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  1. So. Many. Sacks. So. Many. Fumbles. ✌️👀✌️👀
  2. I thought Roddy was a terrible pick and for the first couple of years I felt vindicated because he didn’t perform. I’m happy to say that Roddy is to this day one of my all time favorite Falcons. I was totally wrong about him and his physical abilities, albeit ring of honor worthy, pales in comparison with his overall personality and persona as a true Falcon, aints hate and all.
  3. We’ve all seen what Ryan can do in a good scheme and just another second or two of protection. Even a remotely decently running game can give Matt exactly what he needs to show up again. If we go Sewell (which I’m all for), I can see Matt playing a while longer in the red and black.
  4. 😂 now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while.
  5. Really wanted to watch this but didn’t have time. Now it’s gone
  6. Agree completely. A lot of times sacks are caused by someone other than the one who actually got the sack as their stat. Like Grady creating so much pressure that someone else is able to get home.
  7. Smitty? Is that you? 😂 jk
  8. Sheesh that boy looks like a problem. Would love that sort of push from our front 4.
  9. This isn’t the morality football league. Players who leave some money on the table deserve success? That’s moronic. The only time I’ve heard of someone taking less money than what the market is for them is someone who is on the back leg of their career and just looking to fulfill the desire to win once. You don’t deserve to win a super bowl because you’re willing to take less money. You deserve to win because you played better than the other team. The notion that Matt or Julio should request a pay cut to have more room for other players is asinine. Teams that have had success lately manage the
  10. This argument carries ZERO weight. You said there’s no guarantee that it brings you a ring. Of course all players want to win a ring and be a champion, but at what cost? Literally, what cost? Tens of millions of dollars out of their own pocket? FOH. You’re talking about tens of millions of dollars out of your pocket and it’s not even a sure thing. They could end up paying someone like Steven Jackson, Ray Edwards, Peerless Price with that money that you insist the team keeps for more help. Ain’t none of those guys helping you to get a ring. This is such a dumb argument.
  11. Of course he does but exactly like you said, not at the expense of him and his own family. There’s enough money to go around and unless the QB or your other top 5 player at his skill position is still on a rookie contract this is the way of the NFL.
  12. FYI for those who say Ryan has never restructured his deal to help the team..... https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2020/03/25/atlanta-falcons-create-space-by-restructuring-with-matt-ryan-jake-matthews-nfl-news/ https://www.lindyssports.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/article/headline/report-falcons-rework-ryan-jarrett-deals-for-cap-space/502495/ https://www.sportstalkatl.com/falcons-save-7m-in-cap-by-restructuring-ryans-deal/ Also, all of the complaints about the last contract we signed with him. Guess who had the largest contract up until that time. Kirk f’in cousins
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