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  1. Love listening to Voch, especially during draft season.
  2. Maybe it's just the burns still stinging or my superstitious side talking, but I'm in show me mode until I see something resembling what we saw in the playoffs last year for a few games. I'd love to be reading "THEY'RE BACK!!!" headlines for the next few weeks.
  3. we sure can draft good. How many of our players from this draft are on other teams now?
  4. Seem to think - The only thing I think at this point is every team is dangerous at this point to us until we've proven we have our stuff together. The Seahawks have plenty of motivation to knock us off or back into the downward spiral. All I'm saying is I don't care what they've done so far this season or who's hurt. The only thing I care about is how they play us on game day. I'll be happy as heck if we coast over them, but I fully expect the game to be a toss-up.
  5. We've played bad teams and beaten ourselves. They've played bad teams and won. Winning over good teams or bad teams is important to a team beyond standings and stats. Let's not forget that Micheal Bennett probably has a photoshoped Picture of Matt Ryan wearing a Las Vegas police uniform in his locker. I think even a beat up Seahawks team will get up for this game to try and repay us for dominating them on a national stage in the playoffs last year. To a man they know if they beat us our season could be over. This ain't going to be a walk in the park. I'll be impressed/surprised if we beat them big at home.
  6. NOT GRACE!!! Dang man, I had high hopes for him.
  7. WOW! a lot of "guy-chic's" on these boards when we're struggling....
  8. Sounds like emotional reflection turning into irrational projection to me.
  9. I think Quinn will consider sticking with him, unless things get worse. It's a big decision to make because if he can't make it with us then Sark's career in the NFL is likely done. No other team in the NFL is going to bring him in to wright the ship when he's turned our Ferrari into a Cavalier. Depending on how bad things get Artie might take keeping him out of Quinn's hands though.
  10. Is it just me, or does it seem like we are seeing a huge amount of misdirection plays from opposing offenses this year? Last year we didn't see as many cutesy play calls because we would make our opposition pay for it. This year we are getting eaten alive. It seems like every week I'm seeing one of our guys windmilling his arms to change direction and get back to where he's supposed to be, because he bit on a misdirection and lost the play. Is it just me or does anyone else notice this? With the exception of the Dolphins 98 minute run it down our throat drive, I think we've played decent on straight up plays against opponents. It's when they start throwing a few misdirection plays at us that seemingly everyone starts second guessing and taking themselves out of plays.
  11. These stats were based on the season I believ. Missing a game playing injured the next and playing in a monsoon might account for most on the discrepancies. People playing him closer is a gamble defenses are taking based on something they'v seen in our playcalling or from a team that had success against him. 1 thing is for sure, he won' be containe for long.
  12. I really hope he sacks Cam, then tries to help him up and Cam's in typical fashion acts like a total tool to him. Nothing will change your heart quicker than someone you look up to treating you like garbage. If that happens, I could see Tak getting angry and going off big time. This one's for my Grandmama Camberly!!!
  13. I wonder if he's going to be extra amped to play against his Team this weekend. I mean can you imagine being a diehard Falcons fan all your life and getting drafted by the bucs? What the heck is going through your head the first time you Sack Matt Ryan or Pop Free for a loss. That's got to be so unreal and conflicting.
  14. It's been a really weird year for Tru. Usually by this time in the season people are talking about how he's almost never targeted by QBs. This year right out of the gates Glennon starts picking on him and several other QBs did the same in the following games. I will say, when real Tru shows up some poor QB is gonna pay for trying to test him.