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  1. Hated that draft just like this years. ... sounds like we are getting three more pro bowlers .
  2. I don't live to far from Seattle so I catch a couple games a year . Haven't been to MB stadium yet but this might be the year .
  3. This thread really makes me want to jump on a plane this fall .
  4. Julio missing voluntary OTA's and some dude with a DUI missing mandatory OTA's ... Yeah , I see his point lol ...
  5. I feel this way too , he's playing for his career and will likely not get another shot . He was lights out before leaving .
  6. I workout daily and use gainers when it is tine to bulk . Make him a shake with clean gainer . 500+ calories and easy to get in you as it's a drink . And has a lot of nutrition.. Edit: The product I use is Rivalus Clean Gainer. Has quinoa oats blueberries with a lot more stuff in it + 30 grams of protein . Don't reccomend drinking it 3 meals a day but if hes having trouble eating . It would be a good supplement .
  7. Haven't posted here in a long time but listen to Joe .
  8. Beasley had his best year with Hageman . I'm interested to see how this plays out .
  9. Robert Kraft , slumming it in the massage parlour .
  10. JB prob has something to do with it ... Went all Mashburn on the situation .
  11. Holy **** , Prayers .... Keep us updated .
  12. Not all Johnny's fault , the whole team played like **** .
  13. He should have been a top ten pick that draft .
  14. He looked good in the playoffs . Unfortunately that's the last time he will play for the Falcons . Could really use the depth this year .
  15. Hopfully Mashburn didn't take this photo or lawyer Hank gonna be on your *** .
  16. This ...... I wanted LaFleur to stick around as well .
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