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  1. In Oliver's defense...was that his 2nd or 3rd NFL start?? Playing against one of the shiftiest/top receivers in the league?
  2. That's awesome to hear man! Glad your results came back negative... We too have been dealing with a lot of personal stress and health issues. Please keep us in your effective prayers!
  3. From what I recall Julio wasn't very happy in-game when Matt called him out...
  4. Kroy Bierman...bring him TD!!
  5. $1,000 bucks (my whole life savings BTW) that McCoy lands with the Falcons/Panthers/Saints after this snub!
  6. Backups and scrubs are still just that....backups and scrubs.....there is a reason why they don't start in the NFL
  7. Who's playing right tackle that's on the roster right now?
  8. Mad respect for Bruce Pearl's ability to tell his team and fans after the game to move on from the game. Taught his players an invaluable lesson that sometimes life is unfair and bad things happen. It's how you react to those things shows the character that you truly have. I feel that Sean Payton did a disservice to his players and their fans by stating after the game the refs were the direct cause of their loss.
  9. I remember some untimely turnovers on potential scoring drives that happened in the second half....(Matt Ryan fumbling once or twice under center?) And then of course the go-ahead touchdown that Douglas stumbles on. You could say the same about Super Bowl LI...perfect cascade of incompetence. The missed block by Freeman, the missed facemask on Sanu, the missed interception by Alford....aargh!!!
  10. Look....I would like to put on my revisionist history glasses on like anyone else but it was apparent that both the offensive and defensive lines were insufficient against most opponents. And Quinn was unwilling to take full control of the defensive playcalling that resulted in long losing streaks....I'm not going to kid myself. The roster needs a lot of retooling that's just the reality of it. If Takk doesn't become a qb pressure threat that we all were hoping he would be, then where is the pass rush going to come from? Grady Jarrett who has the contract distraction hovering over his head??
  11. The trade Roddy White fans are living in fantasy land - says all the AFMB saying don't trade Julio Jones
  12. I don't have a problem with trading Julio at his maximum height of value. I thought the Falcons should have traded Roddy after the 2012 season. It won't be too long before fans are clamoring that he's getting too old and cost too much! And the reason I am sooo comfortable with this idea is because I'm going to bet on MY quarterback! Matt Ryan is the reason why this team will succeed or fail....
  13. Matt Ryan and his rich contract are what cripples the Falcons from putting a formidable team around him.