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  1. Great post , thanks.
  2. Will they re-sign Freeman for 8 million a year with other players looking at getting big contracts shortly ?
  3. Don't give him any clicks , he wants the attention .
  4. What's the difference between a official mock draft and a unofficial mock draft ?
  5. I was pissed about last year's draft . Turned out well for us so I have no choice but to agree with what Quinn and TD do this year until proven otherwise .
  6. Change your user name to jerkoff and ****off.. Thank-you
  7. My concern is they pick him off alot.
  8. Mathews needs to be on the list forsure
  9. That's awesome man. Congrats to you and the wife.
  10. Well, we've lowered our rates 20% and have laid off 1/3 of our work force. I was happy to trim some of the fat but now we are laying off good people. No end in sight from what I can see. We are not holding alot of debt so we should be able to weather it.