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  1. This isn’t jumping to conclusions, Takk didn’t play the final defensive series and looked like he was having a problem with his foot. That at being said, hopefully he is referring to something in his personal life and not football.
  2. Trade freeman. Jk. Maybe.
  3. I might have to take a break from the falcons soon. Watching this team puts me in such a bad mood.
  4. The reason why soccer is so popular in Atlanta is because finally a professional sports team has united the Atlanta transplants. Everybody that moved here from other places has always rooted for their home football, basketball and baseball teams. Now there is a new team in town in a sport that people don’t have a traditional team in and all of the sudden for the first time ever Atlanta is known as a rabid sports city. I love it.
  5. Eh I mean we aren’t winning the World Series with Boston playing the way they are but I see no reason to be down on the Braves in the post season. We could realistically have the best record in the NL at the end of the season. We’ve got an ace in Folty who is top 5 in ERA. We have the hottest player in baseball. Multiple guys throughout the line up have stepped up and been clutch this season. The only knock on our team is the bullpen and we just got Vizciano back from injury. Not to mention we will have a few days to rest our arms after playing 22 games in 20 days recently. Im pretty bullish on our post season odds. It’s a down year in the NL.
  6. It’s the Braves for me. ATL United is awesome but I’m pretty much ready for the playoffs after Josef broke the scoring record. The MLS season can drag on a bit. The Falcons are meh. Honestly after 2016 it’s hard for me to get super excited about them during the regular season. Still love them. UGA is great of course but they’re beating up on inferior competition right now so there isn’t much excitement to the games. Meanwhile the Braves just won 7 out of 8 on a west coast trip and extended their lead on the NL east to 7 games. They are going to clinch soon. That series against Arizona was the most fun I’ve had watching the Braves in a long time. Our starters have lead the league in ERA in the last month and our young players are producing. Which brings me to the main reason why the Braves are the most exciting right now... Ronald Freaking Acuna. I have never seen a young player for an Atlanta team develop so quickly. This guy has without question been the most exciting player in baseball in the second half. He impacts the game in so many different ways, every time you turn the TV on he is doing something ridiculous. His at bats are must see TV. He has gone from being a pretty good looking rookie to probably one of the top 10 players in baseball in a matter of months. This guy is the future of Atlanta sports. I know that what Josef is doing is unprecedented and he is having the best season in MLS history. But Josef wouldn’t be doing this in Europe. Acuna has excelled at the highest level of his sport.
  7. Glass half full: At least Keanu and Debo will be less expensive now!
  8. I think we’ll be aight. As long as we have a winning record by the time debo comes back we can still make noise in the playoffs.
  9. I think the “politically correct” mentality stems from Arthur.
  10. Eagles have an amazing defense guys
  11. Ugh I bet if they weren’t doing their stupid ceremony we wouldn’t have a delay
  12. I listen to the midday show and dukes and Bell most days
  13. Staplehouse is the best restaurant in Atlanta. They are always booked a month in advance but you can walk in and get seat at the bar if they aren’t swamped. Poor Calvins is very nice and underrated. You really can’t go wrong with some combination of Krog st market, Inman Park, and ponce city market with a nice belt line stroll in between.