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  1. He's has never played at their level he's good but a heck overrated on this board
  2. I hope he is our starting RB if not him then Caleb Huntley. We have the weakest RB group in the NFL.
  3. CB - Robert Rochelle ( University Central Arkansas)
  4. J.T.M reminds me of old # 92 Lester Archambeau (sp)
  5. Is Smith the guy who left to take care his sick wife I think
  6. D. King sucks he will be lucky to be a back- up in the nfl. I want Desmond Rider QB - Cincy 2022
  7. Start Cominsky at DE the rest of the season
  8. Walker and Charles Harris could play OLB even Talk would be an OLB in a 3 - 4 defense Charles Snowden from Virginia would be nice pick for a 3 - 4 OLB
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