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  1. Let's not forget the classless fans blowing whistles throughout the Ram's offensive possessions.
  2. Sean Payton whining about calls and ge has a whistle simulating that the referees have called the play dead when the Rams have the ball??
  3. Hahaha! Awesome poll @Tandy...I live in Kansas and their fans keep telling me they are winning the Super Bowl so no worries here lol!
  4. Well, what else might be going on is that potential candidates may see that Dan Quinn is in a situation where he may not have a job in a year if things go bad. It makes it hard for the Falcons to attract the coaches they may want to hire. I don't think it's that bad of a hire with Koetter. There was success before with him and I agree with an earlier post, Matt may have put his foot down and said no mas! And what type of success did Gary Kubiak have in his career prior to the Super Bowl win with him has a head coach? I'm honestly asking because I don't know...
  5. I see that you read only the first part of my comment and not the full substance of what I said.
  6. It is becoming popular to compare anything people are outraged by to the Holocaust without anyone having any true experience of it.
  7. OR....maybe he is waiting on all the head coach dominoes to fall (perhaps they want to hire Adam Gase). And I seriously doubt Rico Allen will be ready by training camp...his injury could be a lingering problem all next season.
  8. I don't think we are haters when he drops more passes than anyone else on the team lol
  9. How terrible is this defensive scheme if the backup to the backup throws huge completions??
  10. Ridley needs to work on his hands the off-season...seems like the football is always in play/on the ground when he is targeted or given the ball.
  11. Matt is visibly upset with the oline today
  12. I'm not even watching the game today...thought it better to golf than go through the torture again but it looks like the same ol stuff.
  13. Does anyone have a still image or good angle shot that we can see to put this to bed? Was it truly a bad pass by Ryan (as Charles Davis said) or poor effort by Julio??
  14. I think the players are quitting purposely trying to send Blank a message