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  1. This first episode was AWESOME!!!!!! I have no clue what is really going on and i'm ok with that.
  2. TRADE
  4. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
  5. I was just thinking the same thing. lol
  6. Philly sucks
  7. Lamp is gone
  8. A lot of trades happening
  9. Lamp won't be waiting much longer
  10. Jax is about to take Lamp
  11. THAT ENDING HOLY ****!!!!!!!!!! FLASHFORWARDS. This was a FANTASTIC opening episode. I will need to watch this episode 2 or 3 more times. Some things that stood out: The UAV strike! Totally unexpected. What the **** happened to Lilly? Does Kevin try to kill his self every day? Kevin telling Tommy about murdering Patty and her bodyguards as if it actually happened. John and Laurie. Where's Erika? Jill in college. Wonder how long that'll last? Hope she has a strong presence this season. The score is as good as ever. This show uses music so effectively its insane. Dogs turning into people! WTF Old Nora/Sarah? I thought it was Kevin's dad at first. lol Mary leaving for good? Wonder if she'll go back into a coma.