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  1. Didn't they pick up Teddy B from Minny?
  2. You didn't say it would get a bunch of responses, you said it would be interesting There's not an interesting post in this thread, just a re-hasing of things said over and over adnauseam. I'm right, You're wrong.
  3. Trust me.......It won't.
  4. I like Hurst, I'm just not as high on him as Kayoh and others. To me Hurst has that occasional lightning first step but outside of that IMO Payne is more stout and a more well rounded player. While you're correct on Taven, he probably has the most intriguing upside. I like Taven's speed and power. I also like that his father is a Seal. Seal likely says something about Taven's mental toughness, ability to follow directions and attention to detail IMO. (I'm a Taven, Payne, Hurst guy)
  5. Don't know how so many people get so bent in FA. Quinn with 1 draft and 1 fa under his belt didn't lose until half the season was done. Then with only a few small moves, took us to the SB. This past year with all our stumbling and fumbling we were one bounce of the ball away from the NFCC game and beating the eventual SB champs. 2017 showed me this team is more than just 1 or two players, it's an attitude, a belief, a brotherhood. It's like questioning your girl's loyalty on everything she does and everything she doesn't do and all she's ever done is be faithful. Have faith brothers, Quinn is not going to let his team fall apart. In fact by the end of this season I'm betting we will be greatly improved.
  6. Dang! we can't ever get to the SB the way I want. I guess we'll have to do it Quinn's way..
  7. Get me him and/or D Jones and I'll be happy.
  8. just checked him out, Floyd has nerve damage from a knee surgery. They don't know if he will ever play again....
  9. First reaction: NFL press got it wrong. It would make Quinn seem wishy-washy to move a player and then move him back so, he wouldn't do it. After some thought: I could see him replacing Shelby's opening. The Falcaholic also pointed out that If OG Ben would be the highest paid RG in the Dimi era, which doesn't add up either. I like the move. Also, I've been waiting to see Pasztor since we got him. I loved the vids I saw of him when we got him. Hoping this is his year to solidify himself.
  10. Please let this guy play FB for us. WOW! I can't even imagine the running yards we'd launch to.
  11. I didn't read this article but, I did CTRL+F to look for Falcons and Atlanta. I didn't find anything so, go CTRL+F-Yourself.
  12. I've wanted us to pick him up everytime he's been available. Hope we finally get him.
  13. I like your DTs, DE, TE, FB, WR and OG. The others I'm like who, and then I looked and then I stopped. It's solid but a few cards shy of a royal flush.
  14. I think you only show your hand if one of the players is one dimensional. In this scenario 1 is a young/unproven guy who projects that he may be very good at everything and 1 is proven to be good at almost everything but, falls short in coverage occasionally. I love the idea.
  15. go get him and draft Taven