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  1. 1 minute ago, datchrisb1 said:

    Nice too read someone who see's us having expanded options besides being restricted to geting DTs/DEs with the first 2 picks.   

    While I'd love that, what happens if the Falcons go out and sign JPP and Dontari Poe? Where do you really need a DL if this is your rotation?


    LEO: JPP/Reed

    NT: Poe

    UT: Jarrett

    SDE: Hageman

    SLB: Beasley/Campbell/Draft/FA


    RDE: JPP

    RDT: Clayborn/Poe

    LDT: Jarrett/Poe

    LDE: Beasley

  2. 1 hour ago, datchrisb1 said:

    Still think there is a strong possibility for us getting this guy early in the draft. As far as physical tools, he's a freak. He's a freak of nature athlete. If he's still there in the second, I think it would be very hard to pass on him.



    Go Dan Feeney and Bucky Hodges in the first two rounds and make the offense great for years.

    MAke sure you sign guys in FA to contribute now, though.

  3. 2 hours ago, Psychic Gibbon said:

    He's a really good college QB. He doesn't have the traits to make the jump. The absolute ceiling I can see for him if everything goes right for him in the NFL is a poor man's Alex Smith.

    But he does have the traits. He's a shorter version of Jameis right now. He's closer to a Russell Wilson with more height (and he's a legit 6'2" which isn't too short.)

  4. 2 hours ago, MSalmon said:

    I could see that! He's just got a nice big, wide shouldered frame like his brother and that freaky athleticism (not quite as good as JJ)...he's one of those guys that you project what he'll be. May not be a 20 sack guy like big bro, but he'll get you that consistent 8-10 sacks a year and lots of tfl and other havoc wreaking plays. That's what you want in that base DE.

    You can just imagine 20 pounds or so of muscle on that frame. And his motor is nuts. I think you said Kearny as a comparison--I could see that. The scary thing is he was a pretty well recruited TE

    It's like having Kerney and Abraham again... only Beasley isn't as tall or long as Abraham was and is stylistically closer to Von Miller.

  5. 8 minutes ago, A-TowN.- said:

    I just started watching him tbh. Watched 3 of his games so I can give somewhat of a baseline on him. 


    Size and athleticism - He's 6'3, 215 pounds. Built like a Kam Chancellor but his size does not hinder his athletic ability whatsoever. 

    Run defense - One of the first things you notice about his play is his tackling ability. Great at exploding to the ball, breaking down correctly and attacking the ball carrier. Great at driving through and wrapping up. Does a nice job attacking gaps and helping in run support. 

    Coverage - Incredible coverage ability for a guy his size. Love his technique. Has a very smooth backpedal, and is very good at keeping everything in front of him. Pair that with his tackling ability and you got someone who is very good at making it tough for receivers to create YAC. Zone coverage is his strength, but he's also very good in pairing up in man coverage with tight ends. In general, he does a great job of attacking the ball. His technique is sharp, and provides sticky coverage in coverage. 


    Speed - For some reason when I watch him, his game speed is not very good. Looks like he times around a 4.7 or something. Yes he's athletic as heck, but his speed is a big question mark. His technique is so fantastic though that his speed doesn't hurt his zone coverage. 

    NFL position - Not sure where to put him in our scheme. Probably a SS or LB/S hybrid. Not fast enough and not enough range to be a FS. We already have a strong SS and NB, so maybe he could play big NB / WLB for us in certain situations. 

    Overall, he's someone you want on the field on passing downs. Great coverage ability, just not very impressive game speed. He's smart, instinctive, fundamentally sound, and he has all the tools you could want in a defensive back. He could be a fantastic player in this NFL if put in the right situation. 

    He'd be an ideal WLB if he could gain 15-20 lbs and be that 230-240 range.

  6. 37 minutes ago, MSalmon said:

    I like him or Harold Landry as a possible late first round selection for us. TJ is interesting with that big frame, he could easily end up 270ish and still be athletic...

    Imagine TJ at 270 playing that LEO role early before sliding into more of a Michael Bennett SDE/RDE role in the defense.

  7. 8 hours ago, A-TowN.- said:


    +Great length and athleticism

    +Fantastic, strong hands

    +Student of the game, focuses on technique

    +Great leverage and quickness off the snap

    +Great motor

    -Somewhat raw, needs more experience

    -Still filling out his frame

    -Strictly a LEO?


