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  1. They were talking about those tipped ints on the radio today. 4 tipped balls turning into interceptions would have lead the NFL for the most in a complete season since like 2011 or 2012. I can't imagine that trend continues.
  2. Just speaking out loud. Got to find a way to keep myself positive and talk to those who feel the same way. Plus I put the "positive" tag on title so those who didn't want to hear it would know before they opened it.
  3. Next week's game against the Patriots in Foxborough could be a huge momentum game. After losing this game our entire organization needs to be lighting a fire under themselves and getting back on track. And what better way for everything to change than beating your former SB opponents in their house. A win next week could be a huge boost that could completely change the confidence of this team going forward. Even though it feels like it, I don't think next week is a must win either. Its still early and we would still not have any division or even conference losses. But it could be a significant mental blow to this team. We know all too well that the game last year was a game we could have won. And this year the Patriots look even more beatable. So keep your head up my fellow Falcons fans! Its been a rough 3 weeks, but I believe next week just might be the boost that we need. We all know we have the talent to do it.
  4. I thought this was real for a second
  5. How many "almost" interceptions has there been tonight to go along with the 3
  6. They had a guy wide open on the right side. Even Romo missed it on the replay
  7. Camila always crumbles under pressure
  8. I don't know about Matt but I'm pretty sure De'Vondre got some new "ghetto veneers" this off season. (and by ghetto I actually mean really expensive lol)
  9. Every year there always seems to be at least one super bs call that costs us a game. So hopefully that means we went ahead and got it out of the way.
  10. One thing with our players there seems to be a stronger camaraderie and "brotherhood" than any other team. It would take a lot at this point to disrupt our locker room.
  11. They weren't kneeling for the national anthem or taking a stand. They were praying together. Many of our players did this before the games last year too.
  12. I wasn't sure if this was posted yet, but this article has a lot of awesome pictures in it. The Atlanta Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz Stadium, now finished, in 27 photos https://atlanta.curbed.com/atlanta-photo-essays/2017/8/16/16154836/atlanta-falcons-mercedes-benz-stadium-photos-atlanta-united