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  1. Is he not? I mean did you know the guys name before the pick?
  2. I just didn't see corner being the pick there man. *To be clear I haven't said anything bad about the guy. Just continuing the WTF trend that started with Peters.
  3. True story I tweeted "Truuuu" when we drafted him last night.
  4. Anything but a number that ends in the 9's. they're so ugly.
  5. Just saying 21 would look sweet. Deion Sanders and now Desmond Trufant. I'd love to still pull Honey Badger out but I highly doubt that's going to happen. I mean had we not traded our 3rd it would be a possibility but we don't really have any ammo to move up into the early 3rd and I don't see any way we take CB's back to back.
  6. With Owens gone the number is open and Desmond Trufant is a player that's actually worthy of wearing it. Thoughts? Opinions? Yes, this is another Trufant thread. No, I don't really care that there are 100. Heck there may even be one about this already. I am just happy that we got a solid corner with huge potential. If you can't be happy with that and just deal with a bunch of threads about it then piss off.
  7. I hate that but its true. Just like everyone compares white WR's to Welker or BFinn if he comes to The Falcons.
  8. No she doesn't. She doesn't know how to turn her phone sideways.
  9. Georgia is losing some quality talent. I think we'd be lucky to come away with an awesome draft like this. We'd probably be favorites for the Super Bowl after this imo.
  10. Wow thanks for all the positive feedback guys. It means a lot to know that you guys really like what I've done here.
  11. I’ve been looking at quite a few mocks lately and I think it’s about time that I try my hand at my own. Now please keep in mind that it is my first attempt ever and I worked very hard to ensure the best mock possible so please be gentle. So without further ado this is, The Mock to End All Mocks. 1st Round (Pick 30) Alec Ogletree, OLB – Georgia I know what you’re thinking, “No way Ogletree falls all the way to 30” I’m here to tell you he can and he will. Granted Ogletree has his share of issues (Which is why he’s on the board at 30) but it’s high time that Dimitroff rolled the dice. The Atlanta Falcons realize what a fine organization they have built from the ground up and decide that Ogletree will benefit from the high character guys they surround him with. Ogletree could immediately step into the game day line up and compliment Sean Weatherspoon wonderfully allowing each player to live up to their full potential. 2nd Round (Pick 60) John Jenkins, DT –Georgia Picking up Osi Umenyiora was a wonderful move by Dimitroff and company and with this second round selection they begin to solidify Atlanta’s D-Line as one of the best in the league. At 6-4, 346 lbs. Jon Jenkins is the big man the Falcons have been looking for to clog the middle. With amazing athleticism for a man his size it’s a surprise that Jenkins isn’t getting more attention as the draft nears. The Falcons roll the dice and come up big again with this B.J. Raji clone. 3rd Round (Pick 92) Shawn Williams, SS-Georgia At first this may seem like a boneheaded pick but hear me out. The Falcons just resigned starting Strong Safety William Moore but, contrary to popular belief the hard hitting Strong Safety is not always ready. In fact Moore has missed 22 games in his 4 year career and looked fairly rusty returning from an injury in the playoffs. With Chris Hope more than likely gone via free agency Williams would be an amazing insurance policy/eventual cheap replacement for Moore that could also be decent return man or gunner on Special Teams. 4th Round (Pick 127) Tavarres King, WR-Georgia Outside of the top 2 The Falcons are awfully thin at wide out. That’s where King comes in, a slender speed receiver; King would fit well in Atlanta more than likely demoting Harry Douglas to 4th on the depth chart. King won’t be catching many balls initially in Atlanta (they’re stacked with talent) but Roddy White isn’t getting any younger and Tony Gonzales is likely on his last ride. King may very well develop into the next Jeremy Maclin 4th Round (Pick 133) Cornelius Washington, DE-Georgia Yes, I know Osi Umenyiora is a Falcon but let’s remember he is 31 and under the teachings of the Troy alumni he may be able to develop into a larger faster version of the old man. Washington has a few character concerns but as we have mentioned above it’s nothing the Falcons can’t handle with their strong locker room. 5th Round (Pick 163) Sanders Commings, CB-Georgia With Brent Grimes all but finished in Atlanta it’s time for the Birds to move their attention to their final hole on defense. Sanders Commings enters a Falcons organization that is desperate need of a big physical corner such as himself. Atlanta was torched by Tight Ends in both playoff appearances this season. With Commings in the lineup the Falcons can allow both Weatherspoon and Ogletree to concentrate on other areas of the field while he shuts down anything that comes his way. Mike Nolan loves Defensive Backs so this selection makes tons of sense for Atlanta. 