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    Sidney Ohio
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    Falcons Football, Atlanta Braves ,Georgia Bulldogs, Buttt i do have partly an ohio side Born In GA raised in GA but stuck in OH

    Im Now currently an ohio state buckeye going to Osu for criminoligy.

    But First and formost im a falcons fan through and through it's almost religeon to me
  1. good... go over to college sports forum thats the only mentality over there
  2. i know what you mean... im the only falcons fan around here... now my family in GA obviously are falcons fans. But all my buddies are either bengall brown or steeler fans and they all give me ****... im the biggest falcon fan they know they just do it for laughs and give me **** about my falcons tattoo...but these boards just get stupid
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKVTmx1zos8
  4. [quote name=Julio+Roddy+Harry=' timestamp='1314506499' post='6299443] hahahhahahhahahahahhahahahha you guys are in denial and your a joke as much so as our secondary Big ben 11 of 16 like i told you he would be once again there 3rd wr had 2 tds and a million yards, like i predicted, owens and franks sucked as usual, and we will never win playoff games without a secondary.....trade turner for a corner that can stop teams from 20 plus points every week, are you ****-----ing nuts,,,,,,,,,,no not nuts, just logical...to bad you guys arent or we might get a few wins agains
  5. the vick fans are the worst... seems like they are the most un-educated bunch on here. The ones who say cut ryan for vick... I personally dont know how any real falcons fan can love the dude after all this bs he's been talking about what he thought of atlanta...
  6. best bet bro... just stay away from this board on game day... It's likely to be down anyway. 2nd just try not to bother till like tuesday from a sunday game all the negative none sense will have filtered a few pages back.. Now if we loose you'll see some negative discussions but nothing like youve seen right now right after a PRESEASON loss. Im just bored tonight that's why im putting up with it. But welcome to the boards.
  7. i can thankfully say im not married. to young for that.
  8. this was stupid... if the saints lose i'll say what i say all along... who the **** cares its preseason.
  9. just 10 or so tards on the board make it hard for you to not facepalm...
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