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  1. Reminds me of this: Schiff's solutions, even if he doesn't really mention them here, are completely idiotic, but his diagnosis is spot on. Also worth reminding that he said the same stuff in 2006-07.
  2. It's just the natural progression. First they tried to ridicule her platform and label it as extreme but then quickly ditched that when they realized people like progressive planks like Medicare for All, raising the minimum wage, jobs guarantee, senior care, etc. and all they were doing was advertising that. Now they have moved onto just trying to paint her and other leftists as a morons who can't defend their positions, which has led to funny stuff like Shapiro offering to commit a felony, and other ****** status quo arguments like, "Clearly you have not considered the costs," and, "How many economic classes have you taken!?" when they can't think of a way to actually argue against their positions, as shown here: They'll move onto saying she's a bigot against some group next in all likelihood, a la the smears against Corbyn.
  3. That's doubtful. The depth of logic of the conservative movement can be summed up by hyper logical Shapiro trying to show how dumb AOC is by offering a felony campaign contribution.
  4. By Shapiro? lmao
  5. High profile left-wing figures are threatening to the status quo. It's why those who seek to maintain it lose their minds whenever one pops up.
  6. Clutch at any straw to smear the threatening left-wing lady.
  7. They have been prominent in Ukraine since their revolution and is why Obama didn't move to arm the Ukrainian armed forces. Trump, however, does not have the same concerns about arming Nazi paramilitaries.
  8. If only there was something we could do to make this stop.