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  1. And he just got cut .
  2. Pretty much all of the above , also very interested what a change of scenery will do for Cutler.
  3. Great post , thanks.
  4. Will they re-sign Freeman for 8 million a year with other players looking at getting big contracts shortly ?
  5. Don't give him any clicks , he wants the attention .
  6. What's the difference between a official mock draft and a unofficial mock draft ?
  7. I was pissed about last year's draft . Turned out well for us so I have no choice but to agree with what Quinn and TD do this year until proven otherwise .
  8. Change your user name to jerkoff and ****off.. Thank-you
  9. Mathews needs to be on the list forsure
  10. That's awesome man. Congrats to you and the wife.
  11. Well, we've lowered our rates 20% and have laid off 1/3 of our work force. I was happy to trim some of the fat but now we are laying off good people. No end in sight from what I can see. We are not holding alot of debt so we should be able to weather it.