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  1. He sure has changed.
  2. People would be losing their **** if they let players like Deion and Jarrett walk. A lot of that money is also tied up in players who are very cuttable after this season. Freeman, Mack, Sanu, Stocker, Schaub, Bailey, etc. Could also cut players like Neal, Allen, and Trufant but I'd prefer to keep them around tbh.
  3. Oh, it's just Russiagate stuff.
  4. Forcibly removing children from their parents and placing them in dominant culture households, as shown with the adoption stories, constitutes as ethnic cleansing. So, you tell me.
  5. That Seahawks fumble may be the worst/funniest one I've ever seen. Just look at this ****:
  6. That's good. She couldn't keep going with her previous strategy of deflecting when Biden and Buttigieg managed to dunk on her over it.
  7. Putting that in my back pocket then.
  8. Can I say that Clinton is a rapist since he was accused of that then?
  9. Some victims can, and have, come forward. I hope all of them do but I seriously doubt they will for a host of reasons. Likewise, the lack of a trial will most likely prevent the evidence they did collect from coming out.
  10. The problem here is that they already had tarmac meetings.
  11. We're also not going to get that kind of evidence. Hope for getting that died in that jail cell. I'm definitely assuming that everyone who flew on that plane, went to his island, got "massages" at his mansion, etc. should be suspected, at bare minimum, given what we do know about that network and what went on in those locations.
  12. By your logic the only pedophile in that child sex trafficking network was Epstein. Everyone else was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes dozens of times.
  13. The likelihood of someone being a pedophile certainly increases by going on that plane, if that makes you feel better.
  14. Who is doing business focused flights on a plane called Lolita Express?
  15. It's another round of that Ellen palling around with W thing and people trying to defend her by saying stuff like, "Does that mean we should condemn Michelle Obama for doing that?" Yeah. You should.
  16. It'd be nice to get a 6th round pick back after that Cyprien trade. No way in **** he's worth that though.
  17. We've definitely secured a top 5 pick.