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  1. RD 1: A.Okafor DE 2: A.Bailey OG 3: S.Taylor RB 4: J.Jenkins OLB 4: L.Toilolo TE 5: T.Williams OLB 6: T.J Barnes NT 7: R.House RB 7: T.Brown CB 7: B.Sharpe DE The extra picks came from the projected comp. picks we might get. With the first 3 picks we address our weakness; pass rush, interior of our OLine and physicality of runnin the football. Toilolo is a gd red zone threat, we also add depth to our LB corps and plus Williams is a scheme fit for our 3-4 package. Barnes is a mamouth NT dat will help us in run defense and the 7 rd picks are best player availa
  2. very solid back up for Bengals for the past few seasons who many believe can be a starter on most teams. Do u guys think we should sign him in the 4yrs-12m range
  3. DUDE ARE U CRAZYYY??!!!! With ur letting Lofton go crap!!!!!
  4. First of all am gonna say that our O-Line sucks, we need to get better inside especially at RG and C. The O-Line opened no holes what so ever,Turner was constantly haveing to run through defenders tacklinh him 3 yards into our backfield,Ryan ran for his life all season long. MM gotta go!! This guy suck bigtime, he keeps calling the wrong plays at the wromg time, but my view on the offense is we need to run the no huddle almost the whole game. Now that BVG is gone, we need a DC that is aggresive and one who likes to run man to man bump and run coverage, altough at times we can run some zone. I
  5. I hate him..he is a soft play caller!!! And are u kidding me with this soft zone crap..He needs to go ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I just can't take it anymore with BVG soft defense play calling and scheme!! This zone nonsense gotta go, we need a more aggresive defensive coordinator. Dunta looks confused playing zone defense, he is such a good bump and run guy in man coverage because of his physical nature. We were getting no pressure at all on Brees and he ate us up on 3rd downs. What that was even more worryin to me is the saints rushing 3 and gettin pressure on Ryan smh!! WE GOT SOME REAL ISSUES TO ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Again dude...Decoud a good safety??? All guy does is give up big plays,always out of position..HE sucksssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Are u crazy???!!! Decoud having a sold season???? He sucks!!! We got a solid DT rotation,don't think we go DT that early
  9. We gotta fix that Oline and secondary pick 55: R.Lester FS pick 85: B.Jones OC pick 115: D.Fletcher CB pick152: S.McClellin DE pick184: C.Johnson FB pick215: M.Maze WR/PR
  10. it's because we use the 1 gap under/over alignment
  11. Our Texas offense mercedez dallas mercedez 16 gas: Play fake belly dive from the shot gun burns dallas gas: pass play to gonzo runnin seam route mercedez loyal cut: run play to the right mercedez oprah: run play to the right mercedez oprah cut: run play to the left mercedez oil: run play to the left shevy steel; pass play
  12. I liked this guy from since college, was very happy that we drafted him..He can be very speacial in our rotation if he gets more playing time
  13. Are u insane!! LB coach!!! dude should become our DC next year and BVG out the door..BVG sucksss..didn't u see the play he called on the 4th and longgg???!!!!
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