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  1. What have you done for me lately.
  2. Think it might be a positive thing in your life to be Falcons-free. Sounds like you have an unhealthy obsession. I don’t care how successful you are, telling your employees and clients that your obligations to them need to wait until after training camp is a sign of a major problem in your life regarding priorities. We’re talking about training camp? Most successful people fall off the cliff when they forget about the hard work that got them to the top of the hill in the first place.
  3. Hey man without Dwight that entire branch would’ve gone down lol
  4. Smitty did so much for this franchise. He helped make being a falcon fan fun again. My wife used to say, I hope when you’re a grandpa to our kids kids you’ll be a grandpa like I think Smitty is to his grandkids lol.
  5. So so true haha. In that video when he says Hey Sean and he comes back I wish so much that he said go f yourself lol
  6. Not gonna debate the play calling in the SB. It is what it is. I still want a play caller that is confident in his play calling. I never said Dirk is a slouch. On the contrary I’m a big fan of the Drik hire. Also never said Sark was an NFL OC. The lack of experienced showed at all levels and not just with playoff teams. Sark was a bad hire coming off a super bowl loss, we should’ve gone with someone with more experience to takeover and not entrust a record setting offense to someone who had only called a single game the past year and never called one in the pros. Mall in the past now but making my position clear on the issues because you seem to be stating otherwise.
  7. Bumping this because I got no feedback before lol. Also anothr point... when asked about Koetter Ryan said that Koetter gave him confidence to believe in what they were doing and that if something felt right, to go with it. I think that has a lot to do with the game planning and changing things at the line of the defense gives a certain look. Ryan was great at hurry up, no huddle operations at the line. I think it’s safe to say he grew a lot as a QB under Koetter and that Kyle took advantage of that with great play calling. I’m pretty excited about the Koetter hire now more than I was when I wrote all these reasons above haha.
  8. Good question. Looks like Dirk was forced to keep a handful of offensive guys that are already with the team and didn’t have a choice to hire all his own guys. It happens. Not to rehash that terrible SB and the year that followed but Sark just may have benefited from having some former assistants who were accustomed to running the offense that he was forced to learn and primarily operate in as a first time play caller in the NFL.
  9. Agree and liked both comments lol
  10. Sark never looked that confident. Just my opinion but the confidence of Kyle Shanahan on that particular video is really more confidence in himself that the play design and timing of the play call were perfect, not that he had the right players. Kittle is clearly one of the best TEs in the game rn but the same can’t be said about the QB was their 3rd stringer by this time once the season. That’s all confidence in his play design and situational play calling.
  11. Honestly this was my first thought. I wish that were an nfl film bit about Kyle as our OC haha. Since that ship has sailed I just hope Koetter will have the same confidence.
  12. I love the confidence in the play call and the result that Kyle got from this particular play. He says "all alone" and I just love that sort of cockiness. I hope and believe that Koetter will have our offense firing on all cylinders.
  13. and now all the people who complained about not getting kubiak can go into hiding.
  14. Happy with Koetter back in ATL. Familiarity with Matt Ryan and Julio will pay dividends.