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  1. the not showing your hand in preseason crowd still going strong. Not showing your hand in preseason aka we'll see the same dumb boring crap in regular season and skirt by and blow leads in games for another year but but but we've neverrrrrrr had back 2 back winning seasons and Smith has done that ZzZzZZzzzZZZzz
  2. @ Hashbrown what are you fishing for with your response to my opinion?
  3. But then you look at the Texans game and you are wondering Why is this offense not even scoring against their 2nd string defense? I mean we have Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Roddy White and we still couldn't score 7?
  4. @ Pzummo again, Cower showed that he could get the team there. I'm not impressed with Mike Smiths " winning seasons" littered with wins where lead after lead was blown and then the inevitable thrashing in the playoffs. If you feel that is acceptable then fine. Seahawks got rid of Mike Holmgren who won Playoff games and took them to a Super bowl then they rebuilt Won more play off games and won a super bowl in the time Mike Smith has been coach here and basically we're back at step one with Smith unsure of what this season will hold. Beli won a super bowl in his 7th. Mike is now in 7th with absolutely no signs saying he'll lead the team there this year. He'll get another " winning season" the content fans will look at this as improvement he'll be here next for the same crap
  5. @ William moore. I know it hurts holmes. But keep putting up the good mediocre fight. The sooner we get over the Mike Smith project hopefully we'll be able to get someone who knows what they are doing and we'll be truly tough and drop points on people
  6. @pzummo. Bill Cower also got to the AFC championship game in his 3rd year and a super bowl in his fourth. That will give fans a definite reason to keep supporting him. Smith hasn't done that. Dude is garbage and should have been canned after that Giants play off loss. He won't win a super bowl and he's just wasting years off of players and wasting the fans time
  7. This team is fraudulent. The fact Arthur Blank had to say something that should have been 2nd nature and all of sudden it's " of course I've got to protect him that's my guy" " of course I don't mind that penalty they've got to protect the qb" There is nothing natural about this team. They are insecure. It almost seems that any skirmish you see a Falcon get into now is forced
  8. Man Bullcrap! Should have kept 100 million dollar man out there at least half of the 3rd
  9. So far we're looking good and crappy. I want to see if the O will stay in the game this half
  10. McCown should have slid short of the first down, he had 2 defenders closer to him then Matt Ryan did last year. HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN KILLED!
  11. His passes looked like that had zero velocity on them maybe it was just me; but yea this guy looked terrible last night.
  12. Well Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense had 31 at the half and if Matt Ryan is as awesome as every one thinks he is here and we def have the advantage at receiver then I expect we should have 31 or more
  13. I see a couple posters were inspired by Matt Ryan's dumb joke to make their own dumb jokes uh huh uh haha cox block...... hilarious
  14. Curse, to distract the fact that you continue to look average going in to your 7th year, brehs ' let's carv these M%$$^%#%% up' then proceed to score 0 points in the actual game, brehs
  15. Matt Ryan is scary enough, guy slides short of the goal line just to have a field goal kicked against rivals then can't even get us in to the end zone against a defense that doesn't even have their top pass rusher on the field
  16. Who scored the points in the Play off loss to the Giants? Who was intercepting Brees 5 times and we still only won by 10?
  17. Seahawks Got to the Super bowl under Holmgren got rid of him took a couple years to rebuild went and won a Super Bowl under Carroll...... yes let's keep giving Smith more chances.
  18. Why would you hate to see a coach, who constantly just did enough to win games had his teams constantly blow second half leads have him and his coaching staff do a crap job coaching anyone up who season after season claimed he would fix problems only to see same said problems next game go? I'm a football fan that likes dominating performance a fan that actually likes seeing his team step on throats. You think any one cared about the Falcons like that? Nope! you know why the buzz word this year is toughness? Because they are soft that is why they are frauding it up on camera trying to appear to be something they aren't. You should be excited about the end of elmer fudd's reign
  19. Panthers showing too much of their hand. 2 touchdowns already
  20. Alex Smith Evading that pressure. Matt Ryan needs to work on his scrambling skills.
  21. @ Flying Falcon outside of Roddy and Julio . I don't know what anybody involved with the Falcons does. These Teddy Trillwater highlights are great though, Rookie making bawse plays
  22. compare a team couple years removed from a super bowl appearance and a year removed a from an NFC championship game to the Falcons, brehs
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