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  1. I blurred the bar code out man. It's the smugged thing towards the right. You can never be too careful.
  2. My girlfriend bought me two tickets for the Falcons vs Saints game in December from TheSportsNook.com while they look like legitimate tickets I've never see Falcons tickets like these. The one's i'm used to have the players on them. Anyways I know you guys will know.
  3. I love the picture of him kicking man.
  4. Were 3-1 and don't need anything else.
  5. All players must always be accounted for. They are all NFL athletes. Any player could break a big one.
  6. I don't know if you read my post or not but that is the point.
  7. You're right I didn't acknowledge his ability to return the football i'll give you that. However, other than Devin Hester in 06-07 is their any other return man that is ever worth that much attention? Also, when you mention home run threat his longest run this year was 8 yards. I know he can break a 30 to 40+ yard run every once in a while but many running backs in the NFL can do the same thing. ie Jerious Norwood.
  8. I don't understand why everyone is acting like the Saints losing Reggie Bush is such a huge hit. The man isn't even the best back on the team. With 7 carries for 18 yards he looks like a non factor, while Pierre Thomas has 37 carries for 117 yards and one score. However many people make the argument about his receiving. In two games Reggie has had 9 receptions for 63 yards and one score. That sounds pretty good for a running back but when you look at Pierre Thomas who has 11 receptions for 72 yards you start to realize that Reggie is nothing more than a decent back up. However, ESPN is acting like the Saints have lost Drew Brees for 6 weeks. The thing is I wouldn't care but if we got to New Orleans and handle the Saints like I know we can theres going to be plenty of Saints fans saying, "Oh we didn't have Reggie." Reggie Bush isn't that great ESPN. Stop acting like he is.
  9. So I get home this evening and turn on my tv. ESPN is on as usual but what do I see? A documentary called "Rise Up" about a school in New Orleans rebuilding its athletic program after Katrina. Heres the link. http://rise.espn.go.com/all-sports/articles/RISE-UP/2010/09/RISE-UP-main-page.aspx Am I wrong in being a little mad about the title?
  10. I say we stick it out and draft this guy. I hear he's pretty good.
  11. No. I will not start anyone against the Falcons ever. I can not do it as a Falcons fan. I don't care if I have Chris Johnson. I'm benching him. You never root against your team.
  12. For every Joe Montana there is a Daunte Culpepper.
  13. You're so right. I mean that cannon is why JaMarcus Russell is such a good quarterback. Why don't people realize that you don't have to have a crazy deep ball to be a good qb?
  14. This past season when Redman hit Roddy in the endzone for the last second win I went crazy. Jumping up and down yelling "We F*cking won!! We won." I looked like a complete idiot in front of my girlfriend.
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