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  1. Ah yes! Trade one cornerback that doesn't like to tackle for another!
  2. What does he got ? Like 500 career home runs??
  3. I'm not worried about's a professional team that I root for...I have better things to do than get my post count up over 25,000
  4. So I'm the one ignoring the 100% stat that through 52 NFL preseasons no NFL team has gone 0-4 (excluding the '92 Redskins scrub team anomaly) and won the Super Bowl with the sole sample size being the NFL? lol
  5. The "scrubs" season was clearly an anomaly. Look.. I hope they do make history this year, I'm just not sold on the offense and Sark. Which is really sad because this is the most talented Falcon team ever.
  6. Well the Falcons are really going to have to buck history this year. No NFL team has gone winless in the preseason and won the Super Bowl. No NFL team has played the Super Bowl in their home stadium. But they are known for blowing record breaking leads
  7. You know...Michael Vick still doesn't get it. He is, and as long as I can remember, a self serving individual. Even his letter RIGHT before the Super Bowl a few years ago, only talked about HIM. Mike...please, leave things to the professionals for awhile, will ya?
  8. It still bothers me remembering when Hall went for the interception instead of the knock-down right before haltime on a Drew Brees throw resulting in a whiff and a touchdown. Total me guy
  9. only matters what he can do for us ON THE FIELD!!!