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  1. Future starting QB and WR on 2040 Falcons.
  2. It was bound to happen at some point. Great feat, I’ll gladly take 195 and the W, though.
  3. Hopefully Brown is slowed down I was hoping to see another feast by Clayborn
  4. I like the fact that they sound it off a half second before the other teams kicker makes contact with the ball on kick offs.
  5. Heard it in Decatur lol
  6. I would love to see Ryan have 300+ yards and multiple touchdowns in this game. Unfortunately it looks like we’re in for another rainy game so it might be Coleman’s time to shine.
  7. He is due for a big performance like the denver game last year, just wait. He might never be as consistent as von miller but he will still take over games. Give him a couple more weeks I’m sure he is still recovering from injury.
  8. That doesn’t mean that people are actually using those tickets and attending the games.
  9. These games are not at maximum capacity. If you think that the amount of people walking the stadium equals the amount of empty seats you are lying to yourself.
  10. Haven’t our WR’s always torched this guy?
  11. 6-2. We don’t have bad football players. We won’t have a losing record at the end of this season.
  12. That’s why I said “biggest” rather than “only”. No team is perfect.
  13. I’m still invested in this team because I think the biggest factor in our demise so far is also the most fixable one: penalties. We have had so many momentum killing penalties this year and I really think we would be 6-2 without them. I’ve seen this team become demoralized from progress being negated by penalties many times. Quinn has always preached about taking your head out of the game and just reacting. We need to get back to that level of comfort within our systems and individual roles. I feel like that could literally happen any game now. I don’t necessarily trust that it will, but I have seen stranger things happen in the back half of an NFL season.
  14. I mean honestly if we committed as many penalties as a mike smith coached team we would be at least 6-2. We are not clicking on offense or defense like we were at the end of last year, no. But these penalties and mental mistakes are literally taking us out of games. Clean those up and we’re looking much better overall.
  15. Stupid penalties and conservative play calling are kicking this game up. We we should be gashing Carolina through the air right now. It has worked for multiple games in a row why change it up?