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  1. Didn't claim that the NRA is the only organization that does. I just thought it was absurd to say that the NRA doesn't have much influence.
  2. I don't like that either. I don't want politicians to be beholden to outside influences other than their constituents. Ideally, all campaigns would be publicly financed and the most they'd expect from organizations like the NRA or Planned Parenthood would be endorsements.
  3. It's because you're focusing entirely on donations made directly to politicians, saying it's a paltry amount, and declaring that the NRA doesn't have much influence because of that. I brought up Perdue because the NRA donated roughly the same amount directly to his campaign as they did for Rubio. That $2 million was spent independently by them throwing their weight in support of him and bashing his opponents. If you get in good with the NRA then you will get millions of dollars worth of "free" advertising and you will continue to get that as long as you stay in their good graces. If you can't see how that is a significant amount of influence wielding on politicians from the NRA then I don't know what to tell you. Your original argument was decrying them for not being real collectivists since they trying to pressure corporations. You just want to pretend that your **** doesn't stink.
  4. I don't recall you taking this position during the Hobby Lobby case.
  5. Ah, well, I guess they should stop directly donating to politicians since it clearly has zero affect. I'm pretty sure they spent around $2 million for David Perdue in his Senate campaign by attacking his opponents but now I know that had no impact on his policy making and was just the NRA virtue signaling on Perdue's behalf. It's false. It's just what you want to believe about your side so you can continue attacking your opposition in that way. Could be that they're not progressives. I'd assume most of them are your run of the mill liberals, who are generally not anti-corporate. However, it's not like all pro-gun control people are left-wing much like not all pro-gun people are right-wing. It's a lazy argument revolving around hypocrisy because you're attempting to dismiss them not by addressing what they're advocating for but how they're doing it, hence why I posted: They recognize where the power is in our society and thus they targeted a power center to progress their issues.
  6. It's just a lazy attempt to say that your opposition are hypocrites for employing methods that you're advocating for your own side.
  7. If you think the NRA doesn't give enough donations to have influence then you're being willfully ignorant. You said the pro-gun crowd never virtue signals. I provided a prominent public example and one from you of pro-gun virtue signaling. At least you now agree that, yes, you guys do virtue signal. To still maintain that only one side virtue signals on a mass scale, however, you include people and organizations advocating or donating to push for action on issues in ways they want. By your logic, the NRA donating to politicians and pro-gun advocates voting with their wallet and at the ballot box is virtue signaling. It's an absurdly loose definition and comes off as a dumb way to try to demonize your opposition. It comes off as even more disingenuous because you refuse to recognize that your own side is driving, "[an] effort to move the country's conscience."
  8. This is heaping pile of ********, but alright. 1. If you're on social media and don't see the endless screeching from the pro-gun crowd then either you're very good at ignoring them, aren't actually on social media, or are participating in the screeching. 2. The NRA holds a disproportionate amount of influence over lawmakers compared to public opinions on the policy proposals they oppose. NRA members don't have the numbers to present that much of an influence over the electorate like that but the NRA's lobbying and campaign donations certainly does. 3. Pro-gun people virtue signal all the time. That one girl bringing an AR onto campus for graduation photos and you saying that maybe guns are dangerous after hurting your finger when cleaning one comes to mind. 4. You keep saying that the pro-gun crowd votes with their wallets and at the ballot box which proves that they'll win while simultaneously trying fling **** at the gun control crowd for voting with their wallets and at the ballot box. 5. Believing the pro-gun crowd are just quiet folk who keep their heads down and do what they have to without getting mired in outside arguments is one of the most laughable fantasies that has been trotted out here in a while.
  9. You must not go on social media or be aware of the organization that promote your side.
  10. Not really. There are disagreements among the left about this strategy but, IMO, in our society corporations hold a disproportionate amount of power so you need to target them with protests in order to move the needle on certain issues. That is especially true when the left is not in power and can't exert government power over corporations that way. I'd prefer to gut corporations as we know them but that isn't happening in the near future. You have to play the board as it is set sometimes. You have misconstrued not caring about the response with believing that they won't respond. We need to ignore their noise, maintain our own pressure, and continue moving forward.
  11. Your post was basically whining that people left of you protested a company to change their behavior which, for whatever reason, makes them hypocrites. The best summation of your position is this:
  12. Gun control advocates: Hey, Publix, stop donating to this candidate. We'll protest at your stores until you do. Publix: Ok, we'll stop donating to that candidate. Gun *******:
  13. I don't care what the reactionary backlash is anymore. Ignore their noise and push forward.
  14. Got Publix to stop donating to that candidate.
  15. That means it's a fake poll again.
  16. Morning Consult, Harris, and YouGov all had Dems up +5-7% in their most recent polls. Ipsos also seems to be having a return bounce in favor of Dems. The recurring theme with all of them though is that the GOP only had around 37-38% support with any narrowing occurring because Dems bled support to undecided rather than the GOP gaining support. So, probably not the best sign for the GOP. Speaking of which: A Breitbart poll show Manchin with a huge lead.
  17. All their endorsements in Georgia won, including for the 1st district primary. The DSA also won a race in north Texas.
  18. Burning garbage and filling your yard with your **** because you refuse to pay a tax/fee has libertarian written all over it.