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  1. A bunch of Kool Aid sure is going down in this thread. I too received my season tickets yesterday and like OP I was a little disappointed.I understand the idea behind getting rid of the old cardboard tickets but there's just something special about having that physical book of tickets. In my opinion, they should have done what the Braves did, a game card and a physical book of tickets.
  2. Enter your account number and you should be able to see all of the options. My sales rep said they we're supposed to send out an email today but I have yet to see one.
  3. Why? This Chuck Smith hype train has gotten out of control. As far as I can tell Chuck just tries to latch on to the biggest name guys in every draft and when they have success boom it was all Chuck Smith. The guy lobbied so hard to try and land Vic and Vic never trained with him, yet Vic Beasley somehow lead the league in sacks this season. Could you imagine if he'd done one workout with Chuck? He'd be claiming responsibility for every bit of Vic's success. Besides Chuck's best season ever was his 12 sack effort in 1997. He doesn't even deserve to sniff Vic's jock.
  4. My question is, where are all these "house" events that we're supposed to be getting in the new stadium. When I was sold on my PSLs they couldn't stop talking about how I'd have access to all these concerts and events that would be held in the new stadium. We're nearing completion and it's crickets. They've done a lot to announce things like the National Championship, the Final Four, and the Super Bowl but can't say a word about any concerts or events that we could actually buy tickets to with our "personal seat license." In my opinion this is the time to announce events for the stadium.
  5. Yeah, I thought so. I really doubt there would be any more price drops but you never really know. They've got a lot of PSLs to move. I guess a winning season this year will fix a lot of the trouble they've had.
  6. Signed up for my PSL on Saturday. I got two seats in the 300's. Immediately after purchasing them I started to wonder, what happens when they don't sell out of PSL's and how pissed am I going to be when the seats around me go for half of what I paid.
  7. Yes and no. I mean there's no reason to think the Raiders won't have just as good or a better season than the Jags. Plus Irvin already has his ring. Personally, I'd do the same thing he's doing. Cash in and grow with another team. He's won a Super Bowl already theres no reason to think he can't win another one in Oakland/Vegas/LA
  8. Me too, he thought he was going to Washington but has to be happier in Atlanta.
  9. Looks like I have a new project when I get home.
  10. Thanks guys, he's a friend of mine. I used to live two houses down from the guy. He sent me two 100 emojis last night so I guess that's good. Lol
  11. I made this video last night after we drafted Vic.
  12. No it's not. Beyond the fact that he's a personal friend of mine and he's told me that it's not his go to the accounts pictures and scroll back a little ways. Click on a picture and see the responses to it. It will show you that the account used to be @FauxVicBeasley.
  13. I hate to tell you guys this but that's not his real account.
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