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  1. Her endorsement of Harris makes perfect sense now.
  2. We'll still provide intelligence and targets in Yemen and we will continue to arm the Saudi military.
  3. Isn't she the one who said Obama voters were racist for not supporting Hillary?
  4. They have a 38 seat majority yet they watered down Khanna's Yemen bill anyway at the behest of Republicans and conservative Dems. Neither of us are getting what we want.
  5. Doesn't this suggest that the NFL thought it was going to lose?
  6. I'd hedge my bets by doing both.
  7. Top is still the same. Harris seems to be eating into Beto's support. Booker continues to wallow with the ones we know don't have a shot.
  8. It's because he started doxxing him.
  9. The problem there is that his supporters are as activated as they'll ever be. Throwing red meat to them doesn't move the needle much in that regard. Keeping this at the forefront over the next two years, however, will be a constant reminder for the opposition and is more likely to keep them activated.
  10. The thing about this is that it won't be forgotten like government shutdowns are once they're resolved. There will be constant reminders over the next two years that this is going on and being fought over.