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  1. Hated that draft just like this years. ... sounds like we are getting three more pro bowlers .
  2. I don't live to far from Seattle so I catch a couple games a year . Haven't been to MB stadium yet but this might be the year .
  3. This thread really makes me want to jump on a plane this fall .
  4. Julio missing voluntary OTA's and some dude with a DUI missing mandatory OTA's ... Yeah , I see his point lol ...
  5. Yeah , he is comparing apples to oranges.
  6. I feel this way too , he's playing for his career and will likely not get another shot . He was lights out before leaving .
  7. I workout daily and use gainers when it is tine to bulk . Make him a shake with clean gainer . 500+ calories and easy to get in you as it's a drink . And has a lot of nutrition.. Edit: The product I use is Rivalus Clean Gainer. Has quinoa oats blueberries with a lot more stuff in it + 30 grams of protein . Don't reccomend drinking it 3 meals a day but if hes having trouble eating . It would be a good supplement .
  8. You say that every year though .
  9. Haven't posted here in a long time but listen to Joe .
  10. Beasley had his best year with Hageman . I'm interested to see how this plays out .
  11. Mack in middle makes me feel better starting 2 rookies
  12. Well, we've lowered our rates 20% and have laid off 1/3 of our work force. I was happy to trim some of the fat but now we are laying off good people. No end in sight from what I can see. We are not holding alot of debt so we should be able to weather it.
  13. Doing well, keeping extremely busy but looking forward to taking some time off in the spring How are you doing ?