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  1. your wrong d-bag, most saints fans have been fans for years. This rich jerkoff is probably from New York and is going to Tulane on daddy's money and just became a fan.
  2. BTW, you're not a rival anymore, you're a doormat. peace
  3. FAIL..........You half hearted fans will never know or understand.
  4. Yeah been going to games since I was 5 in 79' Guess thats bandwagon. This is exactly the response I knew I would get. A big EPIC FAIL to your message board and your wonderful fans. Go rep fo yo city G! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. WOW! Your second inbred line in as many threads. With all of your 12,000+ posts I would like to see how many are repetative. Why dont you put the keyboard down sometime and get your little ***** *** outside and look around. I lived in GA and its way more inbread, **** maybe more than Kentucky!
  6. You all are pathetic. You fairweather fans have no idea how passionate we are about our team. You sit here on this pathetic board and talk **** about a community and team that has gone through the imaginable. I lived in Atlanta for 6 years and I know first hand how fairweather you guys are. ****, half of you still pull for the dog killer and wear his piece of **** jersey to your games. Speaking of which, you cant even sell out. Atlanta has been and will always be a half hearted sports town. The Saints are driven by a fanbase that is intertwined with the team, something you will never un
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