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  1. Gotta respect when a coach or player knows when it’s time to call it quits. Thanks for some good years Smitty.
  2. Quinn and Dimitroff have discussed the idea of keeping two kickers on the team.
  3. The bye week was big for our whole defense, Quinn and Manuel had that unit ready to play today. Quinn isn’t without error in his career with us but games like this are why we hired him in the first place. The dude can coach up a defense. Hopefully this is a trend that continues and is reinforced when Deion comes back.
  4. I feel like the last two years we’ve been basically in the exact same position, about .500 and not quite meeting expectations. Those teams grew, and this one will too.
  5. I agree can’t wait for the playoffs good team win go Falcons
  6. I wish more of our players kneeled
  7. It likely wouldn’t have been as close if Sanu and Riley were in the game
  8. Our defense is the most injured unit in the league during the season that the super bowl is in our house... I don’t know why we expected any other outcome for this season tbh. This is Atlanta after all.
  9. Can you imagine how straight our defensive line would be right now if we traded Vic and a couple of picks for Khalil Mack :I We would probably be 3-1
  10. The second half of the Bengals game was interesting for our defense. I’m curious to see if our better play was a result of the Bengals not having much of a game plan for us switching defenses or if man to man is actually more effective with our current roster. Hopefully it’s the latter. If Matt Ryan continues to play this well I could see us going 5-0. I could also see us going 2-3. If we can just hold opponents to 21 or 24 points a game until debo gets back we might have something here.
  11. Our dline should be getting more pressure than this. Vic Beasley is a bust.
  12. Man it sucks going from having potentially the best Falcons team ever, while the SB is in Atlanta, to the season essentially on the fridge of being a waste in week 3 due to injury. A few things really need to go our way this season for us to have a shot at anything meaningful. Matt Ryan straight up needs to have another MVP level season. We are going to have to rely on our offense heavily. Having a healthy and effective Freeman would also go a long way. On Defense we obviously need Takk and Debo back ASAP, and in pro bowl form. As of right now there is no strength of our defense, it’s a shell. Lastly we really need Kazee to step up and provide some kind of stability at safety.
  13. Jeez we have got to be the most injured team in the league this year. I guess it’s our turn.
  14. I don’t get why people were down on Ito as a runner coming into the season. What we we saw last Sunday was exactly what we saw out of him when he ran with the first string OL in the pre season. This guy was a baller in college.
  15. This isn’t jumping to conclusions, Takk didn’t play the final defensive series and looked like he was having a problem with his foot. That at being said, hopefully he is referring to something in his personal life and not football.
  16. The reason why soccer is so popular in Atlanta is because finally a professional sports team has united the Atlanta transplants. Everybody that moved here from other places has always rooted for their home football, basketball and baseball teams. Now there is a new team in town in a sport that people don’t have a traditional team in and all of the sudden for the first time ever Atlanta is known as a rabid sports city. I love it.
  17. Eh I mean we aren’t winning the World Series with Boston playing the way they are but I see no reason to be down on the Braves in the post season. We could realistically have the best record in the NL at the end of the season. We’ve got an ace in Folty who is top 5 in ERA. We have the hottest player in baseball. Multiple guys throughout the line up have stepped up and been clutch this season. The only knock on our team is the bullpen and we just got Vizciano back from injury. Not to mention we will have a few days to rest our arms after playing 22 games in 20 days recently. Im pretty bullish on our post season odds. It’s a down year in the NL.
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