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  1. Considering how this season has gone, that scenario will play out but with Schaub fumbling it just before he breaks the plane and then the defense will return it 99 yards for the TD.
  2. Our defense seems to give up 30 points per game and our offense can barely score even when Ryan is having a good season. I don't think we have to worry about a QB that should have retired 5-6 years ago righting this ship.
  3. Right now, Burrow is the most impressive QB that is eligible for the next draft to me. Reminds me a lot of Luck before Indy's O-line knocked him out of the league.
  4. Getting one of the top 2 picks is a free rebuild trade package when we already have the core players in place.
  5. People are posting my own thoughts on here before me.
  6. Never did get an answer as to how McGovern was more of an extremist than Goldwater, the guy who wanted to nuke Vietnam. The only thing I can think of is that he was a fierce opponent to the Vietnam War.
  7. They're doing to many of these now. I'm bored of them.
  8. Should also be noted that the United States barred the SDF/Kurds from the peace talks. We were always going to throw them under the bus once we thought their use was spent. The dastardly Russians, however, have been trying to get them involved in the talks. Probably why they moved in troops to take our abandoned bases near the border.
  9. I don't think endorsements matter that much either but it does seem weird that an outlet that incorporates weighted endorsements into their predictive algorithm is suddenly saying that they don't matter.
  10. His newest one should be released in about a month ago.
  11. He sure has changed.
  12. People would be losing their **** if they let players like Deion and Jarrett walk. A lot of that money is also tied up in players who are very cuttable after this season. Freeman, Mack, Sanu, Stocker, Schaub, Bailey, etc. Could also cut players like Neal, Allen, and Trufant but I'd prefer to keep them around tbh.