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  1. I would go for a bunch of linebackers. I want 4 new lbs and hitters, deion Jones can be used for coverage threats. We never have good linebackers since Keith brooking and I do believe he cost us a potential Superbowl appearance in the playoffs Ryans rookie year on 3rd n 16, he wasn't that good either. We need intimidating and imposing lbs that can make our defense respected. Our defenses shy away from tackles and drag down defenders, we need enfotcers and it'd be nice tackling rbs for a loss like everyone does to us. I don't like seeing our running backs tackle for loss by everyone but yet we are unable to do the same to other teams backs. Linebackers are considered to be leaders for a reason they need to hit more and CBS safetyscan get away with being finesse easier. I know we had bad luck with injuries to Sean weatherspoon and Ed hurtwell but it seems we've abandoned trying to fill this position. Also we need depth at the position to rotate and balance injuries
  2. Let hooper go he is good but we don't need to overpay. We keep making this mistake, even if their good an injury will handicap us cap wise. Stocker looked better today and players can be replaced with round 4 rookies. The cap needs to be distributed to multiple Defenders on modest deals and no more overpaying as we have the pieces that need to be overpaid already.
  3. The man needs to stop eating so many of them greasy honey butter biscuits before the games. I feel sorry for any contender who signs Butterfingers, he is sure to drop a pass placed in his chest, boinked off both his hands into some scrub corners paws. He gonna bounce out a good team and sabotage them in the playoffs.
  4. It's not even the play today, he been deflecting passes for ints all season. I seen this story every week and have come to expect this bad habit of his. One thing I cannot tolerate is dropped passes that hit you on both hands. He should not be featured and should just be a run 10 Mill run blocker.
  5. Our God qb keeps raking up interceptions because of this butterfingers. Defenders don't have to clamp down, they just need to be close by and probability says Sanu will deflect the ball for an INT. This practice has become habitual, so much so that I fully expect deflection off Sanu for INT every game. Even if arguing mvp Matt's ball placement the ball hits Sanu by chest area and hits both his hands, the ball just doesn't stick. I believe this is a case of addition by subtraction, causing turnovers and tarnishing Ryans low INT rep. He reminds me of Michael jenkins, good blockers with size but not actual pass catching specialists. Those kind of wrs are situational, good for the running game on the cheap. Matt must get raged knowing those ints aren't on him yet have to face ridicule n mockery over it. Side note. I believe Matt doesn't need good receivers, his first season he threw to everyone similar to the Superbowl season when Julio was out. Hes intelligent and can place the ball accurately, was throwing to Justin Peele n brian finneran just fine and when Gonzalez came it seemed to complicate things for Matt. Instead of playing freely having these stars at the skill position seems to restrict matt into predictability. The man threw to 12 diff receivers, he doesn't need names he will throw to whoever. I don't think matt plays to his best when he has to micromanage touches for the star skill players.
  6. Its not about hating freeman I just dont value what he does past 4-5 mil a year and if I were to spend anything past that I would go all in for peterson because he is the best back in the league. They just showed on nfl network the 5 top backs and freeman was the 4th slowest at 4.56 peterson was number 1 at 4.3
  7. The vikings released him because his cap hit this year would have been almost 18 mill. The vikings said they would like to sign him for less since last hear his cap hit was 12 mill and this year would have been a huge jump so I see why the vikings let him go because he would have tied up the cap really bad but it sounds like they would like to sign him back at a more reasonable cost. I dont believe they are letting him go because they think he is damaged goods it just makes since if your cap hit is gonna be 18 mil thats too costly. The man is not injury prone, a packers lineman fell hard to the back of peterson ankle I just can't see how that equals injury prone things happen didn't freeman mess up macks ankle against the packers is mack injury prone? no. personally I would prefer we dont sign any back and just go cheap with a draft pick but since we look to be returning to the Super Bowl my alternative to giving freeman the 10 mil is to get peterson for close to the same since I've pointed out freeman leaves a lot to be desired. A dual back who is getting carried by the o line and can't create when the o line gets gassed or the thing i mentioned about how we never run to set up the pass its always pass to set up the run this man freeman is a baby and gets spoonfed his success then turns around and asks for top 3 pay knowing his teammate coleman is also really good. And for the ones saying peterson can't block just stop. Freeman made hightower a rich man with that all star block he laid on him on the ryan strip sack. I knew in that game the turning point was when coleman got hurt this game reminded me so much of the san diego game for multiple reasons but as soon as coleman went down I felt we were done. coleman blocks better than free coleman is a beast he came in as a rookie claiming himself to be the starter this man is ready free had to clean his game up because he knew coleman was trying to kick him out his spot. all I'm saying is if we are going down that road of paying a back a lot of money then lets pay peterson. freeman is still under contract this year anyway so whats the big deal. I want to hear peoples argument over signing truant as well because he should not be extended alford and collins can lock those 2 spots down and we can draft another talent. I would like to get Tj Lang in free agency imagine peterson with that line.
