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  1. Funny, almost exact conversation in my house. 28-3 and said "this is good right? They're gonna win the big game?!?" (she's not a football fan in the slightest) All I said was, it looks good, but it's far from over and he's the greatest QB to ever play the game, so it's far from done.
  2. Sounds like you're a pretty amazing human being. Sorry for your loss sir.
  3. LOL! I got nothing...LOL!
  4. LOL! you saw my PP...
  5. I'm of the opinion that worrying about what another man does with his PP is very Gay. If nobody's getting hurt, do what you do. If everyone was just concerned about their own PP the world would be a better place. Props to Pioli
  6. I thought he was cut halfway through the season..?
  7. Grace, Jordan Moore and the Sweedish Sasquatch (oline)
  8. so who was the backup FS? was Sharrod backing up both positions? If so, then I was correct, partially.
  9. Sharrod was Rico's backup. Ish backed up Neal.
  10. I excited about Moore as well. Watching his school vids I think he's a ways away from where we need him to be, but the potential is awesome. Admittedly, I thought the same about Debo, Campbell and Duke when I watched them and the first two did al-ight. My second guy is Sharrod. I'm not sure if he's big enough to play at the line, but with his work ethic and skills he could make a big jump his second year. Last year we worried about not having enough guys at LB or in the secondary. This year we wonder who will be a backup or supporting guy to our solid core. I love the transition in thinking Quinn and the guys have given us.
  11. Bucs - if they can get back to their level of play from the 2nd half last year and improve on it, they'll be a handful IMO Winston and his shaky improvisation will be why they fall short. If he some how improves that part of his game they could have us fighting for a wild card. (I don't see it though). The potential is very close to us on paper. Saints - Like Slamee said, if AP gives them a run game then Drew will come to life. Their defense will still stink and AP likely won't last the whole season. If our dline can't get to drew straight up then our games with them will be much closer as you don't want to be running stunts if AP is running people over. Panthers - Not skuuured, they added short route talent and Cam isn't a short route QB, Cam thrives in the mid - long game. They won't have an answer for the Bucs Dline or ours and Drew will eat their Secondary alive.
  12. Don't like Cam, but this is nothing at all. If it shows anything, it's that he's already comfortable enough with him to joke around.
  13. Crazy pic, looks like he has robot eyes.
  14. I kinda miss the old Gold stripe
  15. Every Second Thursday of the month at the Jordy Laforge home for the blind. You'd be surprised how taxing it is on the vocal cords to sound like a Police officer, Flight Attendant, Dwarf and a Donkey all at the same time. LOL!