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  1. "wheres-the-brotherhood-now??
  2. exactly what I was thinking.
  3. The speed on the ends is going to make QBs real nervous. How many times in the past 2 years did a QB try to move in the pocket only to give Vic or Tak and angle to fly over and light-em-up. I really hope Vic lights it up early because Tak is so competitive you know he's gonna try to catch him. it's gonna be great.
  4. Some of the game stats are crazy. I think I only saw one game that has us getting 1 TO. There were several games in that vid that had us getting 3,4,5 TOs and squeaking out a win. If we get 3,4,5 turnovers in multiple games, how the heck does the other team run on us to the tune of 200+ yards? Is every TO coughed up by the RB at the goaline after running through us?
  5. Almost looks like he's about to do Senat's belly rub. LOL!
  6. This type of signing makes me wonder. When we bring guys in do they say look we can't possibly review every player in the USA so if there's someone you know of that you believe in, who's available, put their name down on this paper and we'll have someone take a look. It seems like often the guys signed after the initial push often have a team mate that we already picked up.
  7. Man....that pic makes me miss Roddy. Roddy was such a fun soul and an intense competitor. He always had fun.
  8. Also, if we get a 3rd LB I will be like...
  9. MAN! If the middle holds up him and Vic are going to feast this year. Both have speed, both have power, both are very good at strip sacks. This might be the first year we can get very excited about our passrush.
  10. I like the kid too. I have a feeling about him. DJ Chark had all kinds of people writing about LSU's bad passing game, how it held him back and how he'll be a much better pro. Well, I'd guess the same applies to Gage so, he's got a strong chance to be much better than people think. Man... can you imagine if Calvin is everything we hope and Gage is on par with him. LAWD!! Mayock loves him too. (please forgive me for linking to the swamp)
  11. I wish you could pee burning into this thread..........
  12. It seems like a few years ago Tru was just shutting down his side of the field and QBs wouldn't try him. Then some bum QB decided "what do I have to lose"? and beat Tru up. Trufant island has seen a boom in tourism since that game. (can't remember who the bum was) Don't get me wrong, Tru is great and for about 3 games last year he showed he can still shut down his entire side of the field. It just hasn't felt as consistent as it once was. I don't know if this means someone figured something out on how to get past him or if he's getting older and just can't maintain that level of play all the time. Whatever it is, I'm looking forward to Tru enacting some embargoes on his land this season.
  13. I am soooo excited about this. If you watch Vic and Takk highlights back to back and Imagine them together, dang! So much desire, speed and awareness on both sides. If the middle holds up, QBs are gonna be having fits on 3rd downs.
  14. Mash, I believe you said you've applied but, what's your versatility like? Can you play CB in a pinch? We know Quinn likes versatility....
  15. Home for the playoffs, Home for the SB and winning a Lombardi at Home. The only thing to make it better might be going undefeated and knocking the Saints out in the NFCCG and Demolishing the Pats in the SB while setting a record for most lopsided SB score in History. Let's hope dreams come true.