  8. Please comment on trufant as well. I really dont want to extend him either.
  9. Hi I prefer peterson, if we are gonna spend big money on running back lets make it count. I personally am opposed to extending freeman and trufant. We all know the case can be made that its the o line getting push and not so much freeman. I would rather go with coleman and let freeman walk at the end of the year. I believe in the philosophy of finding running backs in the draft for cheap but if I had no choice especially since we are in a Super Bowl window mode I would upgrade to peterson with less risk since freeman would still be around this year. One could also argue Freeman has not done well when the o line struggled to win the line of scrimmage. Ive seen freeman get stopped for no gain plenty and it would take the passing game to set up the run instead of vice versa most times. Whenever we needed to extend drives with the run game to burn clock I never trusted freeman to do so, I knew he would get stopped and I saw a lot of passing to extend drives but when we would go incomplete it would stop the clock and make things worse. Lastly he shares reps with coleman who would be starting material on other teams, I would not pay workhorse money for a dual back. Side note Dont get me started on trufant, Alford got the money because he deserved it. Those 2 boys Alford and Collins balled out the rest of the season and I'm more than comfortable rolling with them. Yes adding trufant can strengthen the team but no, id rather start talking collins extension at this point and draft another corner. Saving money letting go of freeman and trufant can help us sign Tj Lang and some of the other big boys of free agency like campbell or hightower. And then what happens when coleman starts asking for his money too? these guys are not AP good and are banking on our solid OL. we need to also be mindful of the need for 2 guards since levitre is wrapping up his contract and mathews will need an extension.
  10. I like Sanu but doesn't matter it is most probable that one of the top 2 receivers will fall to us and I am not about to repeat the 2010 draft where the cowboys swiped up dez bryant right after we select weatherspoon. look how curry and chris paul just got injured and if our receivers go down we are stuck with justin hardy and hester we need depth sanu is not going to play every snap he will come out when he gets tired or hurt and so will julio
  11. dont pay attention to how i write it but pay attention to what I write and then put it in that fine manner you would present it.
  12. Diving in to this draft Its selections on offense or bust for me. Offensive players work out more often than defenders to my eye. I can only think of trufant as a good early pick or even in free agency and trades of recent memory. It was always the offense. matt, turner, gonzales, julio, jake mathews, baker, levitre, blalock, hester and now coming in mack and sanu. The scrubs on offense cannot pass for talent and we have gotten nowhere with them while a lot of defenders like brent grimes, the current safeties and even little brandon boykin worked well as low picks or undrafted. Moving on for me its Treadwell, Josh doctson, trade up for ronnie stanley or tunsil, jack conklin, even cody whitehair or elliott if somehow there. second round give me one of the guards Ifedi, westerman, ryan kelly or better yet move up to get hunter henry because if he will not survive round 1. This is talent. I seen the niners pick anthony davis and then mike iupati in 2010 first round. we are over here jamaal andreson, jimmy williams, jalen collins, jerry, william moore, lofton, southward, dunta robinson,m ray edwards, soliai, tyson jackson bums we tried everything and almost nothing worked some did work but not like how we wanted and expected them to. All those defenders are going to bust in this draft except for probably ragland I have a feeling. Lets go for the sure thing and take those talented offensive players and we should have money to spend later from cuts off roddy soliai and whoever needs to go along with them to get some trinkets for the defense or even look how josh norman just suddenly came in the market and we did not have money to play with but maybe later another defender comes along.that we can spend the money on. its time to wake up boys and come draft time we pick offensive players look at the rams that gurley is doing very well we have freeman but so what he got concussed and coleman is a bum so add another stud if he falls to you because Julio was out for almost an entire season meaning players get hurt. beasley was not even all that really. I wanted brandon sherff but the redskins snatched him up. we can getdefenders in round 3 or 4.
  13. u r right toilolo was put out there when our o line was depleted during the vikings game I would like some tight ends that primarily enjoy blocking with some nastiness i never liked the tony gonzales or jimmy graham mentality that only want to catch i would advocate a pass catching tight end but i think its best to focus on our WRs instead we need blocking to give time for the receivers to make plays a lot of teams spam the same receiver all game nowadays and i feel we are not getting enough out of ours and their numbers are inflated because we been playing from behind so many games and went into pass mode i always believed matt ryan doesnt need a great line because he releases the ball quickly but some beefy protection is always good in an emergency and also provides some mental comfort I think when ovie mughelli came here he said he was matt ryans bodyguard hah i always thought that sounded cool but these pieces will also help convert first downs in short yard situations which we have failed at for too long now i remember a time where we used to run it with the FB on short yardage for easy first downs it was like a chip shot n now we rather throw and test our luck
  14. couldnt pass up making a joke next time contribute to the topic
  15. Hello guys I was just thinking about the schemes our coordinators ran this year. I think both coordinators should go, i dont want to cover nolan right now but i want to talk about koetter. I was pissed watching the panthers game and their front consistently being arms reach of Matt before he could even finish his drop steps and most of the time there was no where to set his feet. I was so mad cus we just kept trying to throw and matt kept getting sacked and hit and intercepted there needed to be adjustments and not running into the wall endlessly i thought koetter should have run heavy bootlegs since matt wasnt allowed a pocket anyways we used to run those with mularkey I believe but now we hardly use them and matt was very good at them i never really liked how koetter schemed up the verticals toilolo should be exclusive redzone and i dont like that we always depend on the running backs to chip and block ferocious DEs why not seal the blind sides with some legit blocking tight ends in a 2 TE set with no rb and 3 wr also i think hester was under used i know he drops it but matt always overthrows harry anyways cus hes small n i heard complaints about harry running verticals and i think hesters speed could get him separation in summary i think koetter should go for failing to adjust, we could be playing this week vs the seahawks and everybody knows our receivers would bbq that secondary i know some of u want to change back to power run but i like the verticals just think they should have been adjusted and schemed up better r there any good blocking TEs in the Free agency n no jimmy graham he cant block a lick even when we had gonzales he didnt like to block also we have neglected the FB dimarco cost us that p[anthers game for blowing the momentum when he dropped that TD and he gets stuffed on short yardage exclusive special teams its a joke to see him line up at FB we need a legit FB to get those short 3rd and 2s with the running back along with the blocking TEs also i condone adrian peterson but vikings will keep him i bet sorry for spazzing
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