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  1. MMMM Dang Juli-etta you lookin good, where you been at Baby? scheduling extra appointment with my therapist this week because of this pic..... Drew lookin like Tanya Harding, LOL! Matt looks like a rough Nancy Kerrigan, I don't like the implication.
  2. I really want to know what changed behind the Coaching Curtain in the second half of the Shawks game last year. Our offense looked like trash all year. There were many horrible play calls by DK (wasting nearly every 1st down trying to run up the middle) However, there were some good calls and when those came up, there were more defensive guys in our target area than lines on the field. There was a predictable element to our play calling. Enter the 2nd half of the Shawks game - our trudging through the mud for yards suddenly and unexpectedly disappeared and something more familiar to us appeared and continue through the rest of the season. I've asked some of the big heads about this and they say we were doing the same things we'd done all season and we just magically started executing. I'm not buying it. I believe at the same time DQ was giving up defensive play calling, someone got a voice in the Offensive play calling as well. We didn't hear about it because DQ will fall on his sword all day for his guys but won't put blame on the guys reporting to him publicly. I'm really hoping DK learned from whatever happened last year or that the formula from last year continues.
  3. He,d probably trip and get sacked . No slight to ice but it would be so unfamiliar to him...
  4. We all know what it looked like but, what they heck were they trying to do? I'd love to hear from @PeytonMannings Forehead or @TheFatboi on what they saw. My guess is the scheme was sound but DQ got away from his keep it simple philosophy and much of the defense got confused. He stuck with it thinking time would allow them to learn and it just didn't work.
  5. here's the simple truth. As far as stats and day to day production, there is but a sliver between JJ and the rest. Any of the top guys can make an argument for being the best When you take consistency into account, the herd thins drastically. When you talk about who can kick it into overdrive and take over a game better than anyone else, there is only one. ** Hops argument that he'd have better stats with Matt or Drew throwing him the ball for his entire career is absolutely valid.
  6. Always liked D.Hop. Something about him reminds me of Roddy. Maybe cuz he's just a cool cat.
  7. to me, the ATL is one of my favorite features next to my favorite, the Matte helmet.
  8. Man, this game was something special that never happened. In the Vid Murph shows JJ ignoring JR's crap talk but, at one point he pizzed JJ off (2nd Q I believe). JJ snapped his head around and yelled something at JR and held up some fingers as If the say "MF you ain't beat me once" Two times within the next 3 plays JJ made him look like a rookie. Something changed, JJ was lit and you could see it .I believe JJ was about to make him the poster-child of the week for DBs getting *** whooped ala Pat Pete). Unfortunately, the game took a turn or two that didn't allow it to happen. I love me some playing Mad JJ. that's when he becomes downright unstoppable. If he could maintain that gear/anger for 4q, it just wouldn't be fair to the rest of the league.
  9. This is the logo of a Morning news show in southern Cali, Not a logo of an NFL football team. I'll take our uniforms over anyone's.
  10. And JJ cant get in the endzone as much as the flavor of the moment, cut em complaining about your ferrari because its not a lambo is a nice problem to have.
  11. If they had not drifted from this, Lowes would not exist. Sadly, lowes doesn't do it anymore either. "But the heart of Home Depot was the expertly trained floor associates who could teach customers how to handle a power tool, change a fill valve or lay tile. It wasn’t enough to sell or even tell — associates also had to be able to show"
  12. I remembered you're in NoVa from a convo a long time back. If I still lived there, Instead of Phoenix, we'd def have a Beer my brother.
  13. totally normal, it had already started healing by the time my Pop took me to get an XRay. Just a lump on it now where the two pieces didn't heal back exactly like they were. When I live in VA/MD, it would ache in the beginning of winter each year. Not a steady ache but when I'd go to pick something up that pulled on that pulled on my lower chest, I'd get a quick sharp ache and have to put it down. good thing we have more than one plate in there or it may have been a lot worse.
  14. That's gonna hurt every year when it first gets cold out, for a few years. I broke the bottom plate in my Sternum benching in HS. Got all fired up yelling for a new max (260 or something), primal growl, lift off the rack, loud hissing breathing sounds, BOOOM, CRACK!!!!, AAAAAHHHH, GET IT OFF!!!!. Got so fired up for the up-stroke that I just dropped the bar on my chest from all the way up. To add Salt to the wound, the guy spotting me was our RB. He might have been 5'1 and wasn't strong enough to get the weight off. So, He lifted it up, then set it back on my broken chest to run out of the room to get help.
  15. Here's to hoping your right my brother. I know what kind of S players you like and I'd love to see him become just that.
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