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  1. yep, When I checked out Gary and Winovich I though Win had a much better game. i recognize Gary's gifts but I don't see a guy that's impacting the game the way I would expect.
  2. Is it just me or when Voch talks do you hear Craig Robinson?
  3. I was thinking F**caneers LOL!
  4. I don't see it. Houston would Hurt our cap too much. Teco to the Bucs...I've heard the mixing of names with the falcons-Jags and falcons-shawks but what do you get when mixing falcons-bucs....?
  5. History says you're correct. However, in this draft I tried to find 330 maulers good in pass-pro that can actually move like much lighter men. One of the comments on Ford was - He's not athletic for his size, he's just flat out athletic - . Yondy is on the books as having a 3 cone that would've tied last years best at the combine and Grey can move as well. I don't know if it would work like I envision it but, I'd like to try. J Williams I love for how technical and tenacious he is but, the short arms lost him some points for me and Fords immense overall value won me over.
  6. RB was one of the changes I made at the last second. I wanted ozigbo, homer, or higdon but, in the end we have 1 rb that has show great talent, another that's flashed and those guys would be ahead of our draft pick. In the safety bin we have our starters and maybe Neasman. Kazee moving to slot raises the need value for a ss or fs in my book. RBs in FA are also cheap. If we fix the lines like my draft seeks to do we won't need a 3rd string home run.
  7. I just didn't see one that I thought would be better than what we have.. A few guys with lots of potential but, I didn't see them making a big impact year one. I think if we get a little more pressure from the middle and can keep Irvin we'll have enough.
  8. I have to admit, this year was one of the hardest I've seen in a while. The draft has plenty of talent but when compared to our needs there are huge voids of talent in the rounds we should logically be filling our needs in. thank you.
  9. They may not. I based some of it on CBS rankings. Yondy projected at 33, I"m figuring the OT hungry teams get fed in the 1st and he drops 10 spots or so to us. Oh, and you were 1 of the guys I knew would like it. If there is one thing I know you like it's building the trenches.
  10. Thtis is why I take two DTs and extend the roster spots for them. I know Tillery is not a finished product but, he's got the talent to be a stud. I might not have taken two if I got one in the 1st but, I'm tired of dinking around with Matt's protection, thus the value of Ford outweighs the need for a 3rd DT to me.
  11. FA: (I'll keep it short) *Sign Bruce Irvin - 8 mill *3 yr Restructure VB 8mill 1st year with a significantly escalating contract. Give him a prove it year and save some money this year and give him the chance to earn respectable DEs pay the next two years if he shows up this year. *Find an RB to serve as #3 DRAFT: This draft is about solidifying the lines. Specifically getting bigger on the oline while retaining agility. NOTE: not going to be anywhere near a detailed as some posters, just short and sweat. 1 Cody Ford: A reach here, some might say but, he's a day one starter at G if nothing else. Voch - "If he gets his hands on you you're dead" nuff said 2 Jerry Tillery: Good all around with flashes of great. Will do great in rotation with Grady/Senat/Crawford. 3 Yodny Cajuste : He slips a few spots to us and we play him a Guard. He might be a good NFL OT in a year but, right now he'll be a great Guard. 4 David Long Jr. : I'm not sure this is a need and I fully expect Grace to work his way on to the roster. If Grace can't make it happen Long gives us another very fast LB who's strong getting through traffic in run support. He's lite light Debo was but he's also quick like Debo. 4 Daylon Mack: The past two years we've seen Grady and Crawford hurt for extended periods.This year we extend our roster to carry another interior DL. I've been pondering Saunders but, I think Daylon will be the better pro and not have as steep of a learning curve. He's got that raw power that Hageman use to flash twice a season but I believe he'll flash that in each game he plays. 5 WR Jalen Hurd, Baylor: Hardy's likely gone and Bean may become a cap casualty before his contract is up. Hurd needs a ton of work but, if you don't see shades of JJ in his highlights, you don't want to. People have said a lot about him but even those who have issues with him won't deny his work ethic and talent. If he learns quickly there will be no WR group in the league that could compare. 6-foot-4, 220 5 Darnell Savage, Jr.: With Kazee moving to slot we need another talented guy to backup our safeties. Darnell plays more in keke's style. 6 Isaiah Johnson Jr. (cb) Big, long and Fast. We need to get some developing talent in our secondary. He also might be converted to FS to backup Rico. Houston 6'2" 195 7 Derwin Gray: Let's just finish it off by adding another 330lb linemen, to make a total of 3. Derwin's play style if very close to Yondy but he's better at opening run lanes. Derwin would compete for a Guard spot for us. What would you think of this draft?
  12. Takk has about 5 pounds on me - 6-2 265
  13. They sure aren't going to make any babies with ugly smiles, are they?
  14. Exactly. I've also seen one write up that suggest a move to fs for him. I could see that as well.
  15. If you like him check out darrin hall from Pitt as well. Hall is a bit smaller but runs I'm a similar fasion.