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  1. If we do hire Koetter, Matt Ryan already knows the playbook. There wouldn't be the year one learning curve like with Shanahan and Sarkisian, so there is a better chance the offence hits the ground running year 1.
  2. Grimes. He's the better coverage corner. Owens is better at run support. Falcs were in the bottom 10 in pass D last year and top 10 in run. We're hurting for good pass coverage a lot more than we are for good run support.
  3. I know I don't post often, but let me offer you some insight into the mind of the average message board participant who "drinks the cool aid." These are people who believe they are the "real fans" for having blind faith in the team and supporting the organization regardless of what it does. To them, they believe the organization is infallible and can do no wrong. To question said organization is perceived to be not supporting the team and detrimental to the fan base. However, in actuality, questioning those in leadership positions is a good thing. It keeps them in line. It makes sure they are
  4. I managed to catch the game tonight, and I took a look at some of the rookies that folks on the board wanted to see in red and black. A lot of them looked very sharp, whereas our draft picks have been in my opinion, severely underwhelming. Brandon Graham managed to get consistent pressure whenever he was in and managed to get a sack and 2 TFL. Commentators said that the Eagles were really impressed with him so far. Carlos Dunlap and Geno Adkins looked sharp and each managed to record a sack . Both managed to get very good pressure when they were in and Dunlap was playing at both end and DT.
  5. Go Grimes! Secondary is looking strong this year...
  6. Do you have the full game footage? I missed the game and would very much like to see it.
  7. Defense as well. I love the bone crushing hits, blowing up offensive schemes, and the chess game behind it. Defense is the perfect combination of brain and brawn. Defense takes discipline, strategy, foresight, athletic prowess, experience, skill and natural instincts.
  8. Ugh, Norwood can't even stay healthy for minicamp. We should have let him walk while we had the chance.
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