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  1. I'm sure the frustration of coming to work everyday after that Super Bowl debacle wearer on someone as talented as Julio...
  2. B-b-bingo!! ...but we were led to believe Julio was a team first guy! Selfless or selfish??
  3. I think Julio knew what was up the whole time. Are you seriously asking me if anything shock jocks like Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe do is right or wrong? What won't they do for ratings?
  4. Wow...IF that is true than Shannon's reputation with players for confidentiality purposes is irreversibly damaged and he and Fox Sports better lawyer up
  5. So you're of the opinion that Julio was that naive and Shannon/Fox Sports was that wreckless with their personal/business liability??
  6. If indeed they set Julio up (I believe that's doubtful btw), then the least of Shannon's worries needs to be an apology...he needs to be concerned about lawyering up. Odd coincidence that Shannon lives in same city as Julio...wonder if they ever talk🤔
  7. I think the tea leaves have been showing regarding Julio. Pulls himself out of key game situations Holds out because he's not the highest paid wr in the game Goes on national tv and says he's gone (putting the Falcons in a bad situation for trade value) What do the Falcons do with this type of prima donna attitude...draft Ridley and Pitts Bye Julio...thanks for all the good memories
  8. That's funny because the guy who made that throw where only his guy could catch it was the same guy you are criticizing on the second gif for not blocking the guys upfront (said guys five times)
  9. I'm not saying anything other than it's time to move on from him....and if the Falcons were smart they would have traded him one year out from the Super Bowl and the defense would've been better. The Falcons played loyalty over smart business and it cost them. I like Julio but it was and has been a long time coming to move on
  10. I don't understand football because I disagree with you? Are you coaching football as your career somewhere that we should be enlightened? I wonder how other top end receivers are scoring touchdowns seeing the same types of double and triple teams? Maybe they should have force fed Julio the ball in the redzone and we could have seen a more rewarding result with him but that's right....he didn't capitalize on his opportunities
  11. I know that Julio was ineffective scoring touchdowns throughout his entire time in Atlanta and I also know like many Falcons fans that the offensive numbers are misleading oftentimes because of garbage time yards coming back from double deficit scores.
  12. He was all about his money (everyone says what a team guy he was) and he held out for two consecutive years which helped lead to a salary capped team. His stats have not been off the chart for a long time and his production has fell off. His trade value is not going to get any better and the Falcons ain't winning with him...bye Julio
  13. Game speed he can make this prognosis with a linebacker bearing down on him? Where's the line to gain? C'mon man!
  14. So @TDWII you're in those meetings and one on one conversations to know what is said/accountability? What personnel, which Ryan has had no choice in attaining/removing, has left the organization and lit the world on fire?? Quarterbacks don't exactly get to call the shots on the plays called... that's the coaches job.
  15. Was Hooper a better blocker? I see Hurst whiff quite a bit
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