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    Sidney Ohio
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    Falcons Football, Atlanta Braves ,Georgia Bulldogs, Buttt i do have partly an ohio side Born In GA raised in GA but stuck in OH

    Im Now currently an ohio state buckeye going to Osu for criminoligy.

    But First and formost im a falcons fan through and through it's almost religeon to me
  1. i take it that topic got deleted?

  2. this summer sucksss

  3. The Cleveland cavs will get a ring before the self proclaimed king....
  4. really? through the celtics series? Through the bulls series? oh and BTW
  5. Jason terry better get on his knees and blow dirk in the locker room.
  6. Hmmmm I well... dont know what just happend during this game
  7. So lets talk about this game... lol hate on the heat all you want.
  8. Im sorry but **** near the whole nba acts like that. IF i laid down some of the dunks he hit i'd be feeling pretty good too.
  9. women are evil soul sucking ******

    1. Big_L


      You must be going through a divorce, been there done that X2! If you need to vent, holla at me!

    2. Falconsken


      no not a divorce. Ending an engagement.

    3. Big_L


      Well it's not the same legally, but as far as emotions go, it's the same. Like I said, if you need to talk, I'm an expert in this. Be safe.

  10. I plan to do that. But i was serious and sincere in my props to the mavs I have one question. Everyone keeps saying whos going to stop dirk blah blah blah and that will be a challenge... MY question is who is going to stop bron and wade?
  11. interesting to say the least. If there were any team i wouldnt feel horrible about losing to its gonna be the mavs. Favorite owner good respectable hard working team. I of course want miami to win so bron can start getting his rings. but like i said a loss to a team like the mavs and dirk. wouldn't hurt to much
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