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  1. I disagree with the Donald comp. But I agree with everything else. He's an ideal fit for an SDE/nickel DT role like what Michael Bennett played in Seattle. I'd think Joey Bosa is a better comp.
  2. Corbett in the 2nd would be a dream. I love the idea of taking college LTs and moving them to guard. It gives you a better pass blocker and athlete to work with normally. And the outside zone scheme needs the better athletes and doesn't focus too much on pass blocking abilities. So it's a win-win.
  3. I'm using actual people who scout the draft for NFL teams. Not a bunch of random guys who throw spaghetti on the wall like Walter Footbal. Drafttek doesn't even scout their own rankings. He's not a top 5 DT right now. But guess what? There's gonna be 10-11 DTs that go in the first two rounds. And I'd put money on it that he's one of them.
  4. Lowell Lotulelei is a 2nd round pick right now.
  5. College LT to NFL OG is a good transition to have, honestly. Gives a better pass blocker and more athletic player to work with. Green Bay has done this for years. Atlanta also has done this with their recent selections: 2013 UDFA OT Ryan Schraeder (college LT to pro RT) 2014 LT Jake Matthews 2016 OL Wes Schweitzer (college LT to pro RG) 2017 OL Sean Harlow (college LT to pro OG) So taking another college LT to move inside doesn't hurt.
  6. Schweitzer has been fine though. He's improving every week. He's been better than Reynolds or Chester were.
  7. UDFA transition.
  8. WCO pssing, lets the OL run the run game. so ZBS running scheme is the same. play caller is differnet. I like it now
  9. It wasn't just Manziel there. Mike Evans was there too. Mike Labbert and Travis Walker (two late round/UDFA types) were there too. Falcons there means they are looking at late round receivers or Mike Evans. But MAnziel isn't the target.
  10. they were at Texas A&M's pro day. not "Manziel's workout"
  11. Love his fit in Nolan's defense.
  12. not a workout warrior. was expected to go in the 4th or 5th round before the combine, probably a 3rd or 4th rounder now.
  13. Yeah, welcome to the lying season
  14. more like 3rd-4th round OG.