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  1. Will somebody please blow a 35 point lead in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl already! Gosh!!
  2. The thing that to understand is when signing a free agent; his age, has he stayed healthy is he trending up....Hooper meets all of those definitions and will make a lot of money by the Falcons or another team In other words, Hooper's best years are in front of him, not behind him. This loss on the roster is upsetting because he is the one getting the short end of the stick because of a bad contract with Freeman, poor negotiating with Julio, holding onto Beasley one year too long.
  3. We aren't getting serious... I just think that a mutual insurance company with sustained success that gives it's profits to policyholders rather than shareholders or a board of directors should be celebrated...not player hated!
  4. State Farm has been the #1 auto insurer in the U.S. for like 4 Patriots dynasties....not sure you get that way being poorly rated
  5. I think Alex has been the cause of multiple brain farts this season so I'm not putting too much stock in what he is saying about the mentality of the team.
  6. I agree...up until the last 1 1/2 of the Super Bowl the defense was really coming together. A bunch of arm chair quarterbacks trying to play smart now.
  7. Perhaps it was the soft cover zone defense that Seattle and Atlanta play that made it easy for the short pass game
  8. I don't even car if they lose but they manage to embarrass their fans more and more each week!
  9. What do you mean a 1-3-1 team?? The Falcons were 1-4 headed into the game!! Lol
  10. Didn't realize it till I read this article that they are returning to Houston for the first time since LI...need to exorcise those demons to move forward.
  11. An unfortunate truth for this squad...anytime something goes wrong, there will always be a cascade of mistakes.
  12. Long developing wr routes behind a weak offensive line leading to sacks on the qb
  13. Sad but true Have to start fresh to have a chance of a ring for Ryan