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  1. He was my second choice once we started winning I think he could deve!ope into a Cameron Jordan type player of not him trade back and draft Yetur Gross Matos
  2. IMHO we need to draft a DR in this draft but not at 16
  3. Claiborne neck no he's one of the most overrated falcon player by this board. Campbell is underrated by this board but will to much money.
  4. We win and go 4 & 2 so we finish 7 & 9
  5. I've always thought we a an average QB who got lucky the dolphins sign Culpeper (sp) instead and he ended up in New Orleans
  6. He did play on the last drive
  7. I said I liked our chance of winning on the road better than defeating the saints at home
  8. I like our chances better today than when we play them at home if we win today we will go 4 & 2 in the division.
  9. No on Clowney he's not a pass rusher and not worth the money will demand
  10. 3 or 4 we will go 3 & 3 in the division
  11. Cominsky should be starting over Allen. I could us drafting A.J. Epenesa a DE from Iowa or Penn St DE Yetur Gross-Matos after trading down
  12. we win 38 - 37 please forget about Chase Young he will be gone think A,J, Epenesa
  13. No the falcons drafted a RB named Eric Bieniemy in the 1st rd I think
  14. Is this the Eric Bieniemy we drafted from Colorado
  15. Oliver played well today covering slot WRs