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  1. They really need to scheme some more things for Hooper to get thrown to. I get he's a rookie, but make him the 2nd option on some plays (Julio is almost always the first.)
  2. Learn a little more about Grady Jarrett from Matt Karoly's Featured Falcon Friday series. He does a great job with these and I love seeing his articles. http://bloggingdirty.com/2016/11/18/featured-falcon-friday-nose-tackle-grady-jarrett/ So check it out. And please don't just copy and paste the article here.
  3. They allowed 3.7 YPC and allowed pressure at the exact same rate. They didn't look much better. That's why I'm making the definitive judgement. They stepped up to a below average line for one game from the worst in the NFL. Whoo. hoo.
  4. Their OL has allowed 19 sacks and 55 hits... which is average in terms of raw #'s but in rate is in the bottom 10. They also have a mobile QB that reduces both numbers. Their OL is only helping their run game average just 3.3 yards per carry... good for 31st in the NFL. They have an objectively awful offensive line. Let's not put Matt Ryan behind one of those.
  5. Quit. Moving. The. Goalposts. Seattle's offensive line isn't successful and acting like they are is just intellectually dishonest.
  6. When guys are drafted, the board has a tendency to expect everyone to be a starter eventually. That just doesn't happen. And having these guys be depth isn't a bad thing. Schraeder was only supposed to be depth until Holmes went down with a foot injury and Trueblood looked like garbage. So Schraeder finally got his shot in 2014 after being a 2013 UDFA for depth in 2013 and 2014. Then 2015, new coaching staff liked what they saw and started him all year. But it took him a change in coaching staffs and 2 years of actual development. Chester is going to be done after this year. Who replaces him i
  7. It's a good position to be in with the easier part of the Falcons schedule coming up. Would love to see Atlanta win out in their final 6. That'd be awesome.
  8. I don't see how calling a guy depth is giving up on him. He has to prove he's more than just depth if he sees action on the field.
  9. The best OL in football is Dallas: LT Tyron Smith - top 10 pick LG Ronald Leary - UDFA C Travis Frederick - 1st round pick RG Zack Martin - 1st round pick RT Doug Free - 4th round pick Atlanta's OL is closer to that: LT Jake Matthews - top 10 pick LG Andy Levitre - 2nd round pick C Alex Mack - 1st round pick RG Chris Chester - 3rd round pick RT Ryan Schraeder - UDFA Let me model it after Dallas and take a 1st round RG in Dan Feeney or a 2nd round guy who can pass block and move and maybe eventually put a 6th round guy at
  10. It's not a knee jerk. It's the reality I had when he was drafted. He's a guy who's probably long-term depth. That's not a bad thing. If he outperforms that, I'll admit being wrong.
  11. No, you aren't getting it. The Falcons offensive line is one of the 5 or 6 best in the NFL. The Seahawks have the worst offensive line in football. Why try and model your line after a team that isn't being successful? The lack of logic there astounds me.
  12. Why try to model your offensive line after the worst offensive line in the NFL today? That makes no sense to me. Atlanta doesn't have to do that in the first place with a top 10 pick at LT, a big FA signing at C and a solid UDFA development at RT. But RG and LG are long-term needs. And I don't think Schweitzer is the answer at RG long term... he might be one at LG. but I need to see more of him actually on the field.
  13. Again, play the percentages. And go based off of what he looked like in camp (which is someone excruciatingly raw), and he's probably not ready and probably not more than depth. There's nothing wrong with him being depth. I'm not saying he's unrosterable. Just to not expect him to be a good starting OG in the NFL long-term unless he has a magical turnaround.
  14. It's still a below-average defense. (in that 23-26 range). It has to get better in clutch times in tough games.
  15. And I say that as someone who likes Schweitzer. I'm just not expecting him to be much more than what he is—depth.
  16. Yes, let's use two far-out examples of 12+ year starters to justify the point when the vast majority of 6th round picks rarely see a 3rd year in the NFL. Come on, man.
  17. Can't wait til this defense takes the step to a truly average defense. Atlanta would be 2 games better with an average defense.
  18. The fact that he's a 6th round pick? I mean, no one really takes a guy in the 6th round expecting more than depth.
  19. All he had to do was run his route and look back at the QB. if he runs into the LB on that play, that's on the LB.
  20. I have to agree here. Not to mention Collins looks solid... so Trufant, Collins, Poole, Goodwin, King and likely a late pick all competing for spots. Not seeing where the need for a top 2 round CB is.
  21. That's a move that I have been against, but I think it is probably happening the more I look at it.
  22. I doubt Schweitzer is anything more than OG depth during his time here. Think the Falcons go after Ronald Leary or Zeitler in FA if either of them hit the market to shore up RG. Dan Feeney in the first could make sense too.
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