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  1. I would go for a bunch of linebackers. I want 4 new lbs and hitters, deion Jones can be used for coverage threats. We never have good linebackers since Keith brooking and I do believe he cost us a potential Superbowl appearance in the playoffs Ryans rookie year on 3rd n 16, he wasn't that good either. We need intimidating and imposing lbs that can make our defense respected. Our defenses shy away from tackles and drag down defenders, we need enfotcers and it'd be nice tackling rbs for a loss like everyone does to us. I don't like seeing our running backs tackle for loss by everyone but yet we
  2. Let hooper go he is good but we don't need to overpay. We keep making this mistake, even if their good an injury will handicap us cap wise. Stocker looked better today and players can be replaced with round 4 rookies. The cap needs to be distributed to multiple Defenders on modest deals and no more overpaying as we have the pieces that need to be overpaid already.
  3. The man needs to stop eating so many of them greasy honey butter biscuits before the games. I feel sorry for any contender who signs Butterfingers, he is sure to drop a pass placed in his chest, boinked off both his hands into some scrub corners paws. He gonna bounce out a good team and sabotage them in the playoffs.
  4. It's not even the play today, he been deflecting passes for ints all season. I seen this story every week and have come to expect this bad habit of his. One thing I cannot tolerate is dropped passes that hit you on both hands. He should not be featured and should just be a run 10 Mill run blocker.
  5. Our God qb keeps raking up interceptions because of this butterfingers. Defenders don't have to clamp down, they just need to be close by and probability says Sanu will deflect the ball for an INT. This practice has become habitual, so much so that I fully expect deflection off Sanu for INT every game. Even if arguing mvp Matt's ball placement the ball hits Sanu by chest area and hits both his hands, the ball just doesn't stick. I believe this is a case of addition by subtraction, causing turnovers and tarnishing Ryans low INT rep. He reminds me of Michael jenkins, good blockers with size but
  6. Its not about hating freeman I just dont value what he does past 4-5 mil a year and if I were to spend anything past that I would go all in for peterson because he is the best back in the league. They just showed on nfl network the 5 top backs and freeman was the 4th slowest at 4.56 peterson was number 1 at 4.3
  7. The vikings released him because his cap hit this year would have been almost 18 mill. The vikings said they would like to sign him for less since last hear his cap hit was 12 mill and this year would have been a huge jump so I see why the vikings let him go because he would have tied up the cap really bad but it sounds like they would like to sign him back at a more reasonable cost. I dont believe they are letting him go because they think he is damaged goods it just makes since if your cap hit is gonna be 18 mil thats too costly. The man is not injury prone, a packers lineman fell hard
  8. Please comment on trufant as well. I really dont want to extend him either.
  9. Hi I prefer peterson, if we are gonna spend big money on running back lets make it count. I personally am opposed to extending freeman and trufant. We all know the case can be made that its the o line getting push and not so much freeman. I would rather go with coleman and let freeman walk at the end of the year. I believe in the philosophy of finding running backs in the draft for cheap but if I had no choice especially since we are in a Super Bowl window mode I would upgrade to peterson with less risk since freeman would still be around this year. One
  10. I like Sanu but doesn't matter it is most probable that one of the top 2 receivers will fall to us and I am not about to repeat the 2010 draft where the cowboys swiped up dez bryant right after we select weatherspoon. look how curry and chris paul just got injured and if our receivers go down we are stuck with justin hardy and hester we need depth sanu is not going to play every snap he will come out when he gets tired or hurt and so will julio
  11. dont pay attention to how i write it but pay attention to what I write and then put it in that fine manner you would present it.
  12. Diving in to this draft Its selections on offense or bust for me. Offensive players work out more often than defenders to my eye. I can only think of trufant as a good early pick or even in free agency and trades of recent memory. It was always the offense. matt, turner, gonzales, julio, jake mathews, baker, levitre, blalock, hester and now coming in mack and sanu. The scrubs on offense cannot pass for talent and we have gotten nowhere with them while a lot of defenders like brent grimes, the current safeties and even little brandon b
  13. u r right toilolo was put out there when our o line was depleted during the vikings game I would like some tight ends that primarily enjoy blocking with some nastiness i never liked the tony gonzales or jimmy graham mentality that only want to catch i would advocate a pass catching tight end but i think its best to focus on our WRs instead we need blocking to give time for the receivers to make plays a lot of teams spam the same receiver all game nowadays and i feel we are not getting enough out of ours and their numbers are inflated because we been playing from behind so many games and
  14. couldnt pass up making a joke next time contribute to the topic
  15. Hello guys I was just thinking about the schemes our coordinators ran this year. I think both coordinators should go, i dont want to cover nolan right now but i want to talk about koetter. I was pissed watching the panthers game and their front consistently being arms reach of Matt before he could even finish his drop steps and most of the time there was no where to set his feet. I was so mad cus we just kept trying to throw and matt kept getting sacked and hit and intercepted there needed to be adjustments and not running into the wall endlessly i thought koetter should have run heavy bo
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