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  1. I'm happy he's gone he I want bigger edge rushers
  2. I think our 1st round pick will be either Ed Oliver or Rashan Gary depending on who Tampa & Detroit pick
  3. Neal needs to improve his coverage skills if he can't do that I say trade him or let him walk. Hooper seems to go down to easy where is the guy who stiffed arm Chicago to **** on that long TD catch & run.
  4. DE Jonathan Ledbetter in the 4th & J. Stanley as an UDFA he could be a special team demon
  5. If we don't make the playoffs hopefully Mr. Blanks fire everyone starting with the GM down to all the coaches
  6. Kirby is not a good coach
  7. no need to waste a pick on a RB a healthy Freeman will be our starter with Ito as the backup just sign a few UDFA's to battle Hill for the 3rd spot.
  8. add Takk & Grady to that list
  9. I'm a Dawg fan also but Baker is overrated
  10. They also wanted to give Knapp credit
  11. people on this board always bash Beasley but overrated Takk gets a past
  12. just like Takk
  13. Takk, Neal, & Grady are overrated on this board
  14. If we drafted Raekwon in the 1st I would like to see us draft a DE like Jaylon Ferguson ( Louisiana Tech ) or Oshane Ximines ( Old Dominion ) in the 2nd