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  1. You're ******* right I'm mad. The Braves have done jack **** since the Donaldson signing.
  2. I fail to see the downside. Going it alone only benefits the employer, which is why Bezos and others fight them at all costs.
  3. The local resistance Amazon was referring to was state politicians pressing them on their anti-union policies.
  4. I'm not sure. What I do know is that New York realtors and their friends poured a lot of money into the area to invest and buy up properties there since they knew prices were going to skyrocket once Amazon arrived. That is most likely why we're suddenly seeing these reactions to the deal falling through.
  5. I appreciate Coulter since she just says what every right-wingers means.
  6. The $3 billion was just the tax breaks. There were a whole lot of other provisions that would have caused that public cost to go up. This isn't even factoring in stuff like what this would have done to rent rates in the area. It was just a ****** deal. A corporate giveaway.
  7. I'll give Georgia one thing: Trying to entice an entire industry to set up shop in your state with some tax breaks (which are contingent on putting what is basically an ad for the state in the credits) makes way more sense than throwing the public coffers at a company with $20 billion worth of profits last year for 25,000 jobs.
  8. You hear something like that whenever teams start trying to extort money from cities and counties to get a new stadium and those promises never hold up.
  9. It's also worth noting that New York state politicians began pushing back against Amazon's strict anti-union policies just before Amazon decided to leave.
  10. $500 million in incentives to employ 15,000 people in/around a smallish city seems like a way better deal than $3 billion in tax breaks, public money for construction, subsidizing salaries, etc. for them to bring in 25,000 people in one of the largest cities in the world.
  11. I'd be panicking if I was her as well after watching Sanders' rollout. They're both trying to shore up the same base of voters and it's clear she won't be able to compete.
  12. Heard a lot of big wigs in New York invested in property in the area Amazon was planning to set up shop in, knowing prices were going to skyrocket once they did. I assume that's why there's the sudden freakout from those big wigs and their media sock puppets.
  13. Potentially another swing in the House here.
  14. Warren's wealth tax proposal kicks in after $50 million. That's a good place to start. Tax their income and wealth. Promote policies for them to either pay their employees more or to shift to a cooperative business model. Hope that helps.
  15. So 75% of those voters voted for him instead of simply voting against Hillary. Explains why his base in the state polls is consistently around 15-20% and he's the second choice among the bulk of Biden supporters.
  16. Alright. I'd prefer to build a better world instead of rolling over and accepting doom though. Part of that includes not letting corporations be parasites.
  17. I will never understand the point of this talking point. Even less so seeing as how it's completely fabricated.
  18. The state and city were also going to subsidize the salaries of the employees, all of which were going to be brought in instead of hired from within the state and city, to go along with helping to fund construction projects... including a taxpayer funded personal helipad for Bezos. It's simply ridiculous no matter how you try to slice it, especially considering we know that, just last year, Amazon had nearly $20 billion worth of profits that went untaxed. It's all the more ridiculous when you add that Google is doing something similar in NYC but without everything that was being thrown at Amazon. You can expand the economy without begging corporations to be parasites.