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  1. Happ was on fire today. Not much the lineup could do about that.
  2. DHS in general needs to be abolished.
  3. Need to take them over, too.
  4. There is no reasoning with these people. You can only destroy them electorally.
  5. Guys, Trump really just wants to help children. That's why he's helping the Saudi coalition starve Yemeni children to death!
  6. You have to be civil to those in power but abuse the vulnerable. It's the right-wing way.
  7. The only efforts I've seen about silencing people in the public square have been right-wing policies to expel students for protesting.
  8. It's a well known fact that Middle Eastern children are using Mexico to come into the United States, buy shoes, and then go to Canada to smuggle the shoes they bought into Canada.
  9. It prevents DHS, DOJ, and HHS from forcibly separating children from their parents or guardians within 100 miles of the border. So, no, it does not affect everyone in the United States.
  10. Zero tolerance and deterrence. That didn't play well with the public which led to the disjointed narratives we've seen from them over the past few days.
  11. Goodlatte's bill modifies current child separation policy. It doesn't end it. Senate Democrats have all signed onto a clean bill that would end it. House Dems support their own bill that is similar.
  12. Not everyone gets it but they were always given a chance in court to argue for it. This policy of turning people away, not even giving them the chance to apply, is a Trump policy.