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  1. I really hope the playing time he's getting brings his game together, he's had all the tools from the start.
  2. I watched this earlier today and while he didn't take the bait on Tru, later in the vid he rambles off a few things that aren't acceptable. One of those points was something like "We don't stop pursuing and expect the other guy to make the tackle". That statement tells me Tru's lack of effort on that play didn't go unnoticed and it's been discussed behind closed doors.
  3. With all the junk that's happened this season, I expected Duke, Poole, Kazee, Olo or any number of guys to get picked on and cost us games. That would've felt bad but, you could at least understand it. To my surprise it didn't happen to the magnitude I thought it would. Instead we get our Vets giving up 1st downs and big plays at key times and now giving up on plays in the middle of the game. One thing I don't associate with Quinn players is "Quit". I can guarantee Tru just put himself under the coaching staff/ownership magnifying glass with this one play though, I'm sure he was already there.
  4. Any news when Rocky and Tru are going to play again?.........
  5. Don't know what's going on with Tru and Rocky. *This play - Tru looked disinterested. Even after Chub went past him Tru was still the fastest of those pursuing him, yet he didn't bother to even try. *First Browns TD -Rock was in good position and then dropped back giving up separation voluntarily and then accelerated again as the ball was in the air. I think he got caught watching the TV and saw Mayfield getting pressured. Still no excuse giving a guy 10 yard heading into the endzone. I'll take a mistake over this lack of effort BS.. Change those two plays and we might have been in it at the end.
  6. If this year was meant to be our miracle season, wouldn't it be nice though to knock them out in the NFCCG on our way to winning one in our house? Downside being they take us out on the way to winning at our house. either way if we end up in the final with them you'll want to buy stock in TUMs the week prior...
  7. Didn't we also work him out about 4-5 weeks ago?
  8. I'm not familiar with their injuries thought, I've been keeping an eye on them (because I believe Baker is the real deal) and they may not beat many teams this year but they are a threat to all but those playing consistently at a high level, Now that they have a real QB, They are a few pieces and a good coach away from being a good team, one that can challenge Bmore and Pitt.
  9. *their secondary isn't very good. but, their Dline is good at affecting the QB. *Mayfield is good enough at this point to keep the chains moving on our defense but, the question is, will the coaches let him or will they play it conservative. This game is going to be a different animal than the skins game all together. Our guys need to show up ready to get punched in the face, because they will be. This game will be a big challenge.
  10. not even worth discussing. Saint's have been cap exempt for years.
  11. Now if we can just get one at the Vet...
  12. good game and good win for sure. I want to see them do the same against a team with a less conservative Offense. keep it going.
  13. Gotta say, I was kinda impressed.