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  1. When poll questions are framed that way that is the case. When it's pointed out that they'll be able to pick their own doctors and hospitals then support bounces back up. However, you can take a wild guess which one the corporate media runs with.
  2. Don't know how she thought dodging that forever was going to work.
  3. Just found out that Trump repeatedly called the Italian president, "President Mozzarella."
  4. Just because he pokes holes in your talking points doesn't make him not credible. Just means you disagree.
  5. A good chunk of the left is anti-electoral or opposed to the Dems for ideological reasons and don't see much difference between them and the GOP. If you're expecting them to suddenly put that aside to vote for someone like Hillary then lol
  6. 90%+ of Sanders' supporters voted for Clinton. Get a better excuse for Hillary losing to Trump.
  7. It's mostly because Biden is clearly mentally declining, not due to his polling.
  8. Libs when they realize that not all white people support Trump even though he's white.
  9. The most famous communists of them all: Religious fundamentalists.
  10. Silver likes to go on about net favorables and why that will be Sanders' undoing. Sanders' net favorables went up more than most so he moved the goal posts to only factor in favorables.
  11. Must not be looking too hard then.
  12. Can this rat drop out soon, please?