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  1. I think we can make another playoff run. As with teams that historically have regularly winning seasons, this team is being built to do the same. As I've read before, management has a lot of the pieces already in place with our available playmakers and the depth that was brought into the team through draft and FA and other signings. I'm fairly patient, and i imagine the long time fans since day 1 are as well, and as we all know, at this point, it's just adjustments and better talent evaluations have to be made. For the people who don't know, let them spout their words, but we're going to need to let TD/MS do their jobs and hopefully the proper adjustments are made and that we have strong drafts this year and the following years to come.
  2. I don't see why he's being neg'd hardcore. I agree that he doesn't go along with the flow, but he did give BOTH good and bad points. With the way we're running the game and the way we use Turner, we do need a healthy complimentary back. Snelling is great to keep the style of running to Turner going when the situation needs it, but we do need Norwood to stay healthy or find an equivalent that can stay on the field to play the type of role that Reggie Bush provides for the Saints. If anything, all he wants is to help create a complete backfield that can do it all and just pointing out that MT can't do it all by himself. And that's not a bad thing, it's just something to point out.
  3. Eat thunder and crap lightning? We need to get these guys chasing a chicken around. We need micky for speed coaching!
  4. It's only been 3 years and we've made tons of strides. Don't discredit 13-3, that's stupid. Sure we'd love to have a playoff win, but that will come in time. Why so panic? Let the Mike and TD do their jobs, they'll be just fine. Losses hurt, but losers will continue to lose. We have winners on our team. It's just not our time yet. Besides, at least we didn't lose to Seattle.
  5. Cause Matt Ryan is not Michael Vick. Ryan era is not the same as the Vick era
  6. That's something I've noticed as well. In the second half, I was seeing 1st and 10 and 2nd and 10 and just took 1 play to cover all 10 yards and then making it so the defense never got off the field. And also, don't take away from Mr. Rodgers, he played very will and definitely capitalized on everything the defense gave him. The other thing that I did agree with from the Joe Buck/Aikman commentary was that even though we won our games, we're not a big play team. When we fall behind like that, and ESPECIALLY like the playoff game, we're going to NEED the big plays. Yes, Matt Ryan can throw the deep ball just fine and Roddy, Harry Douglass, Michael Jenkins could probably nab them, but they aren't given too many opportunities to do so. And it showed during the game. One thing i did see, it was nice that they tried to get Turner a pass from the backfield, if it's a start to getting him another dimension, it's a very good sign. I just wish they prepared it more and had more time to experiment during the season rather than see it pop out of no where in a playoff game.
  7. The civil discussion makes me cry manly tears http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ManlyTears
  8. I guess I have to troll my response again. WHAT'S THAT, #2 IN THE NFC SOUTH? WHAT'S THAT, LOSERS TO THE FIRST EVER 7-9 TEAM IN THE PLAYOFFS? WHAT'S THAT, ONE AND DONE? WE CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER OUR HFA AND BEING #1 IN THE NFC! or should it be Who Dat? i mean, that's how you guys talk over in NOLAnd right?
  9. I can appreciate the praise for both Matt Ryan and MM, but that's all you should ever bring up if you wanted to give praise. Everything you've said is basically the equivalent to a person calling another person a racist remark but adding "But you're one of the good ones!" to make it sound like a praise.
  10. You want an example that shuts you down about ToP? http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/recap?gameId=290921015 Dolphins vs. Colts TOP: Dolphins: 45:07 Colts: 14:53 Score: 27-23 Colts Victory ToP doesn't NECESSARILY mean you outplayed the other team. It just means you held the ball longer. And I stand by my statement. I put examples of where the critical plays were at the fault of the FALCONS, not because the Saints were the huge factor in that game. Besides, I gave the statement that's most important in that game: Saints took home the win, Falcons lost. Jeeze, even when given the proper credit, the stupid ones still have to nit pick at everything and are still able to do it wrong
  11. Based on the analysis he gave ALONE, every other factor we can try to debate because valid points are valid points, but with that ALONE, no. The Saints did NOT outplay the Falcons. - It was the Falcons' fault with multiple MISSED sacks on Drew Brees. < Falcons fault for horrible tackling but much respect for Brees for keeping composure and still make a throw to avoid those sacks. - TURNER fumbled the ball - MCLURE botched the snap - COACHING decisions for conservative play in the late game So... NO. The Saints did NOT out play the Falcons that game. But because I'm also here to give respect where it's due, the Saints still won the game. They got knocked around on their offense 90% of the game and Brees threw 2 stupid picks AND they still won. Saints won, but they didn't outplay the Falcons.
  12. Yes and yes. Play like the champions we're shaping to be. No need to get fancy if we're perfectly fine as it is right now.
  14. Please address this before any of your next arguments #2 While you think about that, we'll all continue to enjoy our #1 spot in NFCS
  15. I haven't seen him reply yet. This makes me laugh. But the important thing is as always. We are #1, they are #2 this year. Sure they won the SB last year, but no one's arguing that. What matters is this year. We'll be fine. Saints will do their own thing, and in the true reality of it, we just want the ignorant Saints fan to just show some humility for once and give respect where its due. Or back to my normal trolling comment: WHAT WAS THAT #2? I CAN'T HEAR YOUR PITIFUL NON-ARGUMENTS OVER US BEING #1 IN NOT ONLY THE NFC SOUTH, BUT THE NFC!
  16. I'm hearing too much noise at being #1 in the NFC. How are you guys able to respond to the #2's?
  17. Formula's wrong Good O-Line Good QB ?????????? (QB it factor) PROFIT!
  18. 3 words for the next 5 games. Any Given Sunday Follow the process. We'll get there when we get there
  19. it's ok man, tell us how you REALLY feel that's lame though =\
  20. I really wish i could hear this guy... But being #1 in the NFC is too loud for me. I'm sorry man, the noise is just too much
  21. Oh what was that #2? I can't hear you over being #1 in NFCS
  22. The Bucs are taking their opportunity just as any other team would. As it goes, "Any given Sunday." They'll keep playing their games, we'll keep playing ours. But this does make things a lot interesting in the NFCSouth
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