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  1. Since Ncaa hasn't been made in a few years that'd be pretty hard.
  2. Just grabbed Adam Shead. Really high on Shead. Connor Neighbors- New Starting FB as well.
  3. I like it a lot. I like how you added speed on OFF. That O will be sick now!
  4. True, but staying in shape can be managed much more closely in the NFL.
  5. An NFL structure would do wonders
  6. 2 very nice drafts. Good work guys!
  7. BLO cleanin up with late round RB's haha. I wanted McCarthy so badly. Excellent pick!! Are you trying to turn Rasco into A LB?
  8. Thanks A-town. Looking forward to seeing yours.
  9. Titans draft just finished up. 1st round (2nd): DE Leonard Williams (USC)- Starting DE 2nd round (1st): OLB Hau'oli Kikaha (Washington)- Starting OLB 3rd round (2nd): FS Derron Smith (Fresno St.)- Starting FS 4th round (1st): RB Jeremy Langford (Michigan St.)- Starting RB 4th round (18th): WR Tony Lippett (Michigan St.)- Starting WR 6th round (1st): C Reese Dismukes (Auburn)- Backup OL, with potential 6th round (32nd): K Justin Manton (ULM)- Starting K
  10. Titans grabbed Reese Dismukes. 2nd-3rd round value, top 3 C, in the 6th round. I'll take it! Can someone PM the next guy I'm in Savannah on Vacation and drinkin
  11. He can play standing up at 295?
  12. Rashad Greene was a freakin steal.
  13. Is it? He has a load of untapped potential but I find it concerning he didn't come close to meeting expectations in college.
  14. Slippery slope though. I'd rather people just PM Robb ahead of time.
  15. Yeah I really liked Agholor but I didn't need a slot.