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  1. This is a really funny and pretty darn accurate video on the catch rule
  2. What!?! Not just the field but the goal line too! That's even cooler than the seats they were selling.
  3. Not even a minute into this video and I'm already sold
  4. If Pettis makes it to our 3rd round pick I'd be cool with that, but I don't see it
  5. Anyone but Sean McDonough and I'll be happy
  6. The awarness @2:15 in the original video.... that was impressive
  7. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/guard/
  8. Sign Justin Pugh as OG. Let Poe get his big contract elsewhere and use 1st round pick on DT. (Vea or Payne)
  9. I love how they get more aggressive on defense with 3rd and long
  10. What is Payton mad about, that's what the saints cb's do almost every play
  11. Da'Ron Payne would be a good start
  12. It doesn't get any worse than Aints fans. The absolute bottom of the pit.
  13. Saints cb's have been doing this all year. Finally they start calling it.
  14. Lattimore tackling before the ball gets there....everytime