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  1. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/guard/
  2. Sign Justin Pugh as OG. Let Poe get his big contract elsewhere and use 1st round pick on DT. (Vea or Payne)
  3. I love how they get more aggressive on defense with 3rd and long
  4. What is Payton mad about, that's what the saints cb's do almost every play
  5. Da'Ron Payne would be a good start
  6. It doesn't get any worse than Aints fans. The absolute bottom of the pit.
  7. Saints cb's have been doing this all year. Finally they start calling it.
  8. Lattimore tackling before the ball gets there....everytime
  9. Kind of weird to put that pressure on Foles right before the game
  10. Illuminati confirmed
  11. I feel like Deion is trying to push our defensive players to step up to another level. They have been very impressive, especially as of late. But the scary thing is being so young, they still have room to grow. I think Deion was impressed, but doesn't want the young players to get too confident. Coming from someone like Prime, his words can hold a lot of weight for a young player. This is the perfect time to make them feel like they have something to prove. This D has monster potential, and Deion knows it.
  12. That was a **** of a FG
  13. Falcons are 3-1 the last 4 games against the Aints
  14. That TD pass to Julio as his back foot was sliding was incredible
  15. Well one things for sure... the man's got a way with words