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  1. Very rarely do I get pissed to where I can't see straight... but at this point, I am. I've never been plagiarized and then had someone think it was the plagiarizer's ideas instead of mine. This "From the Boards" article on Atlanta Falcons.com was actually an article I wrote for Bleacher Report and then copied and pasted to the message boards. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/2012/04/from-the-boards-7/ http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1134510-2012-atlanta-falcons-draft-dete...

  2. Don't ever copy and paste another one of my articles again. Your "TD Draft Strategy" draft topic was an article I spent over 14 hours worth of research into and all you did was spend 30 seconds to copy and paste it into the topic.

  3. because it's drug related it falls under the substance abuse policy and not the personal conduct policy. Since it's a first offense it could be up to 4 games if the commissioner deems appropriate.
  4. they do. But I grew up in Atlanta... so I grew up in the right place.
  5. I'm in Charleston as well! Where do you watch the games at? Also to the Original poster, where in SC are you going?
  6. I would love to go to this, but I am more or less stuck in Charleston due to my Job. But I'm definitely starting the Falcoholics club in Charleston, SC.
  7. Spoon is gonna knock some sense into him when they play.
  8. I hope they give it to Daniel Cox. I don't know if he has even applied. He's one of my favorite guys to tweet back and forth with.
  9. Houston isn't looking like the starter in Detroit from what I'm hearing. They brought him in and expect him to be a nickel or dime corner. How is it that ATL's supposed #1 CB is now Detroit of all places #3 or #4? Smith is brilliant but some moves are made that aren't based on pure talent and production, but rather hopes and dreams.
  10. In the scheme over the past 2 years: DE John Abraham - drafted 13th, 1381 snaps, 23 sacks, 58 pressures, 53 hits, 10.31 snaps per pressure DE Chauncey Davis - drafted 128th, 1132 snaps, 5 sacks, 38 pressures, 3 hits, 24.61 snaps per pressure DE Kroy Biermann - drafted 154th, 806 snaps, 7 sacks, 34 pressures, 9 hits, 16.12 snaps per pressure DE Lawrence Sidbury - drafted 125th, 107 snaps, 1 sacks, 0 pressures, 1 hits, 53.50 snaps per pressure DE/DT Jamaal Anderson - drafted 8th, 1268 snaps, 3 sacks, 39 pressures, 8 hits, 25.36 snaps per pressure (but this isn't too telling he was worse by almos
  11. neither one of those guys fits the mold for an ATL scheme DT. If Atlanta wanted to they should try and trade Jamaal and someone else for Dorsey.
  12. I definitely think he got Decoud and coleman completely mixed up.
  13. come check out my new mock! http://www.scardraft.com/mockdraft.html
  14. it was actually Haynesworth and a 3rd for McNabb. then the Eagles countered with the final offer.
  15. If Atlanta could get him for a 3rd this year and a 4th next, it would be more than worth it.
  16. probably because Sergio Kindle in the 4-3 is like a round peg in a square hole. Kindle has the tools to be an elite 3-4 DE. In a 4-3, he is too small and weak to play DE, and not quick or fluid enough to play OLB. Atlanta runs a lot of cover 2 and I would be hard pressed to say that Kindle even remotely fit the cover 2 defense. He just isn't that fluid. Also, the Orakpo argument is a horrible one. Orakpo is a much more fluid athlete than Kindle is. Orakpo also was blitzing over 35% of the time he lined up as a LB. Orakpo only looked good as a blitzer from the LB spot and was awful from there i
  17. you're forgetting to add the few DE's that they have brought in. DE is a need in Atlanta and the Front office views it as a bigger need than DT. I honestly doubt that they view DT as a need.
  18. Jerry didn't have an ACL tear for one. 2nd the Falcons scheme doesn't call for a mammoth NT. Also, Jerry is the perfect fir for that NT spot.
  19. I completely disagree. I think Anderson was the 2nd best DT outside of Babineaux. Jerry would have been better of course, but Anderson fits the role of the UT/NT swingman much better than as a base end.
  20. I disagree. when I saw him play DT he did a very good job. So honestly, I don't know what you are talking about calling him the worst. I honestly thought he should have been there instead of Thomas Johnson throughout the entire year.
  21. I disagree. I think that Jamaal needs to be playing Defensive Tackle. he fits that role much better, especially for Mike Smith's defense.
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