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  1. Athens88 ain't hitting up his sources? LOL
  2. I think Fromms coming back based off of what I heard back home. What's Rivals insiders saying?
  3. I would keep an eye on Edwards. I think he will be in this class.
  4. Interesting. Talking with some people just now (Sac) that may cause us to lose a spot in this class if we let him out of his LOI.
  5. Just putting everything together my educated guess is Evan's signed his LOI with UGA and may have had second thoughts. It pissed Kirby off and Evans went on to live tv and apologized to his college coaches and said I am ready to come in and get to work. Now we wait on Kirby. However I can be 100% wrong here
  6. 247 and rivals are complete opposites on this Evans thing
  7. https://twitter.com/DAndreSwift/status/1213225232644935685?s=20
  8. This is it. All day. Kid signed LOI but Kirby told him he needs to get right. First step was tonight on national tv. Now we wait.
  9. Thanks brother. Figured I would come back home.
  10. Think Evans is a Dawg my friends. Kirby just making him humble himself a little with a public apology
  11. Good news about Nico. Feel strong that he will end up a Dawg
  12. My apologies friend lol. Lost my phone and all my contacts. Ill shoot you a pm with my info
  13. Smith called Georgia soft and Rich took offense....
  14. Big flip may have some truth to it my friend.....
  15. Yes. Should be over with once we get him and family back on campus
  16. Waited to see if BulldogBob changed his mind on Brown . He didn't. So I predict Brown Hardman Price Carter Simmons Marshall Robertson
  17. I left here for 247 almost three years ago. In that time 247 has turned into nothing but whiners and bickering back in forth. Im still over there but only for the good members that still post.
  18. After talking to some down here in Savannah, D ROB will end up at UGA
  19. Only optimism I have seen is from one of the most trusted sources and that was last week from Bulldog Bob. me personally I give us a 10% chance
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