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  1. Player A: 104 tackles, 4 INTs, 5 PDs, $615k salary Player B: 84 tackles, 5 INTs, 10 PDs, 2 TDs, 1 FF, $10M salary Give me Player A every day This is Eric Berry vs. Ricardo Allen in 2016 including playoffs. Give me Rico (A) all day over Berry (B).
  2. The production and ability to attack the edge is closer to a better version of Cliff Avril. and that's perfectly OK. He's not Abraham in style, but he is Abraham in production and destruction off the edge. I think long-term, people will try and find guys like Beasley. He has Von Miller level potential and he's just scratching the surface. that being said a guy like Abraham in JPP would be Awesome across from vic.
  3. If anything, I'd rather see Campbell at SLB, Jones at WLB and a MLB who could do everything Jones does but is just bigger at MLB. Someone like Zach Cunningham would be fun.
  4. If they kick the FG earlier, they are down 2 for the first 2pt attempt as opposed to down 5. That makes it easier. Then if they miss it, the 2nd TD they would be up 4 going into the XP attempt and there would be no reason to go for 2.
  5. Collins has looked good in limited time. Trufant will be back next year. Brian Poole does a great job in the nickel Goodwin has shown potential at the 4th CB. Drafting a corner in the first round makes no sense. Drafting one in the first 3 makes no sense. Need is for depth. So take one, just not in the first 3 rounds. That's the point I'm trying to make.
  6. Issue isn't CB in the secondary, but FS. The idea that ATL needs another CB makes no sense to me.
  7. I always wondered why the Falcons let Quizz walk when he was such a good pass blocker and blitz pickup guy. Also a solid receiver out of the backfield. combining him and Freeman in passing sets would have been fun.
  8. I'd say Quizz is a better pass blocker than Freeman is. Other than that, I wholeheartedly agree with you.
  9. Gonna be REALLY easy to re-sign him. Maybe the Falcons can re-sign a top cornerback for the first time since the failed DeAngelo Hall deal.
  10. Honestly, this is way closer to old school Martyball than Smittyball. Run the ball. Control clock. win low-scoring games. (or how I win season games on Madden mobile)
  11. I mean, it's not like his production is too far off, but what he does is completely different. I'd love to have a John Abraham clone, but there aren't many of those out there. a LEO in Abraham's mold would be perfect.
  12. A good right guard would help out so much. Could allow Mack to double with the LG if there was a RG who could handle 1-on-1s.
  13. Issue is more on the guards than the tackles.... Just saying... Chester has been a massive weak link.
  14. Howard Horford Millsap Bazemore Schroder
  15. Man, if only Horford could have stuck around....
  16. YUp. the top 10 LT, the big money C and the home-grown RT. A solid cheap trade for a good LG was smart, just need a RG long-term because Chester is like 34.
  17. Brilliant move. And good $$ for it too. Just need that long-term RG... could see that drafted this coming season.
  18. Agreed. And it's not an easy transition into or out of the Walsh-Gibbs style offense that Atlanta runs. Best bet would be to try and bring someone in who already knows it or maybe even promote LaFleur (the QB coach) to the spot.
  19. Probably the two snaps right at the end when Schaub downed it twice.
  20. They really need to scheme some more things for Hooper to get thrown to. I get he's a rookie, but make him the 2nd option on some plays (Julio is almost always the first.)
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