as **** back then. Still is. People who opposed the nativist loons won the day back then. That'll continue.
  12. Probably has something to do with years of being an ******* and posting Holocaust photos was the final straw. Mods here tend to look the other way for a lot of things but they have consistently drawn a red line about posting corpses and other such gore.
  13. Reminder that Pelosi is prioritizing fighting her own party over fighting Republicans.
  14. I like how this political cartoon denouncing the racist policy to ban Chinese immigration is also basically calling for banning immigration based on political and philosophical leanings lol
  15. We also had significant waves of immigration from China during that time. Guess who got laws banning further immigration.
  16. Weird how immigration was made more and more difficult and conservative furor over the border increased only when Europeans stopped coming here in droves.
  17. Though as long as we're talking about the Irish wave of immigration back in the 19th century... Most of them couldn't afford passage on ships destined for the United States. So, what did they do? They bought passage to Canada and then crossed the border into the United States instead. So, if you have Irish ancestry chances are pretty good that you're only here because they illegally immigrated.
  18. Yeah, that'd be silly. They came here on boats.
  19. Back in 1912? Maybe if you were a white collar worker in a major city. Beyond that? LOL You didn't get the single bread winner dynamic for most jobs until the 50s thanks to a booming economy and New Deal pro-labor legislation.
  20. So we've gone from, "A man could provide for his family back in those days!" to, "So what if they lived in abject poverty, it was their poverty!" Also, fun fact, most families back then could not be provided for with a single earner. Not even close. Women did a lot of work and child labor was extremely common so they could supplement the family income. In extreme cases the parents would sell their children off. It's also worth noting that pretty much everyone we imagine as the settlers of the West, the gritty, entirely self-made people, were only there because the government gave them free land and heavily subsidized them.
  21. lol you seriously think people were living comfortably during that era? Poverty in the United States during most of that era was intense, to say the very least. It isn't uncommon to read stories of people with large families living in half built hovels struggling to get enough food for a meal a day in the frontiers or living in squalor in the cities.
  22. Yellow Brown Peril!