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  1. Now THAT would be cleaning house. Everything from the Chief to the Chef.
  2. http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/9571/bills-fire-personnel-chief-john-guy
  3. "What!?!? This isn't the Superbowl! Rex told us we were going to the Superbowl!"
  4. It's as ridiculous as it sounds. Local fans are forcing themselves to BILLieve there's a chance this will work out. In reality, we're doomed. Might as well move the team to Toronto now
  5. Well I suppose you could say that with more backing if I were to move to a team like the Colts, or Patriots whom have showed dominance over the past few seasons. Unfortuanately the Falcons aren't one of those teams yet. Not to say anything against the team as a direct insult, but the Falcons didn't exactly perform much better than Buffalo, despite having a MUCH better team. The past few seasons do not help your case either. Do NOt bring up a lack of allegiance, because for at least 10 years I bled Red White and Blue for the Bills. When you start to realize that you care about winning mor
  6. Here are some reasons why the Bills may have decided to pick Gailey; from a BB message board; One good reason, two bad reasons. However, with an unsuccessful search the Bills HAD to pull the trigger or we would have ended up with **** Jauron again. Even HE might not want to come back. Unfortunately I think Wilson has his hand too far into the pot, which turns a lot of coaches off. He insists on making important decisions, ultimately dooming the Bills to fail.
  7. I have been a Buffalo fan since I can remember. Our decade of ineptness have left me with a bitter taste in my mouth and a strong urge for change. I have to admit I first became a Falcons fan by hopping on the bandwagon during the '99 Super Bowl appearance. Since then I have followed them on occasion. In the 2008 draft, my favorite player was Matt Ryan. It comes as no surprise to any of you that he was drafted by the Falcons, and since I have followed the team religiously. Due to recent Front Office mishaps and dissapointments by the Bills FO, I have a strong need to follow a team more quali
  8. Buffalo fans are horrified by the potential hiring of Gailey. With all of the money Ralph Wilson (owner) promised to throw around during the coaching search we were once again falsely optomistic because of the big-name candidates on the market. The Bills are sinking quickly, and the fans deserve MUCH better with their strong devotion and dedication to their team since our last playoff run (1999)
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