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  1. There will be plenty of guards left after the first round. I think the highest rated guard in this years draft is a projected 2nd rounder.
  2. I rely on what i see on the field. I didn't see a de with a quicker first step. I say that to say Williams would be my clear cut pick if he's there at 31. DQ can develop the rest of his game. Give me the intangible that sets you apart. Howard is comparable to Evan Ingram but has a height and reach advantage over Ingram while not being that much slower and to me is a better blocker. Howard can also give an already record setting offense another red zone threat. That's why i say if either one is available at 31 grab them if not just take the best player available regardless of position if you ca
  3. Which DE has a quicker first step than Tim Williams in this years draft?
  4. I say get Tim Williams or O.J. Howard in that order if their available at 31. If not, try to trade back first or take bpa second.
  5. Nothing wrong with that call. It was just piss poor execution.
  6. No he didn't. When Mike Smith left the falcons had arguably the worst offensive and defensive lines in the league.
  7. The Falcons are the only team I think, but correct me if i'm wrong that didn't draft a single player at the position of most need DE in this draft. If that's true I understand the rating.
  8. ig·no·rance ˈiɡnərəns/ noun noun: ignorance lack of knowledge or information. Let me dispel the notion that there is a lot of ignorant crying over Dimitroff's draft choices. The falcons traded the 29th pick overall to get Jon Abraham. Abraham was effective but never had anyone on the other side that was as effective. There was no ignorance on anyone who follows the falcons that we needed an effective pass rusher opposite Abraham and we never drafted or signe
  9. You sound like a scout. I don't know what Dan Quinn's plans are to increase the number of sacks on the team, I haven't evaluated potential draft picks. I'm speaking purely as a fan that felt the defense would get better by adding a edge rusher. The team isn't going to listen to me, and my job isn't on the line. If Neal and Bishop can generate more sacks great, and if not, I will feel like I did when I felt the team needed edge rushers like Avril and Bennet and Dimitroff added DT's like Solei, Jackson, and Haggeman. The common denominater being Dimitroff went into the offseason needing
  10. I won't attempt to tackle your logic, I will just say the only way a safety can increase a teams sacks is by getting sacks. This pick being good or bad depends on the rest of the draft picks. This reminds me of Mike Smith's last draft when we needed edge rushers and they went and stacked up DT's. Yes we need a SS but the notion that somehow a player will single handedly stop check downs is a pipe dream. I thought Dimitroff learned his lesson from past draft mistakes, draft what you need the most first. What the falcons need the most is an edge rusher
  11. It is a tall task to get three starters with five picks, trading the first or second pick would make it near impossible. The only scenario I see is doing something with a third round pick to get a couple of late round picks or a current nfl player that can start day one.
  12. I agree . If any more moves are made in FA the money would be better spent in my opinion getting a RG and a OLB.
  13. The Bucs will average negative sacks every year.
  14. I think he's the pick --because... Julio just complete his first full season without injury, and they need to help Ryan and this system... I think they will say that it is more important to help Ryan, than to draft..say... Shaq Lawson, Nkemdiche or Floyd,. They might go in Free Agency... Where does that leaves Roddy? Roddy is out like the jerry curl.
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