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  1. I can imagine the prospects they'll have to give up.
  2. I'm sure this case will generate a lot of thoughtful discussions.
  3. Somewhere out there Ron Paul is trying to flip a table.
  4. Ah. Obama was the one who colluded and obstructed. It all makes sense now.
  5. Bringing back the 90s sitcoms discussion.
  6. @Billy Ocean
  7. And I'm saying that message needs to come from the grassroots level since most of the leadership won't change. Some with ambitions are changing, such as Booker calling for singlepayer, but permanent change will only come from progressive voters taking the party over, preferably starting at the local level which is what we have been seeing.
  8. The candidates that have been running suggests otherwise. They won't win every primary, but you can't win them all. Also, if that's what you want to call the progressive revival then sure.
  9. Not really. May was going for a hard Brexit but their snap election effectively killed that since the Tories no longer have a governing majority and the DUP is against a hard Brexit. Due to that they'll most likely go the EEC route. There is also the looming issue that this coalition is likely not long for the world due to Sinn Fein's lawsuit against it since it's potentially in violation of the Good Friday Accords. If they win that then the coalition will be dissolved which will force another election which Corbyn and Labour will almost certainly win. As for us, Republicans have won districts that should be slam dunks for them (hence why the RNC signed off on letting their Reps join the cabinet) by the skin of their teeth. Moral victories aren't victories but it's a sign of things to come, especially in conjunction with the local elections the Democrats, usually led by progressive candidates, have won.
  10. I have said multiple times that I have no expectation that party leadership will change on their own accord. It's up to progressives to join the party and vote in their people to make the change happen.
  11. Progressive candidates have won a number local special elections and they were the ones who closed the biggest gaps in the House special elections in districts with heavy R leans. The needed change is happening, slowly but surely.
  12. You post that even after all the events that have unfolded since you made this premature victory thread.
  13. Officials won't say which specific things have been corroborated. The parts about communications seem to be what they nod at though.