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  1. He wore #47 (age his mother died) in high school to honor his mom. Falcons took him with the 47th pick in the draft. Doesn't get much cooler than that!
  2. Offense: 1. Julio 2. Matt 3. Mack 4. Devonta 5. TeCo Defense: 1. Tru 2. Beasley 3. Debo 4. Jarrett 5. Neal Alford a very close 6. I wanted to add Poe but there was just absolutely no way that I could figure out how to squeeze him in. I was running out of space as it is. Man I love this team!
  3. Honestly that makes it even more impressive. Every corner in the league is bound to give up a TD at one time or another. Tru is probably the least of my worries on defense. And Evans on Alford is a mismatch. He's a top 10 wr in my opinion. It's the 0 points given up (going into the 4th) by the rest of the defense that has me really impressed.
  4. Our defense played without Trufant for more than half the game too. I was very impressed. Alford on Evans is a really tough match up too. I can't be mad.
  5. Thursday night games are tough for the away team, no matter who you play. I think it'll be close for that reason, but I still have us coming out with the win. But we've played a long stretch of really good teams. On a normal week I'd feel very confident that we could win big. But like other posters have said, if there's a blowout I don't see it being the bucs. Here's to hoping for a repeat of the 2014 Thursday night game. Where we had a 56 point lead going into the 4th. I'll take that again Realistically - Falcons 34 TB 30
  6. That hit really sparked the crowd and changed the momentum for us too. I believe it was the next play that Rivers saw pressure and slightly overthrew his receiver, resulting in an INT for Debo.
  7. I was scrolling through the front page looking for a thread on Vic. He's looking more and more confident every week.
  8. Russell Wilson is a lot like Tebow to me. I try so hard to dislike them being a Georgia and Atlanta fan, but they're constantly doing stuff that makes it so hard to not like them. For instance this week Tebow played poorly in his first Arizona Fall League game. But as he was signing autographs a man had a seizure and Tebow went in the stands to comfort him until the paramedics came. He stayed to the point that he was told the team bus was about to leave. I've always felt Devonta is one of those guys. He's so humble and you can tell he really cares about helping others. Vic too. It's
  9. I think OP is actually DLed. I'm pretty sure I heard some face dials mixed in there.
  10. The biggest joke about ESPN's rankings this week..... Carolina at 13
  11. This has got to be one of the sorriest mnf games I've watched in a long time
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