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  1. If I remember correctly we were less than 20 yards from a super bowl under Smitty. That Falcons team would’ve beat the Ravens.
  2. Thats. A momentum changing sack if he just doesn't give up. What a perfect example of how stupid this team looked yesterday.
  3. This. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Zero contain.
  4. He’s pretty clear in what he’s saying if you don’t try to read into it and take it for what he’s actually saying. He’s planning on playing. He’s planning on the deal being done. If it’s not, he’ll make that decision come game time.
  5. What’s the context of this? cutting the guys you don’t expect to keep earlier is to their advantage no?
  6. Very cool of you. Will travel from NY just like the Jets and scream with my son until we crush them!
  7. I’m okay with having a few pillar guys on our team making a chunk of the money. If we continue to draft well we’ll be fine.
  8. And he proceeded to completely outplay that contract.
  9. Sensible saint. Haha thanks for the laugh.
  10. Blank is ballin so hard haha I love that this organization takes care of it’s players.
  11. Jason Peters played half the season. Carson Wentz played the majority of the season that got them home field advantage. Their injuries that season were not as ****ing as the Falcons who lost the both starting safety positions and starting mlb within the first two game. Also both guards at some point.
  12. Slow downward spiral? Last year we were killed by injuries. Two years ago we handled the Rams and came within a play of beating the Eagles, the eventual SB winners. This was in Sark’s rookie season as a play caller in the NFL. Three years ago we were in the Super Bowl and should’ve won. Barring injury this season, I fully expect DQ to lead this team into another playoff run. Last year was the only real terrible season we’ve had with DQ as the HC. I put the blame squarely on injuries last year.
  13. 19-0
  14. Duke should be a steadfast follower on special teams lol