6th Round (Pick 198) Kwame Geathers, DT-Georgia As you undoubtedly remember from above the Falcons have already selected one Defensive Tackle in this draft but what can I say? Big guys get tired. Geathers comes in initially to spell Jenkins as well as a situational player in BIG run stopping sets. Good luck punching it in from 5 out on this Falcons Defense. 7th Round (Pick 236) Braden Smith, CB-Georgia Yep you read that right another cornerback. Asante Samuel only has 2 more season until he decides it’s time to ride off into the sunset and leave the NFL behind for his lavish career as a music executive in all honesty if the Falcons were to win the Super Bowl this year Asante would quite possibly feel moved to hang them up and go out on top in which case one little hole turns into some serious trouble. Braden Smith comes in as a solid rotational player and special teamer in year one. If the Coaching staff likes how he develops he becomes the next Prime Time. 7th Round (Pick 243) Richard Samuel, RB/OLB-Georgia Samuel may not seem like much more than an abnormally strong superhuman with decent speed and incredible power but this move makes sense on so many levels for the Falcons. At 6-2 236lbs. Samuel fits the exact same mold as the newly acquired Steven Jackson. Samuels’ lack of production may seem like a red flag to some but take a look at the running backs he was buried behind on Georgia’s stacked depth chart. The kid is also the ultimate team player who even moved to OLB when asked to by the coaching staff only to move back the following season. Samuel is a low risk high reward kind of guy. 7th Round (Pick 244) Christian Robinson, ILB-Georgia With this pick the Falcons bring in a young guy that they will hope to develop on the Practice Squad and eventually allow to become a solid contributor on Special Teams as well as a rotational player on Defense. 7th Round (Pick 249) Marlon Brown, WR-Georgia A former high school standout with a 6-5 222lbs. frame Brown is a possible diamond in the ruff. That is if he can return from his torn ACL. No, this was not serious. If you took this seriously then you are and idiot. With that said I really really hope this starts a freaking riot with people calling me an idiot. This is purely the result of entirely to many people over valuing UGA players. I mean I am a Georgia Fan but come on.guys Thanks for your time guys. I put a lot of effort and research into this and I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks.
  12. Yeah, I just read that. I thought that LB's could wear that. Guess I was wrong.
  13. I think that Osi saying he'd like 45 means that he will technically be a 3-4 OLB.
  14. How would it be a scum bag move? Tom Brady is on his 3rd or so contract. He's gotten paid. Matt will be working on his 2nd contract. This is the time he needs to get what he can get. The next after this will be when he's in his 30's then he can take a pay cut like Brady if he choses. I wouldn't blame him for getting every penny he can. If you worked for Coke and Pepsi offered you significantly more money to come and work there would you honestly stay at coke just to be at the top? Or would you ultimately worry about your financial future and your family first?
  15. Yes, it's true anyone can edit Wikipedia. But Wikipedia makes every effort possible to check whatever is added. Almost anything you add needs to have a source or it will be deleted.
  16. It's definitely a knock off you can tell by looking at the sleeve logo. But, it will do. Jerseys are entirely to expensive to not try your luck with a cheap knock off. Edit: On second thought I may be wrong. From reading through his tweets he claims to have gotten it from NFL Shop. Those logos just look off to me.
  17. True story he asked for suggestions on his pic. I sent him that one.
  18. Yes, but Dumervil is getting that dead money correct? They don't have to offer 8. Just whatever it takes to turn that dead money into 8.
  19. I doubt Elvis was his only client to begin with. Either way I don't even think the guy was really at fault here. If it were a simple agent mistake the Broncos would have just sorted it out by now. Surely Elvis would be reasonable enough to accept a modified offer with the same exact amount of money he was getting after the pay cut. Reports had came out that they were going to part ways with him anyway. Perhaps they were trying to save face for cutting one of the fan favorites.
  20. Two one year deals for each of them is going to kill our cap. That's why we spread Gonzo's bonus out over 2 years.
  21. Go to his wiki and just read the Post NBA section. The dude is probably on suicide watch after all the crap that has happened since.
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