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  1. He's never there in the 4th.
  2. @Billy Ocean @SpongeDong I like the Hurts draft more than the Tua one tbh
  3. Party leaders are now twitter leftists just looking to bash the party leaders.
  4. And now we can come back together with this:
  5. I forgot that they're basically drafting an entire team this year.
  6. Just to be clear, I think it would be the difference between getting a 100% and a 95% or so on a test. One is obviously preferable but either way you're going to come away thinking you knocked it out of the park.
  7. If they had the same exact strategy? If I had to guess then it may have been less effective since it would have cost people to get that testing in all likelihood which would have discouraged poorer people from getting it done. That said, I seriously doubt it would have been the disaster we've seen in countries that sat on their hands when it first started to hit their countries or outright encouraged herd immunity insanity.
  8. South Korea and Japan didn't impose generalized policies like that but to say it was just due to the masks is disingenuous. They shutdown entire sectors that were high risk for spread, limited population movement in effected areas, and imposed stay at home orders for populations that were especially high risk for hospitalization and death. Though for the masks themselves, it also didn't hurt them that wearing masks was already something people there did. Going to shamelessly bump my post about that.
  9. Never thought licking toilets would be unhealthy. This is a wakeup call to everyone.
  10. I didn't say it was the sole solution to this and even said it wasn't the entire reason why it was effectively contained there, the bulk of which would instead be put on social distancing and stay at home orders. That said, what you're doing here is moving the target since Tanden specifically brought up South Korea's response as a model to emulate and then immediately bashed it when one of the factors in their response was brought up since she's a DNC hack.
  11. It isn't the entire reason but it is certainly a major factor in being able to combat it effectively, to be able to efficiently distribute resources where needed, and to get mass testing done that doesn't discourage people from getting it done.
  12. She touts a country with singlepayer as a model to be followed to attack Trump and then bashes it when the model is pointed out. Amazing centrist brain.
  13. They shutdown the entire country a few weeks ago.
  14. Just remembered that they appointed Bran as the king.
  15. Truly breathtaking lack of self-awareness with this one.