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  1. I wouldn't be shocked to see him sign a 5-year, $41 million extension. Something like this: Year Salary Signing Bonus Old Deal Bonuses Option Bonus Total Cap Hit Dead Cap if cut 2017 $ 1,797,000.00 $ 2,000,000.00 $ 121,106.00 $ - $ 3,918,106.00 $26,918,106.00 2018 $ 5,000,000.00 $ 2,000,000.00 $ - $ 1,000,000.00 $ 8,000,000.00 $23,000,000.00 2019 $ 5,000,000.00 $ 2,000,000.00 $ - $ 1,000,000.00 $ 8,000,000.00 $15,000,000.00 2020 $ 5,000,000.00 $ 2,000,000.00 $ - $ 1,000,000.00 $ 8,000,000.00 $ 7,000,000.00 2021 $ 5,000,000.00 $ 2,000,000.00 $ - $ 1,000,000.00 $ 8,000,000.00 $ 4,000,000.00 2022 $ 6,000,000.00 $ - $ - $ 1,000,000.00 $ 7,000,000.00 $ 1,000,000.00 TOTAL $27,797,000.00 $10,000,000.00 $ 121,106.00 $ 5,000,000.00 $ 42,918,106.00
  2. I don't understand why either. Renew is the guy I'm hoping wins the FB Spot.
  3. Hill won't be playing FB. Tyler Renew or Derrick Coleman will. I'm putting $$ on Renew.
  4. Love Takk's confidence. If he's 100% in training camp, he'll be a 4-5 sack guy this year.
  5. If I'm Ryan, I sign the exact same structure I had last time.
  6. The way I see it. Starters: Matthews - Levitre - Mack - Schweitzer - Schraeder C/G gameday: Garland OT Gameday: Winner of Knappe, Freeman and Brunskill devo 8th: Harlow Camp bodies: everyone else.
  7. I mean, he's always going to be my little brother. I was worried it was something bad. But nope. So I told him the same thing I told my other little brother, "just remember to use protection."
  8. Pioli's response was about the same as the response I gave to my little brother when he came out. "So what's the big news you needed to sit me down for again?"
  9. Jordan Moore might just be that guy to beat out Neasman.
  10. Mauger isn't good... UGA hype around him. NEasman is a better player.
  11. Guys who are basically locks DT Grady Jarrett, Dontari Poe, Ra'Shede Hageman DL Adrian Clayborn, Jack Crawford, Derrick Shelby EDGE Brooks Reed, Takk McKinley, Vic Beasley LB Deion Jones, Duke Riley, De'Vondre Campbell, LaRoy Reynolds, Kemal Ishmael CB Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford, Jalen Collins, Brian Poole S Ricardo Allen, Keanu Neal, Damontae Kazee So battles for a DL spot, a LB spot, a CB spot, a CB/S spot and a S spot are what to look for.
  12. $20k for all of that stuff. (Season tickets in Atlanta should be easy to get around 4-5k, hotels around 2k for the season, and the rest leaves you money to explore the playgrounds *cough* strip clubs* of Atlanta) $5k to Scott Carasik to be your personal Atlanta tour guide.
  13. Holding grudges darkens the soul. Don't waste your energy holding a grudge against someone who won't impact your life ever again.
  14. You gotta learn how to forgive. On topic, I'm interested in actually showing up for one of these.
  15. Love Harlow, but I think he was selected to be LEvitre's eventual replacement. Does so much better on the left side of hte line than the right.
  16. Duke is the starting WLB in 2017. It just won't be shown til training camp that it's the case.
  17. RIley starts at WLB. WIlliams backs up LEO. Take Riley all day.
  18. Willis would have played RDE at Kansas State, but their RDE couldn't play LDE so they wound up just using Willis there because it made the other guy better. I think he could be dominant at RDE here.
  19. I trust Sark. He's always been good at getting the most out of his OL and he's running the same ZBS that he ran at Washngton here because he ran a Shanahan style ZBS at Washington.
  20. West Virginia was his best tape that's on Draft breakdown. But I love his play. I get why you wouldn't love him because his technique sucks.
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