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  1. Love Tak but, we made it to the SB without him. Our biggest Loss by far is not having Debo. With the other positions there is at least a person to step in that can play around the same level, with the loss of Debo there is no one. That's not a slam on our roster so much as it is a compliment to Debo. We could have every LB in the NLF on our roster and there would only be 5-8 that could play at Debo's level. The man is special. The good new is if our offense figures it all out and we survive until he returns, we will be in a very good place.
  2. They took a big step but, I'm not either. Someone I watched pointed out the horrible routes for the receivers on the play where Matt scrambled. It just looks like they all run into the end-zone and then stop, and then start up again by improvising to give Matt a target.
  3. To be fair to luke, he's probably never seen a tree play before....LOL. I keed
  4. You ever need a vid of a play from the game, go to this guys twitter -
  5. I like Carter. He's real and doesn't suck up to a team like some others. I'd take him over a Cowboy any day of the week.
  6. Thanks for Jinxing it...........
  7. He was decent for a few games before getting hurt. To my eyes he looked better than he had in a long time, still not awesome but, good. Was a little sad to see him get hurt again.
  8. what is Spoon up to?? Just Forking around.....
  9. I wish their week 3 match-up was the chiefs. That would be a fun game. Mahomes is looking like Money so far.
  10. nope
  11. so you work for these guys?
  12. His longs was 33, that's why it was in my head. yeah, I was a little off. I remember us shutting him down all night and, I'll continue to remember it that way because reality has no room in my head....
  13. Didn't our own D hold mr. transformer to 33 yards or something in the biggest game of his career?
  14. with the injuries the Panthers have, they can't afford to lose any games if they hope to be relevant later in the season.