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  1. come back bro

  2. Dutch would probably be mad if he knew how much time I spent hunting birds to get a fancy lad hat.
  3. Greybeards: You need to stop Alduin. The world is going to end if you don't. Me: Look, I need to decorate my dozen houses first.
  4. And I'm saying Kamala was never going to get that opportunity since she was a very weak candidate. I have my fair share of negative opinions about Buttigieg but his campaign was very strong, at least in terms of statewide organizing. His problem was that he only spent resources in those states. Meanwhile, Kamala's campaign was as much of a ****show as the candidate.
  5. Kamala got knocked out by Tulsi of all people and ****posting on twitter. She was never a strong candidate despite all the media adulation she received.
  6. They had their chance after Nevada until the party elite engineered a coalescing around Biden following South Carolina. Now that ship has sailed.
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