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  1. He's going to get the rona. I feel it in my bones now.
  2. They also went all in on the antisemitism smears against Omar, Tlaib, and AOC to get them out of the picture until Trump stepped in. How is the left supposed to win them over when it's blatantly obvious to anyone actually paying attention that this is going to be a deathmatch?
  3. Also, genuinely curious as to how Sanders was supposed to play nice and win over the party establishment when they held a meeting a couple years ago to form a strategy to kneecap him if/when he ran again. How are you supposed to bring people to your side when everyone knows they want to do you in?
  4. Trying to play nice with party leaders didn't work for Booker or Warren, so...
  5. Attacking them is fine, especially since they have done nothing but attack the left for five years. Just means we need to redouble our efforts to snuff them out.
  6. Also seems like they're switching to matte helmets if these leaks are true.
  7. Not feeling the font shading. I do like the color fade at the bottom of the red jerseys though. Granted, that could change if I get a better look at them.
  8. After much thought and consideration, the best bird logo is the smug/smiling Orioles one.
  9. I'm assuming they'll release it before the draft... Though the fact that I'm craving news about uniform changes says everything about the current situation lol
  10. IIRC, the Bucs also announced that they weren't changing their logo and were just changing the uniform. The Falcons haven't made the same announcement.
  11. I also hate it when logos have the letter of the team name and not the city or state. Except for the Rams new logo. That's terrible.
  12. None of them really look good imo. I can't really think of a team with a bird mascot where the logo doesn't look weird or awkward when they try to depict the entire bird.
  13. Like I said before, I'm expecting a disappointing new logo. That said, if they released it with an all black uniform then I'd expect the fans to get on board with it since those were/are very popular as far as I can tell.
  14. I wish there was still a dislike button.
  15. The grey jersey doesn't look that good but the other two look good. Somehow make the oversized helmet logos look better, too.
  16. The Falcons have never had a good logo.
  17. I'm expecting a new logo that will make me sigh in disappointment.
  18. Bucs got rid of the alarm clock uniforms and went back to what they had before, though they kept the oversized logo.