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  1. Yep, for some reason I still think he ends up at auburn come weds.
  2. Yeah, he could flat out fly. When he was used properly, he was a major weapon
  3. Not sure why, but feels like McCaleb was there for like 10 years... I guess each team has a guy or 2 like that
  4. First and foremost, I want Kamara to come to UGA. He's a very talented player, and I think he'd be a great fit here, and he has a great opportunity. With that being said, I just don't understand how you think it's a poor decision. Because he's not picking UGA? It's his choice. As much as I don't like Bama, they are on top of the college football world right now. And Saban is the best coach. So, going to Bama isn't a poor decision. I think the point you're missing, is that all of these kids think they're good enough to beat out the others. You're right, some of the RB's in that group
  5. I know, I laugh when people put all of the blame on either Richt or Murray for that last play. People seem to forget the bigger stat in the game, 350 yds rushing. If we make some stops there, then that last play is us taking a knee.
  6. That's impressive. My in-laws are auburn fans, and I almost think they get more enjoyment out of a bama loss than an auburn win.
  7. Welcome aboard coach Wilson... Please make a stop by montravius and Toby's houses on your way to Athens.... I like the hire, but my only concern is if he's had 3-4 experience or not. However, I'll trust grantham on this one. I like he's got some ST experience, that could prove to be huge. Seems like he's a good recruiter too.
  8. Ha.. I thought the same thing when I read the title of thread..
  9. I was thinking the same thing. So glad he didn't wind up at auburn or tenn. heck of a coach
  10. Assuming we have 5 spots left, here is my wishlist: Tunsil Foster Adams Crowder Johnson *If we lose Shaq, I want to add Alexander. *If we lose anyone (that's not Shaq), I want to add Kamara. No clue how many or if we get any of them, but we need to be putting on a full court press to get as many of them as we can. These are the types of players that can help move you from good to great.
  11. My bad. I read it quickly, and didn't see anyone else's name referenced, and I was like, I didn't say that. These threads are annoying, and I didn't want to be lumped in with it
  12. Huh? I'm thinking you quoted the wrong person. Aside from a slow start, I thought Murray played great today. I was referring to the idiocy of this thread ( and the countless others that inevitably show up every game day)
  13. Yep it's the usual people, every single game, with the exact same comments... Fire richt, bobo, now grantham, bench Murray, etc.... Kinda sad to see they have such a miserable life...
  14. I'd agree. Just being older doesn't really mean much experience-wise. I think it really depends on how quickly he picks up the scheme.
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