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  1. Super Bowl 1998. First football game I ever watched.
  2. It’s nice to be one of the few teams that retained both coordinators. Continuity is key.
  3. I’ve never seen a falcons uniform I didn’t like. Y’all crazy lol.
  4. I just want us to score in the freaking red zone.
  5. Lol can we wait til the draft at least
  6. That’s funny I’ve always felt the opposite. Like Vegas is all glitz and glamour and trying to sell you a certain image but New Orleans is the REAL sin city.
  7. The only way I would ever root for the Patriots is if they were playing the saints in the super bowl. Period.
  8. Lol....ok ok. So you guys that are putting down soccer don’t think that if Atlanta United wins oh let’s say 2 out of the next 3 championships that this championship starved city won’t be 100% behind them? That would be unprecented success in this city that no team pro or college has ever been able to deliver us. Not only that, but tooons of people in this city have been battered by years of disappointment from the falcons and they only really show love in the playoffs. Atlanta United doesn’t have that stigma of failure and are the darlings of MLS. Unless we are in the playoffs I see more Atlanta United merch around the city than I do falcons. I host people at my house on Sundays for the falcons but I still have more friends that are Atlanta United fans. Maybe y’all don’t live in the city or the surrounding area and don’t understand but this is definitely a soccer town. I found that out during the World Cup a few years ago when I couldn’t get a table at any bar I went to.
  9. Deion led the NFC in tackles, nice.
  10. Also I am very pleased with the Hawks tanking effort this season and if they get a top 3 pick next year they’re very likely to get a future superstar. That draft is stacked.
  11. I can’t speak for the suburbs, but the actual city of Atlanta is definitely a soccer town and was even before we got our own team. Atlanta United is doing some pretty ground breaking things that are affecting the MLS as a whole and just signed one of the best young talents in the world who could have gone to a European club in a year or two if he wanted. I won’t say they will over take the falcons in Atlanta because when the falcons are making a playoff push this city represents and is definitely proud. But if Atlanta United starts bringing championship(s) to this city and the Falcons start declining, watch out.
  12. I’m liking what I’m hearing about the XFL’s streaming services already. I hope this league is successful if only to cause some change in how sports are broadcasted.
  13. I can’t say that I ever saw Dan Quinn looking “comfortable” this season. Furthermore, how exactly was he going to bring in some one to check his in game decisions? That sounds like the last thing I would ever hear of an NFL head coach doing. Who would be qualified to do that other than a different NFL head coach? And why isn’t he coaching somewhere else, or better yet here in Atlanta rather than some one who needs their in game decisions double checked? That’s just not how football works. Quinn has participated in 3 out of the last 4 Super Bowls. He coached one of the best defenses of all time in SEA, over saw the 7th best offense of all time here in Atlanta and turned the worst defense in the NFL into a top 10 unit in 3 years and he is STILL learning. He’ll be fine.
  14. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones for sure. I could see Devonta declining one day and having to be shipped off/leaves for a better contract somewhere else. That’s just the way it seems to go with RB’s nowadays. On defense it’s harder to say because they’re so young. Deion Jones seems to be a favorite of Quinn’s and with good reason. If he keeps the pro bowls rolling in he’ll be a Lifer. He’s the only one I’ll speculate on because our D is so young and promising players decline all the time.
  15. I’ve harbored a lot of hate for the Eagles especially when they had Vick, but the Patriots are definitely my most hated non NFC South team now and I absolutely can’t stand the idea of them winning another super bowl. Seriously, it makes football boring. Go Eagles.