    Just a few thoughts on those guys. Hard to choose one over the others. 

    I really like Watt as a LEO. Even if he's strictly a LEO, he'd be an upgrade over Reed/Freeney long-term.

  8. 14 hours ago, Shagpill 2.0 said:

    This. He could be like abe, but Abe is the Predator! Cmon man I hope that Beasley makes a name for hinself. Abe was a game changer in the most epic fashion. Remember the bull rush/sack agianst Jake long?! that was Abe in a nut shell. Beasley play against Cam to end the game last year was one for the memory book. Just like the strip/sack/fumble recovery/TD this past week. Beasley is really starting to get it. Let's hope he loves the tatse. Just like Abe :slick:

    The production and ability to attack the edge is closer to a better version of Cliff Avril. and that's perfectly OK. He's not Abraham in style, but he is Abraham in production and destruction off the edge. I think long-term, people will try and find guys like Beasley. He has Von Miller level potential and he's just scratching the surface. that being said a guy like Abraham in JPP would be Awesome across from vic.

  9. 1 minute ago, m2Falcons said:


    Have you cooled a lot on TJ Watt, or is his ranking more a reflection of the depth at the EDGE in this draft?

    Is Malik McDowell going to rise to his talent or end up being a more consistent, albeit, better version of Hageman?

    TJ Watt is **** good. Could be a Kerney clone if Atlanta took him and used him at LEO. But he's probably a 2nd round talent in this draft. He should head back for his senior season.,


  10. 18 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

    Stop teasing man give it too me that scenario.

    Also with the resigning of Alford and probably the extension of Trufant how does this effect the ability of signing a guy like Collins

    For me it moves him out of the picture.

    The basic scenario is to re-sign Alford and sign Abry Jones and a guy like Melvin Ingram to fortify the front. then go LB in the first with Zach Cunningham out of Vandy.

  11. 25 minutes ago, kiwifalcon said:

    Stop teasing man give it too me that scenario.

    Also with the resigning of Alford and probably the extension of Trufant how does this effect the ability of signing a guy like Collins

    For me it moves him out of the picture.

    They have enough money to go after a guy like Collins, but you sacrifice one of the mid-level guys like Abry Jones or Ronald Leary.

  12. 12 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

    Obviously you've taken Collins but you could get Ingram for the same money.Do you prefer the pass rush of Ingram or the ability of Collins in pass coverage?

    Collins in pass coverage every day. I think drafting Lawson is what off-sets Ingram, though I do have a scenario in my head that my not be popular, but could really improve the defense drastically.


    4 hours ago, MSalmon said:

    Scar, I could definitely live and love this draft!

    collins is an interesting signing, as he can play more than just the Mike spot. TBH I often forget that he has played in a 43, as well. 

    I completely agree about Collins. could use him at SLB and WLB at times and have Debo back in the middle. so much versatility there.

  13. 18 hours ago, GET-ME-A-DB-TD said:

    While Jones is a light compared to most MLB's he is similar in size to others. Kwon Alexander is at 227 and only 5lbs heavier but the difference ive found is HOW teams use these lighter faster LBers. 

    What would you do with a blazing fast LB that could get off blocks? I just dont understand why we dont blitz Jones off the edge or try slingshotting him between the tackles like other teams do. I personally rather see Worrilow back in the middle and Jones at SLB bracketing TE's to help Neal and blitzing off the back of Beasley.

    Does anybody else think we are just unusually stubborn as a team with what we stick with even though it usually doesnt work?

    If anything, I'd rather see Campbell at SLB, Jones at WLB and a MLB who could do everything Jones does but is just bigger at MLB. Someone like Zach Cunningham would be fun.

  14. 1 hour ago, Smiler11 said:

    In base Hightower plays Mike, last year Hightower, Brandon Spikes and Mayo played ILB at some point. Jamie Collins played outside at either the WILL or SAM. In nickel he may have played inside given his coverage ability.

    He played Mike more than not with Hightower's injuries. Spikes was only there for his rookie year. Mayo was also constantly injured. Collins was the green dot for that defense and could handle it here too.

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