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  1. Yup, check your inbox 50 .
  2. JB prob has something to do with it ... Went all Mashburn on the situation .
  3. Holy **** , Prayers .... Keep us updated .
  4. Not all Johnny's fault , the whole team played like **** .
  5. He should have been a top ten pick that draft .
  6. Hard to blame that one on Sark .
  7. Keenan Allen at 4 ? Or ?
  8. My friend just got hit with horse tranqs and robbed and left in street in London last week . 20k necklace ,wedding ring ect . Easy target but didn't deserve it .
  9. He looked good in the playoffs . Unfortunately that's the last time he will play for the Falcons . Could really use the depth this year .
  10. Hopfully Mashburn didn't take this photo or lawyer Hank gonna be on your *** .
  11. Well, we've lowered our rates 20% and have laid off 1/3 of our work force. I was happy to trim some of the fat but now we are laying off good people. No end in sight from what I can see. We are not holding alot of debt so we should be able to weather it.
  12. Doing well, keeping extremely busy but looking forward to taking some time off in the spring How are you doing ?
  13. Geez those look incredible !