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  1. Sports By Brooks said a big time SEC Coach would resign due to not getting along with the AD. Could Spurrier be the guy?
  2. maybe if he had a kicking coach it would help. Mhhhhhhhh
  3. fwiw Keith Marshall has Notre Dame as a backup plan as well.
  4. I hate this idea. Mizzou DOES NOT fit in the SEC.
  5. I'm so glad Sturdivant is coming back as you guys said he is as great a guy as there is. I agree it is weird based on the position I will be surprised if we run a double TE set as our base offense next year unless we get a new OC. Bobo is one of the only coaches who still regularly uses a FB in the base these days. I'd rather Sturdivant come back as a GA. I would hate for him to get hurt again/ risk long term problems.
  6. There fans are the worst. They are completely delusional. They have the cockiness of Alabama fans with absolutely nothing to back it up. It's terrible. I hate them more than any team in the SEC.
  7. I'm not mad I could care less but to think Cam's Dad knew and Cam didn't is asinine. What's even more asinine is thinking Cam's Dad could get money from Miss St but didn't take it and instead let his son go to Auburn.
  8. so what you're saying is not only did Auburn not pay him any money when Miss st. would but Cam had no knowledge of it? Dude get real.
  9. If you guys lose VS Jacksonville St. he just might be. Fwiw he has recently been at AZ and UK on his book tour.
  10. probably a combo of both. I really think TCU is the best team they could have picked.
  11. Lattimore is only a true soph. this year and I agree he leaves before his sr year.
  12. I couldn't disagree more. No way he is fired. Now he may retire but I think he holds off until Lattimore/ Jeffery are gone.
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