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  1. Nice to see your in a positive/optimistic mood.
  2. I think he was in on a few plays. I remember at one point seeing something really good and then seeing 42 as the player was getting up (head was cut off on TV view) and I was like "Dang Duke, Good play man"
  3. I don't think such picture exists.
  4. If not for the tiny little vs on this shirt, it would say "F all yall" for anyone who knows our Bird is the letter F. LOL!! I like it.
  5. The hate for that cousins Play is real...
  6. Thanks for the Vid UG. I like to see the positive from Vic. However, while I love the guy and want to see him do well, I have to disagree on the cousins play, He pulled up on the pumpfake and he shouldn't have. I think you'd be hard pressed to find any passrusher in the nfl that would hav pulled up. You mention Quin and not getting penalties but, Quin touts 'play fast" as well. This was not a fast or hungry looking Vic. He has to go full speed and if he's worried about a penalty, go for a glancing blow that gives you enough leverage to take him down if you get there. The little swirl around at the end topped it all off. I expect better of Vic, especially in this situation. To me, this had shades of Cam jumping away from the fumble in the SB (not as bad but, shade). Hungry dogs don't stop because you waived your hands in the air and Vic shouldn't either. Love the guy and don't want to curse his name one more time this season. Get Rabbid Vic!!!
  7. It was a good call. Imagine Matt misses one or both, would you want that on top of that pile of turds...? The math didn't matter.
  8. The benefits of a good whoopin early. When you were a kid, your parents or some adult told you "don't do that" at some point in your life. As kids often do, you pushed your luck, got punished in some way. Maybe you got verbally scolded, maybe you got your hand smacked or something else that wasn't that bad So, you pushed your luck again and again until you got that restrained but undeniable butt whoopin. In short, you got by and got by until someone got you straight. This is often what our team does and unfortunately, the whooping usually comes at a mid-late point in the season and leaves them searching for answers because, they though they were better than this. When you were a kid, someone in your life didn't puss-foot around and went strait to that restrained but undeniable butt whoopin and you didn't do X again, did you? You immediately understood what you needed to do for that not to happen again. For this I want to Thank the Vikes because, I know my team are fighters and I know you just made a much better Falcons team with a single game. Any illusions of coasting on talent and media accolades from a previous years are gone. The Eagles better bring their A-Game this week.
  9. I think this from two of their posters lays out in crystal what we need to do... When the Vikings hold their opponent to 19 points or less they are 39-7 in the Zimmer era. When the Vikings let the other team score 20+ points, they are 9-27-1 in the Zimmer era. Atlanta has an 0-13 record when scoring less than 20 points in the last 2 seasons, and they are 17-2 when scoring more than 20 points (incl. playoffs).
  10. I get it but, we have a HC/DC whom I'm sure has seen the gambit of emotional and Life battles a player can have and he seems to be able to get them to focus in the positive and work. That and his talent is why I'd bring him in for a chat.
  11. I'd bring him in for an interview. he's got the talent to be great. maybe he just needs a positive environment.
  12. soooo, do we carry two kickers again this year, in case he gets hurt? Glad he's back!
  13. Ollison - I was big on Hill after seeing him last year but, this year it's Ollison who has "that look" to me.
  14. why not the entire game day roster rushing? We'll get a penalized (to many men OTF) but we'll get those oh so precious sacks on every down. If the Saints were ever headed for an undefeated season, and we were their one remaining game, I could watch them do this for 4 hours just to end in a 0-0 tie and screw up their season. I like it.
  15. Even better, Let's put Grady in that position. I mean, they can't stop Grady on the regular so, how are they gonna stop him when he's got a head of steam..... Seriously though. The NFL has become a chess game and you couldn't do this, even with Debo or it's torch city for us.