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  1. I'm like 95% over it. I've even gone back to watching Sound FX clips of the season but I always stop at the NFCCG. I don't think I'll ever watch the Super Bowl stuff and I haven't had the heart to read/listen to any sports media besides here, 92.9, 680 and Twitter. Now, the sadness and anger only really comes up whenever me and my mom talk about the good parts of the season, Matt or Julio. Then, one of us will go on a mini Kyle Shanahan rant lol.
  2. I don't get the worry about playing New England for the opener. I'm by no means saying the Pats are not a good team, but I think people tend to overrate them just a little bit.
  3. These videos have me in my feelings cause I turned off the game when PI was called in OT and I never saw the end. I hate it, cause I know they gave it their all despite the circumstances. I'm glad they are doing these videos because it makes the grieving process go by a bit faster for some of us. I never thought I'd accept the outcome this fast cause I was a mess Monday lol. I couldn't even eat smh.
  4. Awww, he's such a good guy. I can't wait until he and the rest of the guys win it all. I'm very proud of all of them.
  5. Coming back stronger after a choke is just as Atlanta Falcons as choking itself. Disaster in '07 to a complete turnaround in '08. Made the wildcard in '08 then made the divisional in '10. Got destroyed in the divisional in '10 and made the NFCCG in '12. Choked in Carolina last year and ended their perfect season two weeks later. Choked in the NFCCG in '12 and made the Super Bowl in '16. Mind you that according to the media, the successes in 2008, 2012, and 2016 were never supposed to happen.That's why I learned this year not to listen to the media because nobody knows Atlanta Falcons better t
  6. They played excellent. Fine tune some things on all three sides and I could see another chance at the Super Bowl. Yes, its very hard to get back, but it isn't unprecedented.
  7. I'm wavering back and forth among all five stages.
  8. Been riding with them for a decade and a half and I'm not going anywhere. I'm disappointed and will need some wine, but I'm hopeful. You never know what can happen a year from now
  9. I agree! I cried because I love the Falcons so much and I was so sure we were destined to win but I'm proud of what they accomplished this year. I think we'll be back soon.
  10. To be honest, I was really waiting on him to make excuses or diss them like he usually does. I'm 100% I would have talked about that dumpster fire of a defense then lol.
  11. My ex-boyfriend is a diehard Packers fan. Before the season, he said we'd go 4-12. I told him we'd go at least 10-6. He knows Matt is my favorite player, so before the first game, he's telling me Matt is trash, Aaron is the GOAT and that 2010 playoff game. I kept telling him this isn't the past and Matt is different this year. Of course the Falcons win and he makes a million excuses about how GB was hurt, if Aaron had Julio it would be different, blah blah blah. On to this game and he STILL is going on and on about 2010, about how we're a waste of space and how he wanted to play Seattl
  12. This feels amazing :D

  13. People, stop getting carried away. We lost. Tom Brady lost, Mark Sanchez lost, Joe Flacco lost, Big Ben lost. Dang, just try it again next year. **** happens. Just let it go and move forward, Indiana is right around the corner. Green Bay's head is on the chopping block. So, chop chop, let's go! I for one refuse to panic until we have a losing season.
  14. Seriously, why are we even still talking about the former Super Bowl champs? Old news is old news. I'm ready to whoop some green a$$ (G-Bay) and some red a$$ (T-Bay) now. Just 7 more mos . . . -_- . . .
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