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  1. Good summary. Agreed on Bethel filling the last spot you had open.
  2. Started lurking after Ryan was drafted (I went to BC long before he did). Signed up in 2010.
  3. Glad a lot of people are as satisfied as I am. He caught the passes thrown to him, made the blocks asked of him, brought some swagger, and gobbled up every onside kick that headed his way. I'm very happy with his contribution last year.
  4. Would he not be the replacement for Worrilow at WLB. Worrilow would see the field last year in rotation and be a big drop off in coverage. I love the pick. If Campbell gets nicked up like last year Duke sees the field even more.
  5. May have been discussed somewhere already, but they said on the radio this morning that the trade up price was driven up because San Francisco was trying to trade back up into the first, which they were eventually able to do.
  6. I'm glad someone finally put in Neal. He is the tone setter like you said. I'd go with Matt - No brainer Julio - No brainer Tru - People forget he was the only real piece we had on defense in 2015 Mack - Solidified the whole offense Neal - Raises up the toughness of the whole defense
  7. Sign me up. I'd love to have him on our team.
  8. This is so dumb. These "rumors" come from an article from sbnation listing trades that would be as ridiculous as the Cousins to Pelicans trade. 92.9 The Game filled air time this week with this junk. http://www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2017/2/21/14670248/nfl-trades-2017-larry-fitzgerald-joe-thomas-demarcus-cousins
  9. Yep, now one of my favorites on the team. Great attitude, clutch on 3rd and 4th down, and on our hands team locking down games.
  10. This is what came to mind for me. With Wilson healthy I can see him scrambling more and thinking about running if he has a lot of open green in front of him. I expect Vic to spy at times in this game to reduce the risk of that.
  11. Exactly what I was thinking. Wouldn't want to risk an interception either. Looks bad in the box score.
  12. If scheming to get backs and receivers wide open is schoolyard, sign me up!
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