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  1. Gotta respect when a coach or player knows when it’s time to call it quits. Thanks for some good years Smitty.
  2. It still baffles my mind that there are people that try to hate on United. You know, with the ridiculous fan support every where you look in the city and breaking of attendance records and what not.
  3. So if United goes on to win two more championships in a row and become the first MLS dynasty and keep spearheading change and growth within their league and turn out to be really, really satisfying for years to come you’ll be on board? Put on a scarf bro feels nice
  4. Just realized there isn’t actually a major league kickball league and you were making an attempt to trash soccer. LOL are you dense? Why are you hating on something that that that brings success to our city? Sorry if you don’t brah
  5. Confederate Avenue was recently changed to United Avenue. Just sayin.
  6. There was definitely some strategic branding in this. Arthur has a vision for uniting Atlanta.
  7. Debo is coming back a week too late it looks like
  8. We never beat the Browns. :/
  9. Quinn and Dimitroff have discussed the idea of keeping two kickers on the team.
  10. The bye week was big for our whole defense, Quinn and Manuel had that unit ready to play today. Quinn isn’t without error in his career with us but games like this are why we hired him in the first place. The dude can coach up a defense. Hopefully this is a trend that continues and is reinforced when Deion comes back.
  11. Hardest I’ve cheered all year
  12. Dude get a grip he’s a better coach than you
  13. I feel like the last two years we’ve been basically in the exact same position, about .500 and not quite meeting expectations. Those teams grew, and this one will too.
  14. I agree can’t wait for the playoffs good team win go Falcons
  15. I wish more of our players kneeled