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  1. You know...Michael Vick still doesn't get it. He is, and as long as I can remember, a self serving individual. Even his letter RIGHT before the Super Bowl a few years ago, only talked about HIM. Mike...please, leave things to the professionals for awhile, will ya?
  2. It still bothers me remembering when Hall went for the interception instead of the knock-down right before haltime on a Drew Brees throw resulting in a whiff and a touchdown. Total me guy
  3. only matters what he can do for us ON THE FIELD!!!
  4. Very good post...hopefully Duke improves in his second year. Fullback is a need and hopefully they can hit on a defensive tackle in the draft. People forget that teams that spend in free agency are rarely successful because of that free agent (Michael Turner being the exception).
  5. The same guys defending him now were the same guys calling him out for his whining after his injury from Jake Matthews. He's okay now because he's going to be a Falcon no? Lol You guys lack discernment and he will be cancer in the locker room.
  6. Yes I have played sports. Not at the NFL level though. And sports are emotional, I get your point. Why are you defending this guy??
  7. My eyes deceive me when the Seahawks are consistently arguing and fighting on the sidelines?? Some of you have blinders on really..
  8. So you are only concerned with his on the field character concerns? Did you watch his end of the game shenanigans in the Super Bowl and against the Jags last year??
  9. Great talent but tons of character issues. Will the Brotherhood overcome the bad traits he will bring, or we he become a product of what Dan Quinn has built in Atlanta?
  10. They only had 8 guys out there for the extra point attempt!
  11. Wow! So the Falcons players have never played in harsh weather conditions??? They're all from Florida!!
  12. I'm pretty sure the Falcons are motivated also with 28-3 posters everywhere
  13. C'mon guys! Everyone knows next year's schedule don't mean squat! We have no idea who will be good next year. The Falcons are the only returning playoff team from last season...and there will be a similar turnover of playoff teams again next year.
  14. Scheming against Aaron Donald will be key in next week's matchup. I'm sure he'll get his from time to time as good of a year as he has had.. The Rams are going to have to contend with an inexperienced team in the playoffs (especially at the qb position). I think it will be important for the offense to jump ahead early and keep scoring touchdowns rather than settle for field goals due to L.A.'s explosiveness on special teams and offense.
  15. I have serious doubts that they will beat both divisional rivals over the next two weeks. Ironically, the Lions will take the place of the Falcons as the #6 seed and people will be proclaiming karma....