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  1. That just made clicking on this thread all worth it
  2. I don't know if I've ever been this pumped for our defense!
  3. Hands down my favorite Falcons coach of all time. Didn't take long.
  4. After witnessing our offense the last 2 years I could not agree more
  5. It made zero sense. He literally had more sacks than any other rookie in the history of our franchise.
  6. My favorite quote on Duke: "He comes from the Bayou, so he's got a brother named Cooter, as he should." - Mike Mayock
  7. Two things come to mind when I watch him, violent and vision
  8. I'd be cool with a TE but I'm thinking it'll be King or Asiata
  9. I really want Desmond King
  10. Anyone know if Riley and Debo were ever on the field defensively at the same time at LSU?
  11. You're in my prayers man, stay strong! The brotherhood runs deep, all the way down to the fans and city. ....atleast for most of us
  12. LAC now has Lamp and Feeney
  13. Safeties are going quick
  14. Ugh Maye was my guy. That's a bummer.