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  1. While I am in the group of pound Gurley 4 times, Ill give Bobo the benefit of the doubt on 1st and Goal.But 2nd & Goal from the 14 is a different story. That's when he decided to run Gurley to the short side of the field. Tired of beating the horse, but we really screwed the pooch on that series.
  2. I think me and you only disagree on one thing and Im fine with that.1st and Goal from the 4, you ride your best player, your horse, and the guy South Carolina feared the most. Todd Gurley.Last year, our bread and butter go to guy was Aaron Murray.The air inside that stadium was sucked out on that Swann interception. They just knew that had blew it. I have never been inside a Stadium where the momentum swung in such a dramatic way. These jokers were throwing towels on the field.Was the 1st down play that bad of a call? No, but it was the best play call in that situation either.Just like Eric Zeier said on the radio broadcast, you RUN Gurley 4 times, and if they stop your best then they deserve to win.I MYSELF, am more pissed off on the 2nd and Goal call from the 14 yard line, where he then chose to RUN Gurley. Bad Call on the intentional grounding, but it is what it is. If you trust Gurley, best RB in America, then we pound it in.
  3. Love the idea of Rico at DB. Exceptional speed like Pruitt wants. Lets get him on the field ASAP
  4. Just like the players that continue to hurt our team with selfish acts haven't figured it out yet either. JHC hurt us to start the Season this past year, and what does he do to end the Season? Hurts us again. He will miss the first 3 games next Season also. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, Shame on me.
  5. CTG offered by Louisville for DC opening??? lol Please go
  6. This has been known for a while. It was just a matter of win. Pray for CSL and his family.
  7. CMR is fine. CTG has been the thorn in my side.
  8. Could be coming sooner than later my friend IMO
  9. Health and that's all I can say
  10. Not excusing him by any means but There is a lot going on with CSL. Sometimes there are bigger things in life than football.
  11. Even with JHC, and Tray, our defense is still lost on the field. After every play, our team is so confused. Pointing and arguing with each other because we are so far out of position. Its 13 games into the Season. Mauger and Moore have played in enough games. It really is frightening to watch our defense try to get lined up from inside the Stadium and not on tv. Confusion and chaos
  12. We know whats up with Langley............
  13. Theres a reason. Would not be shocked if you don't see him at all next season.............
  14. JSW will miss Clemson game next season. Similar to Harvey Clemons this year
  15. Yep. No need to worry about it now. We have football left to be played.