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  1. I don't even want to go to your bar.
  2. How this team is 6-4 is beyond me.
  3. Pretty much everything has been bad today. I do not know how they put up 34 points so far.
  4. I wish they'd put a spy on him.
  5. Don't put that evil out there.
  6. 1. The Koch Bros. pet meme project with some not so subtle heritage not hate ****. 2. Marx never said that. 3. These dumb ******** can't spell.
  7. I'm so tired of this **** world.
  8. What the **** are these teams doing?
  9. Next Monday.
  10. I guess this was the big news that would destroy the Democrats Hannity and others were alluding to.
  11. Well, when you have a **** tier OC then that should be expected.
  12. Andre Roberts retire *****.