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  1. I didn't like last weeks episode but I thought this one was pretty good. But the junk yard people were very weird and the way the leader spoke was kinda stupid and made her sound actually ******** for a minute.
  2. The Sansa and Jon reunion was one of the best moments in the shows history. Sansa has become one of my favorite characters.
  3. Great episode!!! My favorite scenes in the episode was the Bran flashback and the Jon Snow scene. I think everyone knew Jon Snow was coming back at some point but it still surprised the **** out of me.
  4. I can't wait for tonight's episode.
  5. Everytime I think about this show it pisses me off. I think they are both innocent.
  6. I have no idea who this kid is but I trust Marvel.
  7. Time to sign Evan Mathis
  8. Jon Bernthal will be great as The Punisher.
  9. This is the guy that was crying on live TV about Deflate Gate. So I really don't care what he thinks.
  10. We got a very big Joe Dirt.
  11. This has been a great draft.
  12. We've traded up!!!