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  1. This tweet will get mileage.
  2. Expecting nothing has turned what would have been an enraging and nerve wracking game into a pleasant surprise.
  3. Seems like a bad idea to have your QB with knee problems run that play, but you do you Pederson.
  4. The **** was that?
  5. Now to use this halftime to look up the Dolphins' schedule so I know which defenses to stream on fantasy.
  6. *******, Ricardo
  7. I'm sure that doubly applies to UGA fans.
  8. Ah, ****. We're going to lose to McCown.
  9. Also applies to Wentz.
  10. Does this mean Ben supports Beto's call for gun confiscations?
  11. That TD against the Saints brought me more joy than the Falcons will bring this season.
  12. First Booker with "T-Bone" and now Biden with "Corn Pop."
  13. I don't pay attention to the news for one day and I miss Corn Pop.