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  1. Been living in Biloxi, MS my whole life. Nothing but Saints fans here ever since they had that good year after Katrina lol
  2. Here's a link to the article: http://blogs.atlantafalcons.com/2014/03/13/asamoah-comes-remarkable-backstory/ Great story! You know the guy works hard as ****. Glad he's in Atlanta!
  3. Who cares? As long as he can get to the QB hahaha.
  4. Thanks for all the positive feedback! Can't wait to see Julio back on the field again. I'm still shaking my head in amazement at some of these nasty catches even after watching them over and over again. Julio is a pure beast!
  5. Been working on it for a few days, and just got it up EDIT: Re-uploaded. Synced the audio with the Dolphins deep ball, added audio to a few clips, and improved quality for a few clips. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_7NmcgNPuA
  6. Season isn't over until all 16 games are played. I'll be here the whole way. All we can do is hope the team can pull off something crazy. And soon. We can only afford to lose 2 more games. 3 is pushing it. Defense really needs to step up.
  7. I was watching. Laughing at someone's injury. That was uncalled for.
  8. I hope S.Jax makes the list. He was listed 38 in 2010 and 37 in 2011. But he didn't have as good of year as previous years, because the Rams gave some of his carries to Daryl Richardson. I don't think they should snub him off the list just 'cause of that though. I mean, how can Pitta be ranked as a better player than S.Jax
  9. All Falcons are now officially in the top 50!
  10. I'd be pretty disappointed if S.Jax isn't on the list. He was in the 30s two years in a row. I'm guessing Ryan, Gonzalez, Julio, White, and S.Jax will all make the list.
  11. Roddy wants to retire after his 12th year? 4 more to go.. Hopefully, we'll have a SB win by then
  12. Anyone see the Jags' new uni's? I love how they made the helmet two colors http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000162055/Jaguars-unveil-new-team-uniforms
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