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  1. Yeah...saw the sportsmanship of that Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee...
  2. Chase Daniel is a booger eater!!
  3. The fact that three NFC South teams make it to the playoffs would be awesome.
  4. Yeah of coursehe should be starting over Ryan! His completion percentage, QBR, and interception rates are all lower that Matt's!!
  5. Spotting the ball is one of the most basic things a ref learns early in their career. You would think professionals would have it down by now.
  6. That's awesome Mike Vick! You are square with the world again! It takes a real man to come back from something like that.....Mad respect for you bro!!
  7. Wade Wilson with 5??
  8. Wow! That is awesome! How many interceptions this year have been as a result of bouncing off of receivers hands this year?
  9. How about this?
  10. I don't think Jerry's beef is entirely based off of the revenue Goodell made for the league in past years. His discontent is rooted in the Ezekiel Elliot issue, his mis-handling of player discipline, and his handling of the anthem protests (which will result in less revenue going forward). I think it is funny that people are defending Goodell as if they have never criticized his job performance in the past. He is a very polarizing commissioner.
  11. I was at that Bronco game...they (Broncos) went up 17-0 and the fans were talking smack. By halftime, the Falcons were winning and the Broncos were being booed going into their locker room!
  12. Thank you Falcons for making my Thanksgiving bearable!! 90% of my family are Cowboys fans!! Hahahaha
  13. Alright....let's do this. You go ahead and bookmark this page/posts and we can pick this discussion back up during NFL free agency. My prediction is that owners will not be spending fair market value on players not because they are angry with them over the past year, but because the money is down. And if my prediction is right, maybe you can begin to come over to my side and see things through my lens. If I am wrong, I'll look at your models and begin to see things your way. How does that sound? And no agenda here...I just think Goodell's handling of a multiple of issues should be taken under consideration for his total overall job performance.
  14. Who are you trying to kid here? If ratings go down, so do advertisement dollars for the networks, and then what tv will pay for broadcast rights. As for your baseball response. You are correct, their ratings go up during the playoffs. But up until recently, the baseball playoffs regularly lost to regular NFL season games. And that is why it is news today. As for your comments regarding alternate sources to find watch NFL games. Those alternate methods do not pay the NFL back what tv networks pay to them, which results in......wait for it......LOWER REVENUES! And maybe you are right, that Millennials account for most of the viewing population. But I would argue that they also do not earn what middle aged viewers do and thus results in......wait for it..........LOWER REVENUE FOR THE NFL OWNERS! Because Millennials want their viewing for free and that business model doesn't work for business owners. And that is why you will see this whole thing continue to cascade down my friend.