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  1. Rico has completely shut down the deep 3rd of the field. QBs jus do not challenge him deep. Like u said hard to get picks when no balls are bein thrown your way.
  2. Fire Sark an let Matt run last years offense and call his own plays. Sark is running the offense like we are a power run team with a young QB. He still thinks he's at bama and **** I wish he was. The way he calls games an runs the offense has sucked all the life out of #thebrotherhood players and fans, he needs to go or get the **** out of the way an let Matt do his thing
  3. Yea man i started watchin some tape of him an wow hes exactly wut the defense needs at LEO. I will be prayin he makes it to 31
  4. Taco Charlton DE Michigan. Hes a perfect fit at LEO. 6'6 272 fast and physical.
  5. Dirk Koetter scheme doesnt fit Matt Ryan at all. Matt is not a spread Qb, he doesnt have that gunslinger mentality. Matt is a pure drop back passer that needs a run game an playaction passes to be at his best.
  6. I watch the tape an at this point Worrilow is the better player. To say he gets consistently washed in the run game is absolutely false. As far as coverage goes i watched spoon get beat 3 or 4 times against GB for 1st downs. Hes not good in man or zone. Honestly man Spoon has been an still is one of my favorite Falcons but Worrilow is simply the better player. Tape dont lie
  7. Watch the tape, Worrilow is the better tackler, blitzer, hes better in coverage, an has better instincts. Spoon is the emotional leader of this defense thats all he brings. His actual play is very average
  8. He is most def the best LB on our team. If hes not then who is?
  9. Schraeder is the best option at RG right now. Hes got potential to be the starting RT next year
  10. Worrilows potential is through the roof. U have to excited about that
  11. This game was winnable an Matty Ice couldnt get the job done. Period
  12. Bartu should get some snaps as Nickel DE
  13. 3-4 is the way to go. Trent Murphy would be my 1st round pick.
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