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  1. All of Fulton is under stay at home orders now.
  2. I wonder whatever became of that Bill Kristol "Russian bot" detector that HM posted about all the time on here before he pivoted to saying everyone else was a bad faith actor.
  3. I love bipartisan austerity.
  4. Capitalism is the other disease we need to take care of.
  5. Trump and Biden are the worst America has to offer in their own special ways.
  6. You'll be prepared for such shenanigans now that you know it's a possibility. Everyone else? Well, no survivalist plan survives contact with a killdozer.
  7. These drafts aren't going to mock themselves.
  8. Such simple, innocent times those were. Now we're all addicted to a mock draft simulator as the world falls apart around us.
  9. Felt that way myself until I saw that Uche was available in the 3rd. Then I dared to hope that we could have a relentless pass rush.
  10. Going to draw inspiration from The Purge for mine.
  11. There are anti-mask people? Only reason I can think of to not want it is because you know it's going to become a fashion trend even after this is over and it'll be terrible.