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  1. Thanks to everyone who replied. I have ended my try at Google sites and decided to go with "Zeta Boards". If you are a musician, or a sports fan, or someone who wants to create a user based created : "MUSICIAN/SPORTS" forum then this is the forum for you. Here's the link : - Songwriters Don't get me wrong, ATLANTA FALCONS.COM FORUMS : "THESE FORUMS ARE SECOND TO NONE!!!!!!!" AND THEY ARE THE BEST! And BTW, I AIN'T SPAMMING THESE FORUMS, I am simply trying to let YOU my friends know that I have a place to chat also, and I make ZERO MONEY FROM IT! I ain't no power hungry monger or no CRAP
  2. It seems to be the best freebie I can find for webspace. I haven't read anything about band width limits so I'm not sure about that. I'm just making a site for fun and not business so it's no big lose if they impose a limit. I'll have to look into Geocities, I haven't heard of them, I done a search for free web sites but I didn't look at everyone of them. Thanks for taking the time to check it out and comment.
  3. That's what I was thinking. I'm sure theirs a catch there somewhere. Most every other free site that I've looked into has a band width clause to where they either stop your website when you reach the limit, or start charging you when you go over. I have 20mb's of web space I could use with my charter internet service, and I have a custom website already made, but for some reason charter will not allow my html to execute and acts like it's a problem on my end, but yet they can't explain why I have 3 neighbors who have uploaded my files to their charter web space and it displays perfectly even f
  4. Whatever, hey, I'm not attacking you or anybody else for who they are, I'm just saying - "I AM A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN AND EVERYBODY ELSE WHO RESIDES IN THE UNITED STATES NEEDS TO BE THE SAME WAY". Because if they aren't - "HOW THE HECK AM I GONNA PROTECT MY FAMILY MEMBERS?". If you are here undocumented - "YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW".
  5. I have had MULTIPLE problems and no answers with my own web service provider which is charter. So I decided to take a chance at the "FREE" Google sites option to see what I could do with it. So far these are the results at this link : Songwriters Music It's not nothing fancy, it's in infancy you might say for now. I just kind of added a few things on the few pages I have for now to see what it could do with it. Not very much thought put into the site whatsoever for now. I've managed to add Video, Audio, A Webcam, Games... I know I can add a blog and text. LOL, BTW - Yes that's me on the mus
  6. Where's the illustration? An Artist paints a picture of their choice, a realist recognizes the reality of the situation. I guess I'm a realist, and not an Artist, even though I do play guitar. You have NO IDEAL as to who "THEY ARE", and that's the whole problem, they could be terrorist, and should honestly be considered that from the start if they come into this country illegally IMO. That doesn't mean they will get treated cruel or harsh, it just mean's they need to register for citizenship or LEAVE. Remember, we are talking about ILLEGAL visitors to this country, NOT VISITORS. Trespasse
  7. +1 For the Starter of this thread, this has been one of the most entertaining threads that I have viewed in a while.
  8. I get your point. That's a very good explanation. If it's an invasion then shouldn't they declare war against them? I prefer the term trespass, you normally just arrest somebody for that, if they are invading more abrupt action is called for.
  9. I'm not swinging at nothing, you keep banging your head against the wall and blaming it on everyone else here because you don't like the laws governing immigration.
  10. I hope you can continue on the healthy path Supes. Smoking and drinking are nothing but poison to your body, when you think about it you've gotta be crazy to even start. Sorry, I've gotta go, I think I left a lit Cig in the other room and I just spilled my beer.... :P I'm only kidding about that Supes, I don't smoke and rarely drink. Good luck!
  11. You asked, I answered, you don't like the answer so you try and argue a point you just don't like the answer to when the answer is correct. If you have a problem with it then you need to take it up with the federal government, not me.
  12. You asked and I quote : "What criminal statute is being violated when somebody comes here undocumented? ". It's called trespassing when you don't have permission to be on someone elses land,if you are not a citizen and this is not your country then it is trespassing, and it is against the law. I don't see how you could possibly argue with that...
  13. Mel Gibson is self destructing no doubt about that. Nobody in their right mind can have that much hate and be happy and actually like themselves in the process. Life is too short to carry around hate for anyone or anything. Ranting and raving and saying a bunch of ignorant remarks about others is one thing, but,If he hit his wife and knocked out two of her teeth and give her a concussion as she claims, whether she was holding the baby at the time or not then he deserves whatever he gets, drunk high or whatever he was on there is no excuse for that. And if she was holding the baby and he done
  14. Something you might try is after you get the keyboard part down, record it and play it back and practice the singing part with the recorded keyboard until you get the singing part down, that way you'll know better how it's supposed to sound when you sing and play at the same time. It helps sometimes, it's a little less intimidating when you try and practice the two together when you have a feel for how they are supposed to sound that way. Good luck!
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