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  1. Coleman is a better FS then Decoud, but Coleman played out of position this year, thats why his numbers dropped. So instead of leading the team in tackles like last year in his real position, he moved over to SS and was second in tackles. he is our best secondary player, and this is comming from someone who loves Decoud
  2. Whats bad about being second in tackles on the team and providing leadership?
  3. For those of you who think Coleman had a bad year.... He was second on the team in tackles next to Lofton. He is a FS playing out of position to help the team. He brought leadership to our secondary over the last two years. He is also the quarterback of our secondary and gets guys into position. Don't hold your breath on a great team player being benched. Time will be shared at the most.
  4. That would be a dream. Roddy is a solid number one. He is one of the few number 1 WR's that could share the reps and not be jerk.
  5. Who do you all think will be our number two corner? Owens or Williams. Grimes will be a beast as a nickle corner. I noticed that he tackles well with surrounding traffic, but if he is one on one- it can be an issue.
  6. Was wondering yor thoughts on our number two WR. If we are being honest, Michael Jenkins is a slighlty below average number two ( Despite the fact that he has made some clutch catches.) I really like Jenkins, but think another possesion WR would be great. HD will be amazing in the slot. I want someone that will muscle around guys and make catches in traffic. Wish Josh Reed would stop by and visit.
  7. You shouldn't start a sentence with but or and. It is frowned upon while using the English language.
  8. Kerry Rhodes was a safety for the Jets, he is a better player than robinson, thats why he got mentioned. They do love to hate us though, Sanders and Dukes are the worst with it
  9. Dante wrote pay me or trade me on his cleats, thats how you know he wanted Houston to pay him.
  10. I made a post earlier about how I thought Robinson would be overpaid. I said that he is a good corner, but he isn't a shutdown corner. I was right. So many people claim he is some amazing corner. It simply isn't the case. Everyone jumped on me about opening my mouth before the contract came out. Everyone wanted to give me negative reviews and to be rude. I love the Falcons. Dante will help our secondary, but my post was right. He was way overpaid, and if all of you that wanted to call me out don't think he was then you are blind. That being said, he will be a good player for us. I j
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