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  1. It wasn't just Manziel there. Mike Evans was there too. Mike Labbert and Travis Walker (two late round/UDFA types) were there too. Falcons there means they are looking at late round receivers or Mike Evans. But MAnziel isn't the target.
  2. they were at Texas A&M's pro day. not "Manziel's workout"
  3. Love his fit in Nolan's defense.
  4. not a workout warrior. was expected to go in the 4th or 5th round before the combine, probably a 3rd or 4th rounder now.
  5. Yeah, welcome to the lying season
  6. more like 3rd-4th round OG.
  7. LOL, did I need to?
  8. they've interviewed him in Columbia and I believe they have an interview scheduled for the combine
  9. 340. out of 1,696. That still means there's 1356 players that ARENT from the SEC on 53-man NFL rosters. Which makes my case even more that you don't focus on just one conference.
  10. and there's just as many from the ACC, the Pac-12 and the old Big East.
  11. backup QB as a developmental 3rd guy...
  12. Can add Logan Thomas. has met with everyone but 4-5 teams. But Atlanta is one he met with.
  13. So, I'm gonna try and do articles on each one of these guys as the Falcons show interest in them. May not be amazing, but it's something to help. hopefully I get around 100 of them done by draft day.
  14. holy crap. Do people really think that conference matters when it comes to how they perform in the pros? Great players come from all over the place.