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  1. LOL!! Glad you found the humor most here would have easily took that comment out of context.. Anyway.. No one expected Brees to be any good or even of use after his arm got destroyed.. He came to a desperate New Orleans when no other QB wanted to have anything to do with the team or the city and it's problems after Katrina, his arm was still in a cast when GM Loomis went after him in the off-season.. After shedding the horrible memories of Aaron Brooks "Fail era" we were willing to bring anybody in just to be QB for at least for a few years until we get back on our feet. NO ONE expected Bre
  2. Your post made absolutely no sense what so ever.. And im the one with "LOL" in my comment and your the one beefing about sentence construction yet your looking for "your upset" pic's? lmao.. get over it, your limp wrist can't take anymore pic searching.
  3. Really? this is your rant? lmao.. get over it or look past it.. Im not going to sit on my phone properly constructing perfect sentences on my Andriod just to make you feel better.. in fact since it's tickin ya'll off i might do it more lol. <--- like now.
  4. None, at the end of the day these guy's get a check from being good at their craft, i hate any player who don't play to the best of their ability.. I know at the end of the season any of your players could possibly end up in Black and Gold if they hit the Free agency market so there's no point in hating a potential Saint. For example, Ya'll hated Joe Horn with a PASSION until he put on a Falcon Jersey then it became a love affair until ya'll found out he only came to your team to collect his last couple of checks Saints wouldn't pay him.
  5. LOL. if you sat back and educated yourself on Cajun/French Louisiana word-play it actually is a unique to Louisiana created word.. There's things that have gone on Louisiana for a very long time that people around the nation still haven't figured out yet which is why it's still a top place to visit and only got more popular recently.. And don't assume everybody in Louisiana is Cajun or use "Eaux" to spell everything that sounds like "O".
  6. You do realize Chase Daniels "Our Backup" could easily start for any team and most would easily place him above Matt Ryan, we have our bases covered already, tell your GM to contact our's to see how it's suppose to be done.
  7. You sound too smart and logical to be a fan of this franchise.. 99.92% of this fan-base board could take some lessons from you.
  8. It's Bruh.. The rest is just useless mumble.. im already use the immature FakeTL fans.
  9. Never wore the Paper Bags. A lot of you may not know this but a lot of Black people assumed for a long time Whites were making fun of Blacks by wearing those "brown paper bags".. My mom told me to ignore them, i was always upset, until a white friend told me it was just season ticket holders who were embarrassed by their team and wanted to get a message out to the club owner's to change things.. Drawing Big sad faces on Paper bags seemed effective i guess.
  10. Jealousy and hatred doesn't look good on ya son. But im glad it's still burned in your memory, keep on talkin about it ;-)
  11. LOL.. so we have school teachers here pointing out error's, i'll hire a proof reader if i need someone to go through and correct my punctuation and construct sentences from me poking and playing around on my android phone.. lmao... till then i'll just continue raising the hairs on your neck with my improper sentence construction and improper punctuation that is oh so important on a social forum. Let me know when you start selling these post so i can get my cut after your done proof-reading mmk?
  12. LOL.. There's some stories we shared similarly like this on the Saints board about Failcon Fan's not knowing a **** thing about their team when Vick was still on board lmao.. It's so crazy how the Bandwagon in ATL peaked in that period and how similar the stories are.. Of course those stories are buried here and never told. Yeah all successful teams get Bandwagoner's during their franchise peak of successful times ask Cowboys (90's), 49'ers 80's and 90's), Miami (a period of the 70's and 90's), Buc's (2001-2003), ATL (97-99 *Run for Superbowl era* then 2001-2006 * Vick era*), and of course
  13. Because im here thanks to my ability to consistently pay my Internet Bill on time thanks to the business i own and profit greatly from.. That and i control where and when i post and you have absolutely no control over it and can't do nothing about it but post under me whining to "stop it" with your limp wrist. Anymore questions?
  14. CLINCHING SCENARIOS: Atlanta clinches a wild-card spot with a win or either of the following scenarios: 1) DAL loss + CHI loss + ARI loss; 2) NYG loss + CHI loss + ARI loss.
  15. New Orleanians are over it already.. We've moved on from the Katrina Jokes and have since made them into Bounce songs lol.. the Aint Joke been played out but ya'll still seem to cling to that too so we're use to Atlanta Failcon Fan's clinging on to unoriginal old jokes.. it's like listening to a Toddler say the samething over and over, it's cute the first time and you laugh then they start repeating it to see if they can make a funny again.
  16. Not that you NEED any extensive help, but Lions losing will be beneficial to Aintlanta FailcAINTS.. ..
  17. Those Poor Millionaire's... buy a Jersey from each player and let them dry their tear's with your money.
  18. I predict the server here goes down Mid-way through the game.
  19. True Dat, but rest that long at the end of the season has different affects on on teams, i don't have a direct statistic but from the few times i witnessed teams going into a game this late in the season with extended breaks didn't turn out in the favor of the rested team... But who know's.. It's all going to be who strikes first, fast, often and last.
  20. Doesn't matter, you can only control and play what is on your schedule..
  21. Saints pull out a win at home like we do 99.9% of our Monday night home games since 2006, we've only lost 2 games in the past 7 years, each year we were in at least 2 MNF games.. Because it's a decent rival it'll be close.. I don't do score predictions.. bad luck. MNF results since 2006 http://en.wikipedia....2006_NFL_season 2010-Present: http://en.wikipedia....80%93present%29
  22. Im no Oracle but i predict another falcons board server shut-down and depressed week for Falcon fan's the whole week after Christmas.... 4 Day's of rest Mike Smith gave ya boys may be the perfect momentum killer before the big dome dog-fight.
  23. Ya'll obviously didn't watch the whole game or the very thought of Ref's on Saints side wouldn't even cross your minds.. 3 TD's were STOLEN from the Saints.. literally.. Watch the reply, on top of that we were the most penalized we've been all season long in this one single game.
  24. Luckily for the one's in here on our side, Saints have huge winning percentage in Primtime Games and even better at night primetime games..
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