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  1. I disagree with the Donald comp. But I agree with everything else. He's an ideal fit for an SDE/nickel DT role like what Michael Bennett played in Seattle. I'd think Joey Bosa is a better comp.
  2. Corbett in the 2nd would be a dream. I love the idea of taking college LTs and moving them to guard. It gives you a better pass blocker and athlete to work with normally. And the outside zone scheme needs the better athletes and doesn't focus too much on pass blocking abilities. So it's a win-win.
  3. I'm using actual people who scout the draft for NFL teams. Not a bunch of random guys who throw spaghetti on the wall like Walter Footbal. Drafttek doesn't even scout their own rankings. He's not a top 5 DT right now. But guess what? There's gonna be 10-11 DTs that go in the first two rounds. And I'd put money on it that he's one of them.
  4. Lowell Lotulelei is a 2nd round pick right now.
  5. It wasn't just Manziel there. Mike Evans was there too. Mike Labbert and Travis Walker (two late round/UDFA types) were there too. Falcons there means they are looking at late round receivers or Mike Evans. But MAnziel isn't the target.
  6. they were at Texas A&M's pro day. not "Manziel's workout"
  7. Love his fit in Nolan's defense.
  8. not a workout warrior. was expected to go in the 4th or 5th round before the combine, probably a 3rd or 4th rounder now.
  9. Yeah, welcome to the lying season
  10. more like 3rd-4th round OG.
  11. LOL, did I need to?
  12. they've interviewed him in Columbia and I believe they have an interview scheduled for the combine
  13. 340. out of 1,696. That still means there's 1356 players that ARENT from the SEC on 53-man NFL rosters. Which makes my case even more that you don't focus on just one conference.
  14. and there's just as many from the ACC, the Pac-12 and the old Big East.