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  1. Harry should stop shopping at Gap kids.
  2. "Julio Jones will always be part of the Falcons story, having set numerous records and creating many great memories for all our fans, including me, since the day we drafted him," Falcons owner Arthur Blank said in a statement. "He has been a fixture on our team for almost half the time I have owned the Falcons. As we both move in another direction, I'm deeply grateful for what Julio has done for our team and what he has meant to our city and, in my mind, he will always be part of the Falcons family. I wish him nothing but the best in Tennessee and throughout his life." I feel l
  3. Curious. Is that a function of the scheme or do you think tannehill chose the check down or short throws more often than not? I find it hard to believe that AS simply doesn’t have routes built into his play calling that spreads the field.
  4. Looks interesting. His interview was more entertaining. Let’s see what the coaches can do with him.
  5. Stupid topics I can deal with but the off season shouldn’t excuse blatant stupidity.
  6. Trade Jarrett?? Are you serious? WTH is going on with this place.
  7. This is what all those whining about his contract forget.
  8. So. Many. Sacks. So. Many. Fumbles. ✌️👀✌️👀
  9. I thought Roddy was a terrible pick and for the first couple of years I felt vindicated because he didn’t perform. I’m happy to say that Roddy is to this day one of my all time favorite Falcons. I was totally wrong about him and his physical abilities, albeit ring of honor worthy, pales in comparison with his overall personality and persona as a true Falcon, aints hate and all.
  10. We’ve all seen what Ryan can do in a good scheme and just another second or two of protection. Even a remotely decently running game can give Matt exactly what he needs to show up again. If we go Sewell (which I’m all for), I can see Matt playing a while longer in the red and black.
  11. 😂 now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while.
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