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  1. TARP and the auto bailouts happened under Bush. If you think nationalizing industries includes keeping the private, for-profit model then ******* dude, no wonder you still beat off to Trump.
  2. What markets did he nationalize?
  3. I'm not surprised the point went sailing over your head.
  4. It would be a pretty bold move to change America from a neoliberal country to a neoliberal country. Also, since I know you don't understand this stuff: Reagan was also a neoliberal.
  5. All of the leagues are political. For whatever reason it's only ok when the owners and league offices lobby politicians to get what they want but not ok when a player kneels. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. The natural evolution.
  7. Since @WhenFalconsWin posted that Tory meme and quote conflating non-white British people with crime in the general thread, here's a fun video explaining the present Windrush scandal happening over there.
  8. I don't want to further taint the sanctity of the general thread so lets move this to the Trump thread.
  9. Fox Business, especially that English guy, has been red baiting like there is no tomorrow because of the recent polls showing how unpopular the tax cuts are.
  10. The funny part of this is that London would still rank as one of the top 10 safest cities in the United States. Also, that's neat that you're quoting someone who conflates Khan with, "the invaders." Really showing your colors as not only a ******** dotard but a racist to boot.
  11. Not really. Take, for example, the failed private health insurance market.
  12. You see, I know you don't know anything when you think a neoliberal like Obama is a socialist.
  13. Probably around the time a certain someone wanted the owners to force those sons of ****** out.
  14. In due time.
  15. We also have fun stuff like white genocide, mandatory gender reassignments, gay marrying animals, turning the White House into a mosque, and so on.