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  1. Trading with KC means you are thinking. Thinking is weak. You have to know!
  2. Then you sir are both out of style AND on a whole other level of artificial substance ingestion. PCP? You may as well included glue&paint.
  3. That's "Snap" on the left. I'm "Dusty". We are "Dusty & Snap". We run the underground "A".
  4. "Snap" asked me to ask you not to indulge in the chicken dishes they serve. (he feels some kinda way about people eating chicken)
  5. C'mon dude! I KNOW you can be more creative than that. Besides, the pace and vibe of my comments are more cannabis than coco.
  6. SO!! Back to the topic What do you guys think about us changing our UNIs to commemorate the 50th anniversary?
  7. Oh "j". You are much much smarter than that. You are a LEADER!! Don't follow.
  8. This is fascinating now that I think about it. It's like sitting at the "cool kids table". They don't want me there, but I don't give a rat's a$$. You can't sweep my leg Johnny.
  9. No I have not. How dare YOU look anywhere else when you are in Cheddars?!? Particularly if you are there to hijack a thread. Stay focused on your target son.
  10. http://m.zipscene.com/17790-cheddars-casual-cafe-whittlesley-blvd-bldg-2-columbus/ Hey everyone! Cheddars is the spot!!! Ya_boy_j approves. (Although he may be on the sauce right now because thinks CHEDDARS has a hot light for Krispy Kreme) IJS.
  11. WOW! I LOVE CHEDDARS!!!! The one in Columbus!?!?! Tha Bomb!!!!!
  12. Phil!! Is that you!!! You changed man!! You got that $5 you owe me?
  13. If your brain was in my head, it probably would have. But since my brain is in my head, I posted it today. I tend to operate like that.
  14. June 30, 1965; 49 years ago the Atlanta Falcons were born. It would be a downright crime to enter this season wearing the current uniforms. This is 50!! Please don't minimize it with a patch. Thank you for you eyeballs. -Dusty
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