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  1. My point exactly. He always shows up to camp out of shape.
  2. He doesn't need a job anywhere which is the very reason he'll be sitting at home until a HB gets hurt in TC or the preseason. By then he will be to out of shape to do anything and that will probably be his last job.
  3. I don't think we actually have to be under the cap at this moment in time. If we wanted Dansby and Dumervil all we have to do is sign them and then worry about cuts/extensions afterward.
  4. Miko is a c*** and you're on about the same level for making this thread.
  5. Who makes their Twitter @IHeart(Myself) honestly?
  6. Good, I was pretty worried about him being able to support his 20 kids. In all seriousness he did a lot in turning this franchise around. We owe a great deal of gratitude to the man.
  7. Good luck to him. That's all I have to say
  8. DaRick Rogers, WR, Tennessee Tech. He's a poor mans Julio.
  9. If he's there in the 3rd I'd take him in a heartbeat. Ideally he's a guy I'd love to grab in the 4th but where we are picking there's no way we could get him there. IMO we'd be lucky to grab him in the 3rd at 30. I get it the guy has went through some really bad injuries but he could be a GREAT value pick here. What happened to him this second time was a freak accident that while gruesome may not be career ending. Luckily it happened to the opposite knee that ha previously been messed up. I also would like to add that at the point he was injured this season he looked like he had fully recovered from the first injury 2 years ago.
  10. "On August 22, 2011 Thomas and the Cleveland Browns agreed to a 7-year $84 million extension with almost $44 million guaranteed." Not even half.
  11. Doubt that Gonzo is the reason he isn't signed yet. The team knows around what they're paying him and have offered Grimes a contract. Last time I checked we don't have to actually operate under the cap until a much later date. Matt Ryan's extension is coming and some more money can always be moved around. The reason Brent Grimes isn't a Falcon at the moment is more than likely Miko Grimes.
  12. Polian is a joke. In the same article he went on to say that Grimes is young. The guy will be 30 before the start of next season. He also sucked in Indy. Peyton Manning will make any GM look good.
  13. The only reason I don't want Grimes back is because of that loud mouth wife of his. Can't give some people money, they think they run the world.
  14. I just tweeted him and said, "You're a bad journalist." Nothing else needs to be said.
  15. Said that very same thing in a thread the other day, people were all for him making 7 last season not so much anymore. Also the no training camp thing isn't anything new either. Anyone who has attended TC knows that he's standing around just wearing a visor by day 3 anyway.
  16. Dude was released by them like 2 months ago, he was then signed by the rams and released after about a week.
  17. Oh my god those pictures look awful. Someome got paid good money to make that crap. Steven Jackson doesn't even have dreads in our picture. Wes Welker gained about 100 lbs and don't even get me started on the tattoos. This is god awful.
  18. http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcsouth/post/_/id/29897/details-on-tony-gonzalez-contract-extension
  19. Sounds like a lot of dot connecting to me. I may be wrong but isn't 7 Million what he made last year? And the no camp part is nothing more than saying, "Tonys old and hardly does anything in TC anyway, I bet he would love to miss camp just like Favre did when he came back"
  20. I have been pulling for a Da'Rick pick for a long while now. (Probably doesn't hurt that he's from 10 minutes down the road from me) but the guy is basically a poor mans Julio. But he does love his drugs. Keep him and Tyrann away from each other.
  21. He has added 10lbs since the combine. I very seriously doubt the guy got hurt. He just didnt want to run in the 5's To answer your question as to the possibility of taking him at 30.
  22. Non Traditional doesn't really age well. Take our Uniforms for example, really cool and cutting edge when introduced. Now they look like arena league uniforms.
  23. People complaining about formatting. Pay for an ESPN Insider account then you wont have to worry about formatting issues.
  24. I don't think it'll ever happen except in a lockout season. It would hurt some veterans chances of making the team.
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