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  1. Well, we've lowered our rates 20% and have laid off 1/3 of our work force. I was happy to trim some of the fat but now we are laying off good people. No end in sight from what I can see. We are not holding alot of debt so we should be able to weather it.
  2. Doing well, keeping extremely busy but looking forward to taking some time off in the spring How are you doing ?
  3. Wow that looks good.......... this thread has inspired me to purchase a smoker and try some of this stuff. It never turns out looking like that tho.
  4. Everybody ignored the WFW troll on the rivals board. If WFW that posts here wants to take that as a badge of honor let him.
  5. Even if it doesn't work out it was a 1 or 2 year deal ? Not like we don't have the money. if he starts and does average this is a huge upgrade for us.
  6. what the **** is going on here? lol
  7. Those look fantastic RG! Never heard of a coffee rub, I'm going to look into it.
  8. We have seen these videos 19 times but thanks...The irony of riding TD's jock as he pedals into the sun set after killing the draft. #irony
  9. this is probably his 4th Gurley thread. Also it wouldn't get such a negative response if he gave fellow posters respect. Clueless Mofo's ,Son ect....
  10. yup he breaks the CoC all the time then hides behind it like a beotch.
  11. This board has been ran excellently through the draft. Thanks mono,Tugg. I really appreciate it, but please move this to Around the NFL.
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