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  1. Also doing combined practices with the Bengals who will be in town. We're going to get some decent time on Hard Knocks and hopefully that will get Arthur and TD to rethink our stance on the show.
  2. Sometimes they will I have Smitty and Blank. I too asked Blank if he would sign a check. He politely laughed and said he couldn't do all that.
  3. Lies. It goes by position groups. I've gotten every player just about to sign. No matter who you are, you sign.
  4. And while I hope he'd never see the field, going deep to Julio could be dirty.
  5. I don't think it's an awful idea. As mentioned above he does have NFL experience and looks much better than any of the other FA's available. I'd be 100% fine with TD bringing him in for a look. You never know he could have actually turned his life around, At 27 he could be a solid back up for the next 8 years if we wanted.
  6. Remember when Miko would come here all the time and post things that made it painfully obvious it was her? Good times man. Glad that's over with.
  7. Thanks for posting. I will be buying one. I just wonder (as someone has already pointed out) why the logo on the sleeve is the old school one.
  8. Agreed. I wouldn't listen to them if I could clearly pick up anything else. I live in Cartersville, a little north of Atlanta. Kordell is the worst radio host I think I've ever heard. He's so anti Atlanta on everything it really makes me wonder why in the world he wants to work in this city. He always says something to the effect of, "I know the game, I used to play it" I text in one time and said, "Hey Kordell since you know so much why did you think you could make a comeback at age 40"(which he tried) Kordell's New Orleans roots show through a little to often for my taste. There's also some guy that works there I believe he's higher up Arthur Trish is his name. They have said several times that he's a die hard aints fan. I just don't understand why you'd be here. I guess it was the best opportunity but Jesus that's no good.
  9. Oh my god! I was going to say the exact same thing. I mean pretty much word for word. It's annoying as **** on mobile. Especially for a one word reply.
  10. This thread is more off topic than 92.9 The Game.
  11. Asante is a warrior. If there's a way for the guy to be on the field he will. **** you all remember when he only had use of one arm and was still out there covering guys.
  12. Can't wait to see what he brings to the team. I just hope he really is happy being a role player and not the star of the show. He's gonna see a lot more 11 and 2 jerseys in the crowd than 39 (God what an ugly number)
  13. Didn't hear it but I'm sure anything is better than the crap 92.9 puts out. Seriously it's sports radio and you're doing a segment called "Narc on your Neighbor" on the morning show at that. That's when I would think they would actually want to I don't know catch everyone up on what's happening in the world of sports. I don't care nor want to hear about your neighbor that waters the lawn naked.
  14. I half expected to open this thread up and it read "For the Patriots."
  15. Per Rotoworld "A law enforcement official tells FOX Boston that Aaron Hernandez "appears to be directly tied to the homicide" of "associate" Odin Lloyd in North Attleboro, Mass. There are many important things to remember here, namely FOX 25 is not a typical Rotoworld source, and Hernandez has yet to be charged with a crime. That being said, the storm clouds appear to be gathering for the star tight end. FOX Boston reports Hernandez, Lloyd and two other men left a Boston-area bar in a car driven by Hernandez on the night of the homicide, but Odin was the only passenger not to make it back to Hernandez's house. Further, forensic evidence has reportedly placed a vehicle driven by Hernandez at "one of the crime scenes in (the) case." Police are still searching for a second vehicle. Thus far, Hernandez has declined comment." It's looking like this guy is screwed.
  16. I honestly don't see what the freaking hold up is with Trufant. I guess maybe they're arguing over what the guaranteed money is? Incentives? What?
  17. Fairly large city in the south that is a nice change of pace from LA with a huge airport. Also The Walking Dead comic was set in GA. So it only makes sense to do the show here as well.
  18. The guy has one heck of an arm and the best WR in the game. Yeah he throws a lot of picks but I assume that would be pretty easy behind that joke of a line. He is deserving of a little credit though. I mean he does play for the freaking Detroit Lions.
  19. Many players don't like to do contract negotiations during the season.
  20. Hold on. You found a WNBA game on TV?
  21. But he's not. We have no faith in him as a feature back. He would have gotten far more carries last year if that were the case.
  22. People would be calling for Reeves to take over after the first preseason game.
  23. Some designs don't age well. And that second design already looks like a joke. Imagine how it will look in 20 years when styles have inevitably changed.
  24. I made a video for the 2013 Atlanta Falcons Draft Class. Let me know what you think.
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