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  1. Legggooo! The new era begins! Looking forward to getting back to our winning ways.
  2. I was never of this opinion. Does the team suck and not meet my expectations as a fans? Yes. Do I still hope we somehow stumble into the playoffs and maybe make a run? Even bigger yes. I don’t care if we are deserving or a playoff caliber team. Just give me sometime to root for.
  3. True, but why also even put your defense on the field at all. Why put their offense on the field at all if you can win it with a chip shot and dictate the game.
  4. No one is comparing Patterson to Mack. How does one even compare the two positions? All I’m saying is, to write off clear talent because of the conference he play in is stupid and arrogant. He’s clearly talented and playing head and shoulders above the competition.
  5. Yeah that Khalil Mack played against the Mac conference too so it’s a good thing we didn’t draft him.
  6. This. The answer should’ve been, Matt Ryan has been an exceptionally great player for us over the years. Although the new GM will have full authority to make personnel moves, I would suspect that most GMs would want to keep a talent and leader like Matt Ryan on board and work to get complementary pieces in place.
  7. TD’s absolute best draft pick considering round and talent.
  8. RM earned a lot of respect for the way he’s handling this situation. I am starting to lean towards him keeping the job more and more. Let’s see how the rest of the season plays out. The fact that he’s been on both the offensive and defense really bodes well for him.
  9. He still says “we” when talking about the falcons. If there was ever a Falcon for life, he was the embodiment of it. He played for the city. He hated our rivals (especially the aints). He never wore another jersey. Roddy is a true Falcon.
  10. What exactly do you not like about these particular resignings? I would argue that the vast majority of them were good resignings. Good: Ryan Julio Matthews Grady Debo Questionable: Trufant Freeman (Coming off the super bowl run and the season he had it would be hard to argue against it but I didn't like the signing because I felt we were overpaying for the previous seasons work)
  11. The answer to your question is no. Kyle already had a commitment in place to be HC for 49ers. Also you don’t fire the HC (Quinn) after he got to the Super Bowl, especially by trying to convince the OC who is on the way out to stay and take his job. This wouldn’t be thinking outside the box, this would be utter stupidity.
  12. You say things like this now but had we fired Quinn and promoted KS after the sb everyone would’ve been up in arms.
  13. But you’ll waste your time on this pathetic franchise and it’s message board?
  14. I personally can’t remember a more critical whiff on a blitz pick up than Freeman’s nonexistent one in the SB. I’d pick anyone else over him.
  15. My preference would be to to prioritize resigning Hoop and also go ahead and lock up Koo as he’s not expensive and proved himself his season. If Campbell is at all reasonable, resign him. If not let him walk. Beasley is the same. I’m sure someone will pay him because of his one magical year but if there are no takers bring him back on a cheap deal as a situational pass rusher. Basically, Beasley and Campbell can go but I’d like to keep Hooper and Koo.
  16. Can’t imagine Blank demanding that we keep Koetter. I think Blank likely wanted to hear out Quinn’s plans for next year if he were retained and those plans included keeping Koetter to eliminate the need for the offense to learn to work with a new OC.
  17. Believe MM didn’t get a fair shake because of the injuries and need for a scapegoat. Think RM will do well as DC though.
  18. He’s somewhere between overlooked and underrated. An argument could be made for either side. I do like the rapport that he’s built with Ryan though. Not sure another TE could come in and replicate that right away. Unless another receiver becomes a go to target I think it’s important to keep him. Of course only within reasonable means but still think we need to keep him. If teams blanket Julio like they do e need a reliable safety valve.
  19. What would make you think that? It’s pretty asinine to expect the same changes after a year of working together and having the chance to build on what worked and didn’t work.
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