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  1. Football Gameplan's Falcons vs Bucs Video Preview Good morning Falcon fans! Good luck this week! Em
  2. http://footballgameplan.com/fbgps-2015-nfl-gameplan-week-7-preview-falcons-vs-titans/ Good afternoon Falcons fans! Good luck this week! Em
  3. http://footballgameplan.com/fbgps-nfl-gameplan-week-5-preview-redskins-vs-falcons/ Good morning Falcons fans! Good luck this week! Em
  4. This is my vote for the best game of the weekend. I like defensive battles and I think this will be one
  5. FBGP's Falcons vs Texans Gameplan Preview Good evening Falcons fans! Good luck this week! Em
  6. I think it's a combination of everything...he also has never been a 'patient' runner and that also can effect his output
  7. http://footballgameplan.com/cowboys-falcons-preview/ Good afternoon Falcons fans! Good luck this week! Em
  8. Thanks Gang! Looking forward to seeing how this defense progresses this week Thanks Tandy! We've interviewed over 100 current/former coaches, players, execs and entertainers about what they love about the game, why they got involved, why they stay involved and what the game taught them. Guys like Mike Singletary, Howard Mudd, Bret Bielema, CFL, Arena, Women tackle football players like Jen Welter...guys that coach overseas..it's a great read! Here's a couple of commercials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0PD0fZnNEo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veNvuoorE9c
  9. Both! I played RB at UL-Lafayette and I coached HS ball in New Orleans at my old HS (McMain) prior to Katrina moved me to NYC. Since then, I've been a consultant for guys trying to develop their playbooks at the HS level and I've been contracted out as a recruiting 'closer' by some schools.
  10. http://footballgameplan.com/fbgps-nfl-gameplan-week-2-preview-falcons-vs-giants/ Good morning Falcons fans! Good luck this week! Em
  11. This is why I'm always hesitant to do full-fledged article b/c of things like this. I realize many may not want to 'click the link and give me a page view' but c'mon. This is also why I do 99% video. A lot of people ask "why don't you just write an article?" Wellllllll lol
  12. Thanks Gang...I'm shocked at how many people - outside of you guys - don't see how good this Falcons defense is on paper and how well they play in the preseason. I get that it's preseason, but they could've easily went out there and stunk but they didn't!
  13. http://footballgameplan.com/fbgps-2015-nfl-week-1-preview-philadelphia-eagles-vs-atlanta-falcons/ Good evening Falcons fans! Welcome to a new season and good luck this week! Em
  14. Nah 2013 I had you guys finishing 2nd and last year I thought you guys would finish 3rd
  15. http://footballgameplan.com/football-gameplans-2015-nfl-team-preview-atlanta-falcons/ Good morning Falcons fans! Here's my season preview for you guys. Good luck this year! Em
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